Prime minister Boris Johnson had intimated the mandating of the covid pass for nightclubs, pubs and large venues from the end of September 2021. However, it was announced that such a move would not transpire unless plan B is implemented, but has the government not already planned its implementation?

First, you do not spend tens of millions on an app not to use it. Furthermore, PM Johnson speaking ahead of the G7 in Cornwall, urged members to commit to adopting a universal system for a covid passport and how they work.[i] However, the European Union had, already at the time of Johnson’s rallying cry, implemented its own covid passport, which was already being used by 17 countries[ii] and was being launched EU wide on the 1st July 2021.[iii] Therefore was not PM Johnson’s cry, prior to the G7 summit, a signal that the UK would adopt a similar system, one that would integrate with other countries to allow ease of travel?

Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, announced that the government would not be going ahead with plans for mandating covid passports for nightclubs, pubs, and large events.[iv] The UK government had previously announced such measures would be implemented in September 2021.[v]  So, will the covid passports be mandated in the UK?

Personally, I believe they will; I see a scenario unfolding that will not only see the covid passport being mandated but the vilification of anyone who declines the covid vaccinations.

Currently, health care workers who, for whatever reason, decline the covid vaccination are being pushed out of work. They are being discriminated against and unlawfully sacked. Workers who tirelessly and unselfishly have made great personal sacrifices to care for vulnerable people in care homes are now being harassed and forced out of work because they do not want to have an experimental vaccination that is proven to harm people.[vi] [vii] [viii] Currently, in America, Renz Law firm is pursuing a claim against the US government for vaccination deaths. They have evidence that 50,000 people had, at the time of submitting, died from the covid vaccination.[ix]

UK health workers have been given 12 weeks to get the vaccine. Those who fail to do so will be dismissed, as they will no longer be permitted to work in care homes from 11th November 2021;[x] such a move will cripple the health and social care sector, which is already facing a shortage of workers. However, on the 15th September 2021, the UK government announced a concession that will give health care workers extra time to get the vaccine.[xi] The concession permits health care workers with a medical exemption to self-certify to gain a medical exemption. However, the exemption has a time lock on it. The self-certification will last for 12 weeks once the covid passport is implemented.

 Care home workers who are exempt will need to sign the form attached to this letter and give this to their employer as proof of their temporary exemption status. This temporary self-certification process has been introduced for a short period prior to the launch of the new NHS COVID Pass system which will go live imminently. Once the NHS COVID Pass system is launched, care home workers will need to apply for a formal medical exemption through that process. This temporary self-certification will expire 12 weeks after the NHS COVID Pass system is launched.[xii]

Note that the self-certification will cease after 12 weeks, once the covid passport is launched. Thus, the UK government stated on the 14th September, the day before releasing self-certification, that the covid passport will only be launched in a plan B scenario[xiii] which states:

The Government’s Plan B prioritises measures which can help control transmission of the virus while seeking to minimise economic and social impacts. This includes:

a. Communicating clearly and urgently to the public that the level of risk has increased, and with it the need to behave more cautiously.

b. Introducing mandatory vaccine-only COVID-status certification in certain settings.

c. Legally mandating face coverings in certain settings.[xiv]

The UK government’s guidelines for covid-19 was only published the day before the government published its self-certification plan for care workers. So, why the delay? Did they already plan to implement plan B?

Personally, I believe this is a calculated move that seeks to bring the mandating of covid-19 vaccinations for health care workers and NHS staff together. Currently, the government are consulting on mandatory vaccinations for NHS staff. The consultation that was launched on the 9th September 2021 will last for six weeks and, therefore, will end on the 21st October 2021.[xv]

Therefore, I believe that, once the consultation finishes, the government, as they did for health care workers, will seek mandatory covid-19 vaccinations for all NHS workers. Once the mandating of covid-19 vaccinations is announced, NHS staff will have 12 weeks to comply. At that moment, I can see the NHS covid passport being launched, which will start the 12-week countdown for care workers who have also self-certified to get the vaccination. Such a move would put the NHS and Health Care workers on the same timescale.  

Thus, we could see the covid-passport implemented around the end of October or the beginning of November 2021. Consequently, by the end of January or sometime in February 2022, we will see a mass exodus of workers from the NHS and Health Care sector. Such a move will decimate the struggling sectors leaving vulnerable people without care. The crises that will follow will see high numbers of people die due to lack of care provision. Consequently, the unvaccinated will be blamed, as they are vilified, in a similar way to how Jews were in Nazi Germany. We could also see the military used to fill the gap within the healthcare and NHS.

The hatred that will follow will further divide the nation as the vaccinated will turn on those who decline the vaccine.  

 We are living in a time of Tribulation when the truth is suppressed, and governments espouse misinformation. The majority of people are asleep and thus fail to see the perilous times in which we live. Many doctors, academics and laypeople are sounding the alarm about the dangers of the covid-19 vaccinations. People only need to look at the Yellow Card System used by the UK government to see the exhaustive lists of adverse effects. Leading medical professionals are sounding the alarm, but sadly they are not given airtime in the mainstream media. Thus, I encourage people to look at the links and read past articles to see the truth. However, the most important thing anyone can do is surrender their life to God as they call out to Him for help.

What we are witnessing is not going to stop. Things are going to get worse. We live in a period that the Bible referred to as the Tribulation, as the kingdom of the antichrist is being established before our eyes. Thus, I urge people to confess their sins, turn from living according to their own desires, and submit to God. Many are going to die in the days ahead because they took the vaccine or from other illnesses and events, but you can save your soul if you give your life to God. Will you choose life or death – heaven or hell? The choice is yours!


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