Global events since 2020 have been turbulent to say the least. Who would have thought that in 2020 people would be prevented from leaving their homes due to a virus, or that people would be enforced to wear masks, not visit elderly friends and family or mandated to take a vaccine? Yet, people where!

Many people during and post covid-19 been “why” questions, as they seek to understand – make sense of what happened. However, what most people have failed to comprehend, even many Christians, is that the Bible has the answers.

The site – Faith and Prepared – is dedicated to informing people of the need to prepare spiritually, physically and psychologically for the days we are living in.

The Bible informs us that the days we currently live in are those of tribulation. However, while these days are turbulent, what is coming is going to be unimaginably worse. In fact what humanity will shorty witness if what the Bible refers to as “the end of days” “the Great Tribulation”. A period that will be unlike anything before.

Imagine, the holocaust, the dark ages – all the wars that have transpired, and you might start to imagine what it will be like. Now, while we need to prepare physically for a time of famine, economic collapse and war, if that is the only way you prepare then you WILL fail in your preparations. that is because while we will witness global apocalyptic events the cause is spiritual. Consequently, a person’s only hope is to call on the name of Jesus and to submit to God. Now, I am not talking about being religious, because today most churches preach a corrupted gospel- message. Many churches have accepted the lies of the political correct ideologies. Furthermore, many social media platforms censor what people say about world events if it contradicts the government narrative.

What I try to do on this site is discuss events through using the Bible, news articles and academic literature. My aim is to wake people up to what is transpiring and will transpire and assists them to prepare – first spiritually, then physically and psychologically.

I pray as you read the articles and listen to the podcasts that you find the truth – that is Jesus. If you only prepare physically you will fail.