Over the weekend, we had a needed respite from the media reporting of Covid-19. Instead of the government-sanctioned psy-ops, the media reported on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh – Prince Philip. However, was the intense coverage of the Duke’s death used as a smokescreen to cover the realities of the pending war with Russia or the imminent global financial crash?  The coverage of the Duke’s death by the BBC received over 100,000 complaints, as people voiced concerns of the ‘excessive’ coverage of Prince Philip’s death.[1] It is sad that people complained about the BBC’s covering of the Prince’s  death but have not voiced their concerns about the excessive and constant media coverage of the covid-19 pandemic. Neither have large groups of people complained about the draconian measures the UK people have been subjected to or the impending Covid passport that will be rolled out. Instead, the majority of people continue to be led like lambs to the slaughter as they dance to the pipers’ – Johnson and Hancock – tune. The Covid passport will soon be embraced by the UK government as Kier Starmer, in a U-turn, seems to be now backing them.[2] Thus, could we in the future see an integrated system that is injected into a person in order to monitor them? While such prospects seem more akin to science fiction than reality, it is possible to do. Pentagon scientists have revealed how they have been working on a microchip/hydrogel sensor that is injected into the body. Once in place, the hydrogels – nanoparticles – will continuously test a person’s blood to detect Covid-19 or any other virus and relay the findings.[3]

Currently, many people, like Edwina Curry – former MP – are seeking the mandating of the Covid vaccination and the restriction of movement for those who refuse the vaccination.[4] Therefore, could we see calls for the microchip that synchronises with a person’s smartphone to prove a person has not got Covid? I personally believe we will see such a move. However, what I found very alarming when reading about the work of DARPA, who designed the microchip, is that they have, in partnership with other researchers, recreated the Spanish Flu virus;[5] but why would anyone seek to recreate such a virulent and dangerous virus? It does not make sense. Nevertheless, let us not forget that DARPA is a military research department; therefore, was the move to recreate the Spanish Flu an attempt to weaponise it?

They have in their laboratories tissue from patients infected with the Spanish Flu 100 years ago, and in 2005 a team from Mount Sinai hospital and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) managed to recreate the virus.[6]

Many now accept that the covid-19 virus originated from Wuhan’s P4 biological laboratory. Therefore, could we see the recreated Spanish Flu become the next global pandemic, as it somehow manages to be leaked from a level 4 laboratory, in a similar way to how the covid-19 virus did? Who knows, but it is very concerning. Yet what is more concerning, is that the medical martial law that has now been implemented in various levels for the past year, will not end until the powers that be, have ushered in the New Global Government – something that the Bible informs us will take place. 

So, what is next? People would have to be blind to not expect some sort of financial ramifications after the prolonged lockdowns and government borrowing, to allow for the government backed furlough scheme. You cannot pillage the government money tree and not expect repercussions. The Great Depression will pale into insignificance compared with the financial whirlwind that will soon ravish the entire world.[7] I as well as others have been warning of the coming economic crash even before the pandemic. However, given the crippling effects of the pandemic on the global economy, we will see a global collapse soon. Thus, if people wish to ride the storm, they MUST take practical steps now and have a store of staple foods, learn how to grow crops and how people lived during the Great Depression, moving their assets to protect their wealth.[8]

However, while people are fixated upon the pandemic or the coming financial global collapse, they fail to see the impending war that is on the horizon. War is coming, something I do not say lightly. War is never nice, but what is coming will be a war unlike any other. The only consolation is that it will not be protracted but short lived. Currently, we hear of rumours of the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine,[9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] China due to their quest for land, be it in Taiwan[16] [17] or on the Indian border, or Japan or because of China’s efforts to control the coastal areas around them.[18] [19] [20] Yet, what people fail to comprehend is that China, like Russia, is prepared for war, something the West sadly is not. Neither the British nor the American armies are the fierce military force they once were. Through subsequent stripping and pillaging of the military, both countries have been left with a weak military might—one bereft of its former power and ability to be global forces to be reckoned with.

War is on the horizon and so is a global collapse, but which will come first? Personally, I do not think it matters which is first, because most people are not prepared to go through either. The generation that will be called up to fight is in the West, a snowflake generation, which for the most part is inept at becoming the warriors needed to defend our country from an aggressive military force. Yet, the process that gave rise to snowflakes did not transpire overnight; society has been dismantled gradually through a planned programme, allowing for the establishment of the New World Order. This system is emerging before our very eyes. Sadly though, most are blind to see the reality that is before them. Additionally, the rhetoric of war and the actions of Russia, China and Iran are all the behaviour of actors playing their part on the worlds stage. The powers that be, the shadow government, manipulates different governments to bring about their plans of establishing a New World Order. Sadly, people see such talk as a mere conspiracy rather than the reality it is. But, I do not concern myself with those who scoff at what I and others say. We have sounded the alarm as watchmen, and now it is up to people to respond. Their lives, their blood, will not be on my hands, for I have blown the trumpet, sounded the alarm. Now it is your duty to check what I have said and seek God with an open mind and heart.

I urge you to look at what is transpiring globally. Take your eyes out of the excrement being spewed out of the state sanctioned media as you search for the truth. Even this week, it has been exposed that the numbers of covid-19 reported deaths are inflated by a minimum of 25%.[21] This is not a tiny figure, yet, like others, I believe the reported deaths to be even lower than this. Yet, the majority of people will not be bothered about the misreporting because they have drunk from the government Kool-Aid and are now addicted to the state sanction vomit, something they return to daily for their fix.

I beseech you to physically make ready for what will come next, yet above all, I urge you to draw near to the LORD and seek His guidance, strength and provision for the days ahead.  Dark days are around the corner. Days that will make those recorded in history seem inviting. The generation that is alive now will witness the rise of the antichrist and the dystopic Huxleyan Brave New World become a reality. The only way to traverse through the days ahead is to submit to the one true God.

The sole consolation is that when these things happen, we know that the return of Jesus – Yeshua our Messiah is coming soon. Therefore, let us look up, for our redemption is at hand.

May God bless and guide you as you seek out TRUTH!

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