Have you looked at the world and asked yourself, what in the world is going on? How have we got in this mess? How do we get out of this pit we have dug?

The current global condition is a direct consequence of turning its back on God – that is the Living God, the one who sent His only begotten Son – Jesus to die for humanities sin.

The Bible tells us that we are given the rulers we deserve and seek. Currently, the world has become so decedent as sin is ubiquitous as it goes unchallenged even in most churches. The restrainer of sin – the word of God – the Bible has been removed from society. In the UK people are stopped from preaching or even reading it because it offends people. People have even been arrested for silently praying on the streets in England.

Consequently when the restrainer – the Bible is removed, lawlessness prevails. Accordingly God MUST judge. However, judgment first commences in the House of God. Then the wider community.

The ONLY hope we have is for people to turn to God in repentance – to desist from seeking sin as they humble themselves before God and seek His will. That they commit to living a life according the word of God.

Sadly judgment is coming. We are living in the period of time the Bible refers to as the tribulation. A time prior to the Great Tribulation.

The period prior to the Great Tribulation will witness the subjugation of humanity, followed by peace being taken from the world. Then because people do not repent, the judgments worsen. We will then see a global economic collapse and famine. However, the Bible informs us that most people will continue to sin, as they seek to fulfil the desires o their corrupt sinful hearts. Consequently, further judgment will come as global war followed by famine, pestilence and death – two billion people will die, yet people will still reject God.

Now, you might be saying why is God allow this if He is such a loving God? The answer is easy, if you reject God, they you cannot receive His protection. If we sin, we must accept the consequences.

The solution is to repent and confess your sin to God and commit to living a life according to the Bible. Accepting God, will ensure your eternal destiny is with God and not in the lake of fire.

The events of the past few years are no coincidence. Neither will things ever return t0 normal. In fact soon we will witness further events that are worse than COVID. Thus, while you have time, seek the LORD.

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