Global food supplies continue to be depleted, thus intensifying the impending worldwide famine.[1] The situation has deteriorated by the alarming number of fires at food processing plants and farms. To date, there have been in excess of 97 fires at food processing plants.[2] [3] I urge people to look at the links listing the fires and see the numbers. The volume of lost animals is staggering! Now some argue that there is nothing unusual about the fires. However, others like Neil McCoy-Ward, an economist, argue otherwise. Using the data from insurance claims, McCoy-Ward asserts that there is something very concerning about the alarming number of fires at food processing plants.[4] Additionally, Berkowitz, Israel365 News, insightfully states that what we are suffering is an end-of-days food shortage.

Concurring with McCoy-Ward, I believe these fires are very concerning. But, likewise, I, as Berkowitz states, believe that we are seeing an end-of-days global famine. But why would someone intentionally cause food shortages?

The current food crisis is the cause of multiple factors; the economic fallout from governments Covid-19 lockdowns, the war in Ukraine and the suspicious fires in the US and worldwide. These events have compounded the current global food shortage, creating the perfect conditions for a worldwide famine of Biblical proportion. However, while I believe the current situation is the direct result of the church neglecting its charge to be light and salt, satanic forces seek to ensure the antichrist’s enthronement. So that out of the ashes of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the antichrist will be hailed the world’s saviour and made supreme head of a global government.

Now, some might argue that I have lost the plot. That what I am saying is untrue. However, whether you believe in God and the devil or not does not diminish the reality of their existence. A very real battle is being waged for humanity’s souls and the throne of God. A battle that has been hidden behind a veil for so long. Only being visible through the manifestations and incidences played out on the physical realm, but soon the earth will witness, as the dimensions open and the battle becomes visible.

In a recent interview, Steve Quayle revealed how the command had been given by demonic entities to intensify the battle against humanity.[5] One hieroglyph stated:

Special notice to all the legions assigned to North America you are hereby instructed to increase the food loss ramp so that all the people will blame the government and especially joe Biden you are to report your new schedules by midnight tomorrow night.[6]

Now, it is clear from public records that there seems to be an attack on the US food supplies and that the fires at food plants have and will cause further famine within the US. America is under God’s judgment. The only solution is for the people to repent and run to the LORD. 

A further hieroglyph stated:

To all European legions working on the food shortage and famine project, you are ordered by lucifer to accelerate the food loss and crop losses as well as the energy losses for all of Europe.[7]

Food prices continue to increase in the UK.[8] Former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King stated that “the worse is yet to come.”[9] Food prices are going to rise significantly. James Walton, the chief economist at IGD, stated: “We are already seeing households skipping meals, a clear indicator of food stress.”[10] Note how Walton does not use the word “famine” but instead states “food stress”. It does not matter how one terms the food crisis; a famine by any other name is still a famine!

In the New Statesman, Haslett states: The UK is sleepwalking into a food crisis. That a food crisis is coming, and the government is doing little to thwart it.[11] Minette Batters, head of the National Farmers Union, highlights the severity of the crisis when warning PM Boris Johnson that entire unpicked crops of tomatoes and lettuces are being ‘ploughed back into fields’ because there are not enough workers to harvest the crops.[12] The Guardian, however, comments, “the food crisis is what happens when global chains collapse. We might need to get use to it.”[13]

The state of global food supplies is greatly concerning. I have been warning people to prepare for it for some time. Sadly, many have chosen to do little and are thus going to find things extremely difficult. Others will find that the lack of preparedness will cost them and the people they know their lives.

The time to make physical preparations have almost run out. If you have not done so, I urge you to do whatever you can to prepare for hard times. However, more important than physical preparation is being ready spiritually. I thus beseech you to do everything you can to prepare spiritually for the days we live in. Soon we will witness the convergence of the dimensions as spiritual forces are seen physically manifesting. Soon people will be unable to doubt/disregard God’s existence and the reality of spiritual entities. What is concerning, though, is that many will be deceived into accepting the antichrist as god and consequently will pledge their allegiance to him, thus forfeiting their ability to be saved and damming their soul to the lake of fire.

The battle is intensifying; the question is, are you ready and do you know how to fight and overcome?

In addition to the orders to attack the food supplies, Quayle stated that an order had been given to intensify the attack against American pastors.[14] While Quayle only notes the attack to be intensified against US pastors, I believe this order has been issued to all demonic hordes globally. They are to attack, harass and tempt pastors, in an attempt, to thwart them from fulfilling the calling of God on their life. For if the shepherd is removed, the sheep will scatter.[15]

When I heard Steve Quayle’s comments about the attack against pastors, the LORD reminded me of words He spoke at the beginning of the year when I was coming out of my office. I heard the LORD say, “the enemy has dispatched a fallen one to kill you. He is as tall as the trees around you, and he has a sword drawn to kill you, but he will not be successful.” Now, while I did not share what the LORD said with anyone in my family, I did pray and seek God concerning what He had said. Then a few weeks later, when speaking with one of my daughters, I shared the incident with them.

