Social scientists and historians have, since the Holocaust, analysed the conditions that facilitated in the marginalisation and subsequent genocide of sections of society.[1] Such research has greatly assisted in identifying what gave rise to the inhuman and barbaric atrocities committed by Nazi Germany against the Jewish people, and other groups. However, could we witness another holocaust, especially in a democratic western society?  

The Holocaust – perpetrated by Nazi Germany occurred within a democratic, sophisticated western society, one that, unlike subsequent genocides, such as Rwanda, Sudan, and Cambodia, utilised the mechanisms of a bureaucratic advanced capitalist society to systematically slaughter innocent Jews and other undesirable groups. These people did not fit the Aryan model/construct. Thus, to say genocide could not happen in a civilised society, is incorrect. All that is required are the right conditions and for people to be silent and do nothing.

Hilberg (1961) asserts that the bureaucratisation of functions was a significant factor in the Holocaust.[2] Traditional forms of bureaucratic compartmentalisation of functions and responsibilities are an integral aspect of the mechanism of genocide. The task of each person/department focussed them on a specific aspect of the genocide process, preventing them from seeing/comprehending the severity of the whole process.[3] Such fragmentation allowed one department/person to organise shipments of undesirable persons, and another department/person to determine the desired outcome – enslavement or death.

Staub (2000) states ‘the essence of evil is the destruction of human beings. This includes not only killing but the creation of conditions that materially or psychologically destroy or diminish people’s dignity, happiness, and capacity to fulfil basic material needs.’[4]

Staub (200) further outlines that evil cannot be solely judged by conscious intentions, as psychological distortions hinder perpetrators from fully conceptualising their real goals.[5] However, Gilbert (1987) astutely shows that such distortions, although limited in scope, are only possible in the rank and file of perpetrators, and not within the higher echelons of power and decision making.[6] Additionally, Browning (2017) perceptively outlines how ordinary men engaged in killing not only Jewish men and women, but also new-born babies. [7]  Thus, Browning (2017) highlights not only the pervasive dehumanisation of the Jewish people, but also how acceptable it had become to murder Jews, whatever their age, and how complicit Germans were in conforming to and obeying authority and their ideology. Regardless of whether all Germans were aware of the ‘final solution’, what was constant was a universal quest to create a ‘better world’,[8] but at what cost?

The facilitation of the Aryan quest required the marginalisation, subjugation and total disregard of the welfare of the Jewish people – the others within society.[9] Yet, destroying the Jewish people was perceived to be an acceptable cost for the betterment of the masses and greater society, thus justifying their actions through a distorted view of higher ideals – the other, the victims’, perceived evil nature. The Jewish vermin image had, through psychological propaganda, enabled the systematic desensitisation of the people towards the Jews. All this attributes Jewish people with a vermin status through dehumanising Jews, portraying them as vermin – allowing them to be perceived as a pariah within society.

Milgram’s research on obedience/authority shows how easy it is to induce a person to follow authority figures and administer harm to others. Milgram asserts that people enter an ‘agentic’ state during which they relinquish individual responsibility – acting as agents of the authority. It is out of an ingrained desire to show respect to and obey authority, to be a good member of society that facilitates such unquestionable surrender of one’s morality to authority. Accepting what they are part of is for the benefit and greater good.[10] Milgram’s research highlights vital aspects of what transpired during the Holocaust. People relinquished individual responsibility by embracing the ideology of the state that propagated the slaughtering of the Jews for the betterment/advancement of the German Aryan goal. However, this does in no way legitimise what people did. Instead, it reveals the pervasive human ability to hate and kill.

Staub (2000), however, notes that for a person/society to submit to a leader/government, they must have accepted their ideology.[11] Moreover, people accept such views because of a shared cultural disposition, hardships and aspirations along with fear and respect.[12] Thus, for the average German to accept the Nazi ideology, they must have invested in it, through allowing what was being taught.

Charny (1982), similarly, stresses the influence of historical events in shaping the collective consciousness and what motivates a culture. [13] Additionally, Miller (1983) outlines how those brought up within, what we would refer to as a nanny state has difficulties in assuming responsibility in difficult times. Therefore, through social conditioning, they become dependent upon the state in all aspects, especially regarding how to act, think and respond in times of crises.[14] But, are we any different today? Does society promote free-thinking or dependency on the state/government? If the conditions were conducive does our history give rise to genocide?

