There are many ways a person can navigate using either the sun, the stars or by looking at signs in nature, such as the moss on a tree;[1] however, to apply such methods, a person needs to understand what to do and practice. At the moment it isn’t easy to navigate through and decipher all the information that we are being bombarded with, primarily via the internet. So, how can we make sense of what is transpiring? Are world events fulfilling prophecy? Who is telling the truth?

To comprehend and meander through current events, we must have a means of reference, a focal point. In navigation, we use the sun, moon or stars to find North, so that we can orientate ourselves, but what about in our lives? The answer to this is not found in the media, in governments or scientists, but in JESUS the Messiah. He is the way the truth and the life.[2] He – Jesus – is our constant help in times of trouble.

As we try to make sense of world events, of the information presented, we must be able to check it to ascertain its credibility. Consequently, because of the amount of misinformation and disinformation being merged with truth, people are looking to government sources for answers. However, can we trust the government, especially as Dr Bruce Scott insightfully states, ‘It looks very much like a situation where psychology is most definitely being used for nefarious ends.’ [3]

The overwhelming proof that the UK government and governments globally are espousing misinformation to control the people, is concerning. Therefore, who can we trust? How can we make sense of what is transpiring?

The key problem is that people have, over time, put their trust in governments, scientists and other so-called bastions of truth, while at the same time they have rejected the word of God – the Bible. Consequently, to make sense of what is transpiring, one needs to look to and submit to God. He is the only constant.[4] He is the true North that can guide us through the days we are living in. Failure to look to God, to put our trust in Him, will result in death.[5]

The Bible informs us that a period would come when men forsake the truth, as they become lovers of perversion and sin.[6] Consequently, God would remove His hand of protection from the earth resulting in judgment. A judgment that will see the enemies of humanity being unleashed; due to that, they are no longer being held back by God. The Bible describes this as a time, unlike anything that has ever transpired[7] – a period when those alive will witness unprecedented events – an increase in natural disasters, famine, pestilence and war.[8] Additionally, they will observe spiritual forces coming against them that will cause the hearts of even the most heroic of men to fail.[9]

The good news is that, while God removes His hand of protection, He remains in control. Moreover, He has provided a way out for those who diligently seek Him. The way out is to allow God to guide you as you set your spiritual compass to true North – that being God. Once done, we must seek God’s wisdom; we need to obtain discernment so that we can discern what is true and what is lies. To do this, we must allow scripture, in context, to guide us to be our roadmap for what is transpiring. For God always reveals to His people what will take place.[10]

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

God has, through His word, told us the end from the beginning.[11] But to understand this requires that we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us rather than following the teachings and wisdom of men.[12] 

Currently, in the UK, we are being primed for further lockdowns, as the government discusses if measures will be lifted on the 21st June 2021.[13] Additionally, the government seeks to blame those who refuse the vaccine for the spread of the virus.[14] However, doctors have not ruled out whether vaccinated people can still transmit the virus.[15] Currently, there is fear on both sides – those who have had the vaccine and those who have not. Consequently, both sides are blaming the other for causing sickness.[16] However, the one most believe is the one sanctioned by the government and therefore, just as those who did not wear a mask were vilified, even when medical research substantiated that masks are dangerous,[17] so too are those who decline the vaccine.

Edwina Currie, former MP, venomously states that she does not want any unvaccinated person near her – that they should not be allowed to enter cinemas or other public places. Additionally, she has stated that she would willingly have the Covid passport proof stamped on her forehead.[18]

Currie’s words are ones many others concur with, as they see the unvaccinated as dangerous. So therefore, could we see the unvaccinated ghettoised similarly to the way in which the Nazi’s treated the Jews? Personally, I believe we will see the implementation of a medical apartheid, an event I see getting closer to being implemented.

Additionally, the UK government is seeking to mandate all health care[19] and NHS staff[20] to have the vaccine. Initially, this will be implemented for all those working with the elderly in adult health and social care.[21] Sadly, many care workers will acquiesce due to needing to work, while others will quit their jobs, leaving an already struggling industry seeking staff.[22]

Thus, while the UK government states that they will not make vaccines mandatory, they are leading the way in doing the opposite – a move that could spur other industries to do likewise.

Regardless of what people believe was the origin of the covid-19 virus, the reality is that it is being used to implement global change. The mantra espoused is “build back better”;[23] [24] a move that has the planet at its centre. But, while we should look after the planet, we need to show caution in accepting an agenda that seeks to establish a global government, something the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are promoting in an attempt to implement their global plan – a move governments globally have signed up to implement,[25] one that will usher in the enslavement of humanity in a Huxlian ‘brave new world’ dystopic nightmare scenario. So, how do we escape the future enslavement?

God has a way out. In a future event, He will call for His people to leave the things of this world[26] and go into the wilderness of the people[27] as God leads His people, in an event similar to the way in which He led Israel out of Egypt, to the promised land.[28]

God will take His people in an event that will make the exodus out of Egypt look small,[29] for the historical event was a rehearsal for the greater exodus that will take place during the time of Jacob’s Trouble[30] an event the Church refers to as the Great Tribulation,[31] – a period when a global government will be established, that is ruled by the antichrist.[32] During this time, anyone who seeks to follow the One True God will be vilified, incarcerated and eventually killed for their faith.[33]

The only way out of the nightmare that is playing out before our eyes is to call on the name of the LORD. To make Him your refuge and fortress, as you put your faith and lives in His hands. The only way out is to align and fix our gaze upon the LORD so He can direct our path away from the coming tsunami of judgments that will be unleashed.

Similarly, as in any survival situation, we need to know how to find the North so that we can orientate to safety. Therefore, we must, at this time, seek the LORD for our every need, especially guidance and directions.

Thus, I urge you to run to the LORD. To desist from trying to make sense of what is transpiring, but rather to seek guidance from God as you obtain wisdom and discernment from Him—remembering to test everything and stand only on the truth of God’s word.

May God bless and guide you.


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