After a few weeks had passed, my son came to stay with us. He has the gift of seeing and discerning spirits. The day after he moved in, we had gone for a coffee. While chatting, my son asked if I knew that there was a large fallen angel in our garden, as large as the trees and with a sword drawn and that he wanted to kill me. But for some reason, it could not, so it was extremely angry.

At this point, I did not tell my son what the LORD had said. Instead, we finished our coffee and went home. Then I instructed my son to come with me into the garden and describe what he could see. My son informed me that the fallen angel was beside me, with his sword drawn. But he was not alone. There were other demonic forces around the garden. I instructed my son to go near the house. I remained at the bottom of the garden. I opened my Bible and started praying and humbling myself before God, asking the LORD to reveal any sin in my life and forgive me. Once I had done this, I rebuked the fallen angel and commanded it to stand between two trees on the other side of my boundary. I then bound it in chains, forbidding it to move or cause harm. I then asked my son, unaware of what I had done, what he had seen happen. He informed me that the fallen angel became angry; however, he was helpless and moved and is now standing between two trees in chains.

I then informed my son what I had done. I then prayed a bit longer and went to take a meeting. Later on, at the end of my meeting, when I left my office, my son and daughter came to speak with me. My son seemed very scared. He informed me that there were no longer a few demons but a legion around my garden, another entity called pan, and an additional fallen angel. My son did tell me his name, but I do not wish to share this. However, I will say that this angel is sent to destroy an assassin of greater rank than the one bound.

I had not shared with my son that a few weeks before this, I had found an effigy of pan in my garden. Now, I had, at that point, prayed with my wife and daughter and anointed the boundaries of my garden. We also burnt the effigy and later were led to set up an altar to the LORD with twelve stones where I had found the effigy of pan. My son was unaware that we had found the effigy of pan and what action we had taken.

Nevertheless, after my son informed me of the increase in demonic activity, something I could sense, I got my Bible and again bound and engaged in spiritual warfare. I then asked the LORD to place an angel to protect my home. I also felt the LORD inform me that I must raise a standard of praise in the garden and again anoint the boundaries. After praying, I went to the side door, spoke to my son, and asked what he could see. He informed me that they had all retreated to the other side of the fence.

Whatever I was doing angered the demonic force, and they were now playing war drums – calling for others to join them. However, regardless of this, the garden was peaceful. I went in and went to bed. Soon after, my son and daughter came in to speak to me. They informed me that they were standing at the side door when they heard a loud thud. My son then said he could see a large angel standing at the door to our basement with its sword drawn. This angel, bigger than the others, was protecting the house. My son did not know I had asked the LORD to place an angel to protect our home. Neither did he know that the door he showed me, which we have two basement doors, was the one I had explicitly asked the LORD to place the angel to guard our home.

The next day, I got up and prayed. I then went into the garden with my son and had a time of worship, after which I engaged the enemy and anointed our boundaries. During this time, my son informed me that they initially continued to beat drums – calling for others to join them. But, as I continued to worship God, the demonic hordes fled. However, the fallen angel I had bound and commanded to stand between the two trees remained. My son was curious as to why the fallen angel remained. I informed him that it was because it had been bound and commanded to stand in that place. Consequently, it could not move until I instructed it to do so.

Now, the above is an abridged account of what had happened. But I share it to emphasise the reality that the spiritual war has intensified. The enemy seeks to kill pastors and leaders appointed by God, but praise the LORD! We have the victory!

It is imperative that we humble ourselves before God. In doing so, we resist the devil, and he flees, for we can overcome the devil and have the victory over his forces by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and not loving our lives unto death.[16]

While some will disregard everything I have written, your rejection does not delegitimise the reality of what is currently transpiring. The food war in Ukraine, the food shortages, the coming economic collapse, the impending global war, the further intensification of famine and coming plagues are all the direct result of spiritual forces. The horsemen of the apocalypse are being unleashed. Presently, we are witnessing the first three. Soon, we will witness the final – fourth horseman, after which the antichrist will be hailed as a man of peace, and the Great Reset will usher in the beast’s kingdom, a system that will seek the enslavement of all humanity.

Time is short. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear must make their final preparations for all hell being let loose on the earth. But, remember, while the LORD has removed His hand of protection over the earth, He remains in control. That as the curses recorded in scripture are released upon those walking in lawlessness, so too are the blessings over those who are seeking to work out their salvation in fear and trepidation of the LORD.[17] [18]

Consequently, I beseech you to ensure that you are walking right with the LORD. That you have and continue to make the LORD your habitation and fortress. The spiritual war has intensified, but the spiritual weapons we have are far superior to our enemies.[19] Therefore, continue to walk in the armour of God as you stand firm and hold fast. Our enemies shake and must bow at the name of Jesus – Yeshua.[20]

For those who do not know the LORD, I urge you to seek Him. Physical preparations on their own will not secure your soul. They will not enable you to overcome what is coming. Only as you surrender your life to God will you obtain victory. Confess your sin and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour so you can endure what is coming upon the earth. 

I pray the LORD will bless and keep you!


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