The UK has been warned that it faces a food crisis due to a lack of lorry drivers and production workers.[1] The food crisis is here, something people like myself have been warning of for some time.[2] It is the result of several factors, all of which have detrimentally affected global food supplies. However, it should not be a surprise to those awake and watching the prophetic clock tick.

The head of the UN food agency, David Beasley, warned governments over a year ago that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world was on the brink of a hunger pandemic that could potentially lead to multiple famines of Biblical proportion in countries around the world, if not immediately dealt with.[3] Beasley urged that supply chains be maintained to mitigate the extent of any famine,[4] advice it seems the UK government and food industry have not heeded. 

In 2020, dairy farmers were sadly forced to pour milk down the drain due to a lack of workers and decreased demand for milk during the lockdowns. The situation became untenable for farmers.[5] The financial impact on dairy farmers has significantly impacted milk production in the UK, which will have detrimental effects for the forthcoming years.[6] The compounded effects of the lack of labour, decrease in demand due to lockdowns, and changes in weather patterns have also affected arable farmers, resulting in a significant reduction in crop yields. The National Farmers Union (NFU) reported that the consequence of poor harvest would have dire consequences.[7]

The NFU reported that 2020 was the worst wheat harvest in the UK for forty years,[8] resulting in an estimated deficit, according to UK government figures, of 37.5% – 15.1 million tonnes on the previous year’s production.[9] The lack of wheat and other grains has a causal effect on the market prices, which exacerbates the cost of grains and has a detrimental impact on livestock farmers, as they can not afford the grain to feed the animals.[10] 

However, it was not just dairy farmers that have been impacted. Millions of farm animals, pigs, chickens, and cattle were culled on farms in the US due to closed slaughterhouses and the lack of demand due to lockdown restrictions. At the time of the report, the closures had resulted in two million animals being culled, with further culls expected. Furthermore, due to the lack of demand and the increased cost of food, farmers could not afford to keep the animals alive. Subsequently, pig farmers in Iowa were expected to cull around 700,000 pigs a week.[11]

The consequences of the lockdowns in 2020 have detrimentally affected countries globally. However, the decreased harvests and the culling of animals have significantly impacted food supplies for forthcoming years. Sadly, things have not got any better in 2021. UK beef imports from the EU have been cut by 85% resulting in higher prices.[12] Cyber-attacks in early 2021 have shut down meat production in Australia and other countries.[13]

The writing is on the wall. If people cannot see that hard times are ahead, that we are entering a period of famine, then they are blind! The years of plenty have gone; we are now in the years of famine as the world is in tribulation.

Thus, I again urge people to make ready physically for hard times, food shortages, and price escalation. It is not a lack of faith to prepare. The Bible clearly outlines how God, through Joseph, stored food during seven good years for seven lean years. It was not because of a lack of faith that Joseph did what he did. It was because of faith that he acted as he did. Biblical faith is practical; it is hear and do – Shema in Hebrew. Therefore, to make ready is being wise. But we should not blindly prepare, as whatever we do must include drawing close to God. Having food supplies will help, but without God, they are redundant.

Additionally, it is the duty of a father and husband to protect and look after his family, both physically and spiritually, as he will be held to account before God for his conduct. I do not say that to frighten people, but to challenge them. To ensure that they are watching over their families and are preparing for what is coming, both spiritually and physically.

We are living in peculiar times. A period when we see Bible prophecy fulfilled before our eyes, but sadly many are asleep or blind to the lateness and reality of what is transpiring. The Bible, while predicting famines, plagues, wars, rumours of wars, increases in natural events and much more, it also warns of a famine of the word of God.

“The days are coming,” declares the Sovereign LORD, “when I will send a famine through the land— not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD. Amos 8:11

Today, you can go onto the internet or the radio or TV and listen to a variety of preachers proclaiming the word of God, so how can we have a famine of the word? It will become difficult to preach the Gospel in the days ahead, as Christians will face increased persecution. However, what we see today, is that people’s ears are shut to hearing the gospel. It is not that the word of God is not peached, but people reject the truth; consequently, God will judge people’s rejection of His word. Additionally, sadly, we have many pulpits filled with people espousing a social or prosperity gospel, one that is inept of power and the ability to save. It is a false gospel; one I am sure the apostle Paul would reject and oppose.

Thus, I implore you to seek God as you prepare for hard times. I also ask that at this time you continue to pray for people’s eyes and ears to be opened to God and to the reality of the situation we face. I also urge that you ask God to lead people across your path each day – people with whom you can share the Gospel. Time is short. Messiah’s return is drawing close. Therefore, we must be good stewards of our time and the resources we have been blessed with. However, doing nothing is not an option.

One final thought. The covid vaccine continues to be heralded as the saviour of humanity, something that sadly most people accept. But what is not being reported in the mainstream media is the adverse effects people are having and the deaths that occur. Shortly we will see health care workers forced to take a trial vaccination, which is only licensed for use in an emergency. This week I contacted my local MP to discuss this very fact. During my conversation, it was abundantly clear that my local MP is a giant buffoon who is complicit in the government’s actions. Now to some, that might sound harsh or conspiratorial, but the reality is that the vaccination is dangerous. An example of this is evident in the charges levied by former police constable Mark Sexton, who reported the UK government for being complicit in murder, fraud, and blackmail. For those who wish to watch the video, the link is below.[14]

Former colleagues have informed me that, once vaccinations are mandated, anyone, other than relatives, will need to show proof of vaccination to enter a regulated care or nursing home. I believe that we will very soon see the covid passport rolled out across the UK. When this happens, it will create a medical apartheid system – one that will see those who do not conform and take the vaccine, being isolated and having restricted movement and employment. We are already seeing this move through the mandating of health care workers[15] and soon all NHS staff.[16]

The reality is that the world has changed. We will never go back to the norm we once knew. National governments are no longer in control of their nation. Nationalism has been replaced by globalism, a move that will see the establishment of a global, antichrist government that will make communist China look like the ideal place to live. We are now living in a brave new world – a Huxleyan and Orwellian dystopia. We have sown lawlessness, so now we will reap God’s judgment as He gives us over to the tyrannical government we seek – a government that will promote lawlessness while seeking to thwart God’s truth and Biblical governance, something it can never do.

We all have choices to make, whether to take the vaccine, prepare, accept God, go along with the flow of things, or stand up and be counted, to mention a few. But, while our decisions are personal, which they should be, we will, whatever we decide, give an account before God when we stand before Him. Yes, even Christians will stand and give account for their lives; however, our judgment is not one of condemnation but rather an appraisal of how we have lived. Nevertheless, we will still give an account. The question is, what will your appraisal be like? You cannot say no one warned you.

Please do not take what I or other people have said, not even what the government or media say, without checking its validity. Please seek God and spend time in His word as you prepare for great change.  

I pray that God will guide and direct you as you seek Him.


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