The world is currently in turmoil, but why? The reason is simple; the nations have rejected God and His precepts. They have sown unrighteousness through the ungodly acts and laws.[1] Therefore, because they have sought after such things, the LORD has given them over to the evil desires of their hearts.[2] They have sown the wind, so they will reap the whirlwind, a whirlwind that will see famine, as crops fail,[3] and wars along with unprecedented judgment, due to the LORD removing His hand of blessing.  Consequently, the nations are now subject to the curses that will be unleashed as judgment for disobeying and rejected God and His word.[4]

The nations have made idols. They do not put their trust in the living God but in the things of their own making. Instead of turning to God for direction, the nations, during the pandemic, have looked to science – to the things of man’s creation. Therefore, because they have rejected God, because they have not hearkened to God’s word and repented for the sin they have committed – the sin of murdering children in their mother’s wombs,[5] [6] of promoting ungodly unions,[7] [8] due to the rejection of the Biblical form of marriage,[9] fornication, for the persecution of believers, for idolatry and much more, then God will, in His righteousness, judge!

Those who do not believe in the God of the Bible or doubt that He exists, will soon see His mighty hand, just as the Egyptians did when God judged and defeated the gods of Egypt that facilitated Israel being liberated out of captivity and the redemption of the firstborn.[10]

Currently the world is in tribulation. We are constantly bombarded with news of conflicts or rumours of the possibility of wars and civil unrest, as nations suffer internal divisions due to societal divisions, all of which are prophesied to take place prior to the Great Tribulation time of Jacob’s Trouble. Additionally, the Bible informs us that believers will be persecuted, hated and thrown into prison, that we will see famines, pestilence and an increase in natural disasters;[11] some of these things are transpiring now.

Currently, Israel is under attack, but this should not surprise us, as again, the Bible informs us that Israel, before Messiah Jesus’ return, would be an ungodly place/nation. It would be like Sodom and Gomorrah,[12] as mystery Babylon is revealed,[13] as Jerusalem becomes the seat of power for the antichrist. Consequently, because of Israel’s behaviour, the LORD judges her, but saves a remnant when they cry out to Him.

We must understand that Israel is a prophetic sign of God’s prophetic clock. It is also the place from which the antichrist will rule and reign. Thus, it will be a den of iniquity in the latter days. Today Israel is the model of how nations should deal with the pandemic, through inoculations[14] [15] [16] and green covid passes. This is a system that will seek the enslavement and control of the global population. What is transpiring globally is the subjugation of the people through the establishment of a worldwide dictatorship that is being implemented through a medical martial law. We will NEVER go back to how things were. The New Norm is one of slavery, as people, out of fear, wilfully allow themselves to be enslaved.

The UK government continues to incite fear of Covid through its government-sanctioned psy-ops programme that incites fear of the new Indian variant to push people to take the vaccine. Additionally, the government further vilifies those who decline to take the vaccine as being possible spreaders of the new variant.[17] Furthermore, due to the so-called high infectious rate of the Indian variant, military door-to-door hit squads are being deployed to vaccinate people in government identified hotspots.[18] However, while many in the UK are enjoying their new freedoms, MP Johnson faces a revolt by backbenchers who seek to ensure that all lockdown restrictions will end by 21st June, regardless of the Indian variant.[19] One thing is clear; we will shortly see further vilification of those who decline the vaccine, possibly even the refusal of such groups from engaging fully within society.

So, how do we escape the new norm and the coming tsunami of God’s judgment that will engulf the world? The answer is simple, submit to the living God and cease living your life according to your own desires. Instead, do the will of God. God can and will protect those who diligently seek Him as they endeavour and commit to working out their salvation in fear and trepidation of the Living God. It is important to note that salvation is free, it cannot be earned or purchased, but while it is free, it does cost us our lives. That being so, we give our lives to God. In return, we obtain salvation and freedom. However, God’s protection is not automatically granted. We receive God’s protection by living a righteous life, through submitting to God’s word, as we make the LORD our refuge and fortress. Sadly, many Christians are not taught this. Instead, they are told that grace covers everything, so they do not need to change. Such teaching goes against scripture. Yes, God does bestow His grace upon believers, but that is to help them as they seek to adhere to His word.

Consequently, because many do not understand the truth contained within God’s word, partly because they listen to the teachings of men rather than merely reading the Bible and following what it states, many will go into captivity or lose their life. Additionally, many have not prepared for the time of Jacob’s Trouble because they do not believe they will be around during the tribulation. However, the reality is that they WILL! I pray that I am wrong, but scripture attests to the truth that we will go through it, and can go through it, if we make the LORD our refuge and fortress.

We will, in the days ahead, possibly this year, see war. We will see famine and an increase in persecution of those who reject the vaccine and the One World Government. But the good news is that God is, always has and always will be in control – even when it does not seem that He is. The LORD is more than capable of defending His people; history attests to such.

Thus, as you see what is transpiring globally, I urge you not to become fearful or put your trust in the things you can do, but to put your trust in the LORD instead. I pray you will seek God, first in repentance as you make the Living God your refuge in these days. Then, make preparations, as the LORD directs for the hard times ahead – a period unlike anything that the world has endured before. But the most important act anyone can do is to surrender one’s life to God and seek His will as you make Him your refuge.

May you know the shalom of the LORD, as He continues to guide and protect you!

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