A further facet within the bureaucratic mechanism was the euphemistic language that projected one meaning to the masses while conveying a different denotation to the enlightened higher echelon of leadership.[15] For instance, the extermination squads were named ‘special troops’ who carried out the ‘final solution’ – the systematic slaughter of Jews and other undesirables.

Through dehumanising Jews to that of vermin, Jews were seen as others, outsiders who plagued upon and prevented Nazi Germany from transcending out of the ashes of WW1 to achieve its destiny. The plight of Germany was perceived to be caused by the Jews. Subsequently, their participation in society was understood to have prevented Germany from obtaining victory and their Aryan destiny. The dehumanising of Jews was facilitated not only through the propaganda but also through laws which marginalised and subjugated Jewish people.

On 28th February 1933, special emergency powers were bestowed on Hitler that allowed him to pass without scrutiny or the approval of parliament, laws.[16] Subsequently, Jews were tormented and segregated, prevented from owning businesses, working in the government, entering certain shops or walking on the pavement. Then after being subjected to inhuman and barbaric treatment, they had to wear a yellow star to identify them as outcasts, after which they were ghettoised and systematically slaughtered in death camps. The German people, to usher in their utopic vision, raped the Jewish people of their possessions and human self-worth.

The conditions within German society were ripe for exploitation by Hitler. Germany, after WW1, was economically and psychologically crippled. Hitler thus exploited the fragile state of the masses and gave them a common enemy and hope. Jews were made the scapegoats for Germany’s bereft condition. Through subjecting the masses to a constant bombardment of government-sanctioned psychological propaganda, targeted at all substrates of society, Nazi ideology became ubiquitous – the accepted norm. However, Hitler’s utopic vision of the Aryan super race was, for the outsiders, a dystopic nightmare.

People would like to believe the Holocaust could not happen today. But could we, if the conditions were right, see a section of society being vilified as the cause of social ills, to such an extent that it births another Holocaust?

Within the above very brief overview of some of the preconditions of the Holocaust, one can witness how a nation can marginalise and hate a group who stand out as different within society.

Today, we face a global pandemic. To go out, one has to don a face mask, practise social distancing and use hand sanitiser. If you do not wear a face mask, you are seen/identified as a non-conformist, a social pariah. Thus, could not wearing a face mask soon be akin to the yellow star? Those who do not wear a face mask are accused by the gullible sheep-people, who follow the government narrative, as being spreaders of the invisible enemy – the coronavirus. These mindless zombie sheep do not question the ambiguities of the ever-changing government narrative or the absurdness that shoppers must wear masks, but people working in the shops do not need to. Thus, are we witnessing, just as Miller states, the inability for people to think and question what is right, due to the pervasive reliance on the nanny state?

Globally, people, similar to Nazi Germany, are bombarded with psychological conditioning through briefings – updates that induce fear into the masses, giving birth to a new breed of Gestapo who dance to the government narrative, unable to determine truth from faecal matter. Similarly to what Milgram observed, these new Gestapo have entered an ‘agentic’ state, and now act as agents of government change, questioning people who do not comply with the new norm. However, such actions often discriminate against people who, because of health conditions, cannot wear a face mask, yet are perceived as spreaders of the virus and thus become outsiders.

The British government, due to the coronavirus, has been bestowed powers to do whatever it takes to tackle the pandemic.[17] Furthermore, the pandemic allows the government to utilise other key legislations in a time of emergency.  The Civil Contingencies Act 2004, allows the government, in a time of crisis, to impose curfews, ban both travel and assembly, confiscate property without compensation and the deployment of the armed forces to maintain order and protect life.[18]  While some believe that the armed forces will not be used during the pandemic, SAGE, the government’s scientific advisory group, are calling for British troops to be deployed on UK streets.[19] Additionally, the UK government can, under the Public Health (Control of Disease Act) 1984, bulldoze a person’s home or any other building that is deemed to be the site of a virus outbreak.[20] Such measures seem extreme.  Could we see non-conformists being targeted, just as Jews were? Moreover, under the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020,[21] the coronavirus Act 2020[22] and the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984,[23] the government is permitted to detain a person suspected of having been contaminated, for up to fourteen days. The above mentioned three Acts also require a person to comply with government agents and for them to give a biological sample.[24]

Globally people are challenging the powers governments have been bestowed due to the coronavirus, asserting that these powers are akin to those given to Hitler’s Government.[25] But, is this a fair assumption? I believe that there is some merit in such reasoning, as one has to question why the UK government, along with others, are given such powers, especially when they are employing military cyber warfare departments to tackle what is perceived as misinformation. Is this not akin to Nazi Germany burning books? Why can’t people be free to say that they do not believe the government narrative, or that a vaccine developed in a rush using new technology, is dangerous, and we should not take it? If the vaccine is so good, then it will protect those who take it and doom those who do not. So, what is the problem? The rationale behind governments curtailing and preventing freedom of speech is akin to the monitoring/censoring of what people think. Thus, one is only permitted to express the government narrative, regarding the coronavirus. Is that not a dictatorship?

World leaders consistently state that we can obtain victory over the virus only through a vaccine. At the same time, brave doctors and scientists question the status quo, saying that the virus is not as pervasive/dangerous as had been thought – that it is harmless if treated correctly. Yet, when these professionals speak out, they are vilified or dismissed from practising medicine.[26] Thus, one has to question what will happen to those who, for whatever reason, do not take the vaccine? Will we see people marginalised and prevented from entering shops, using public transport, planes, and going to school; as engagement within society is restricted, similar to Jews in Nazi Germany? Will we see the new outcasts placed in ghettos, and judged as outsiders standing in the way of the utopic vision of the emerging global government, evident in the Great Reset? Jonathan Mayo, in a recent article, outlines how we could see the ghettoisation of people who reject the vaccine. Those who refuse to take the vaccine will be prevented from engaging in all aspects of social life, similar to Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews.[27]

I believe that we will shortly witness, those who reject the government narrative of the virus, and refuse to take the vaccine being marginalised, and vilified by both people and governments, that they will be restricted from engaging in society, perceived to be preventing the utopic vision of the New World Satanic Order of the emerging Antichrist. You see the same spirit that was prevalent within Nazi Germany is the same ubiquitous spirit driving the global agenda. It is the spirit of antichrist!

The UK government states the mantra that we are guided by science, yet why haven’t Sweden and Holland mandated face masks? Because the governments of Sweden and Holland state, the science does not support this action. Furthermore, why hasn’t the World Health Organisation mandated the use of face masks? The reality is that facemasks do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, the manner in which most people wear their mask, makes it more dangerous than not wearing one.

Who would have thought that people globally would allow their governments to incarcerate them in their own homes, preventing them from socialising with family and friends, because of a virus? Maybe that is why people were furloughed – because as long as they have an income, they will not riot, allowing the Global satanic order to slowly, slowly boil the proverbial frog (zombie sheep people) in the boiling sea of government vomit of lies and deceit. If you are someone who believes everything our government does is for the good of humanity, then you’re living in a false fairy-tale reality. What about the government’s coverup of child trafficking/abuse in the UK by the elite, or the lies we were told about the Gulf war?

Today we are at a precipice – a dangerous juncture in human history. Governments, through fear, are taking away people’s human rights. Soon we will witness the mandating of the coronavirus vaccine in the hope that it will prevent the pandemic. The reality is, it will kill many. Why else would pharmaceutical companies be free from litigation? 

Shortly global events will worsen.  We will witness global famine, economic depression, further pandemics and war. These are but the birth pains of far greater ills that are coming. During this time, we shall see the establishment of a global government that will enslave humanity in what will be perceived as a utopia, but in reality, will be a dystopic nightmare – global enslavement that will not only enslave your physical existence but seek to devour your soul also. Thus, I urge you to seek the LORD while He may be found. Our only hope is to call upon the name of the LORD and surrender our lives to Him. Do not trust the governments or even the church; instead, believe and trust in the living God of the Bible. Question everything, but do not do nothing!

Contemplate this: if Hitler had had the technology we have today, he would have eliminated all the Jewish people. How easy would it be to imprison those who do not comply with what the government states?

It is time for people to wake up and face the harsh reality of what is transpiring globally! Call upon the name of the LORD, while you can, for the Day of the LORD is at hand! You cannot say that no one warned you! Harsh times are ahead, our only salvation is to trust in God and wake up!

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