Do you feel as though you are going round and round in circles? Have you ever asked yourself why this government constantly changes its mind? One minute, we will not have lockdowns, and then we will. The next we will not have mandatory vaccines, then we will, and now we have a covid pass, which historically the government said we would not. What is going on around the world?

The UK government continues to push for the total vaccination of UK citizens – a move the government says is required to fight the pandemic. However, in America, President Biden recently stated that there is a new pandemic – it is the unvaccinated.[1] So, why do people decline the vaccination, and should they take it when there are significant health risks?

While I have and will continue to decline the vaccine for reasons I will outline shortly, I believe people should make an informed decision when deciding. However, people are not able to make an informed decision, because crucial information is not made known. It is because of this information that I will not take the vaccine.

Scientists have historically found it extremely difficult to develop a coronavirus vaccine due to the complexity of the virus itself. Koirala et al. (2020)[2] astutely acknowledge, as do Roper & Rehm (2009),[3] that while coronavirus vaccines in animal trials mimic human disease, they have not effectively prevented the acquisition of the virus.   

Moreover, Edridge et al. (2020)[4] insightfully highlight the concerns that vaccination, as with natural coronavirus infection, may not elicit/impart long-lived immunity, thus raising the high probability of re-infection. However, more concerning is the fact that mRNA vaccinations can increase the severity of the disease, something Koirola et al. (2020)[5] research highlighted.

Furthermore, Graham, Donaldson and Baric (2013)[6] found that mice vaccinated with a recombinant DNA spike protein vaccine or a virus-like particle vaccine, developed irregularities within the lungs. Similar effects were observed by Deming et al. (2006)[7] in older mice, and Agrawal et al. (2016)[8] found that mice inoculated with a SARS-CoV N protein vaccine developed severe pneumonia and lung complications when they came in contact with the live virus. Moreover, Tatlow, (2020)[9] insightfully highlights concerns with coronavirus vaccines.

Another major concern with coronavirus vaccine development is the harmful inflammatory response known as antibody-dependent enhancement, in which non-neutralising antibodies bind to coronavirus and enhance entry into cells.[10] But what is causing these severe side effects? The answer is found in a critical ingredient called graphene.

Graphene is a nanoparticle that is considered the future revolutionary material.[11] However, while graphene can provide a medium to carry small molecule drug cargoes into the body[12] and breach the blood-brain-barrier,[13] its high toxicity makes its use ethically questionable.

Sanchez et al. (2012) highlight the significant dangers of graphene and its highly toxic nature with human biology.[14] Graphene-family nanoparticles (GFN) have the potential to induce a plethora of health complications/risks. Sanchez et al. (2012) assert that the long-term adverse health impacts must be considered in the design of GFN for drug delivery, tissue engineering and fluorescence-based biomolecular sensing. Future research is needed to explore the fundamental biological responses of GFN’s including systematic toxicity assessment, as the overwhelming amount of research clearly evidences graphene to be highly toxic to human biology.[15]

Additionally, Bianco (2013) found GFN’s, on the whole, to be highly toxic, causing extensive pulmonary thromboembolism, chronic toxicity and death, damage to the lung, spleen and liver, chronic inflammation and acute pulmonary inflammatory response and increase in tumours. Finally, note what the side effects are from graphene. These are the same as what scientists found to transpire in animal testing of coronavirus vaccines already mentioned. Moreover, many of the side effects of graphene are what we see in people who have had the vaccine. I urge people to watch the short video of a scientist who previously worked for Pfizer as she outlines the significant dangers of the covid-19 vaccines.[16]

So, why are Graphene-Family Nanoparticles (GFN) used when they are highly toxic? It is because they can facilitate AI interface between biology and AI – in essence, it allows for the human body to be augmented with technology, which is the Transhumanist vision. In addition, graphene has the ability to self-replicate and self-heal. In essence, what we see in the film Transcendence is what graphene offers, a possibility and future we should all be very concerned about.

The vaccinations are creating the infrastructure within the human body that will allow for the continuous monitoring of those injected when the time comes – once the system is fully operational. Now you might say ‘What system?’ It is a global social credit system, similar to what is evident in Communist China, one the Bible refers to as the Beast System.

People need to wake up and see the reality of what is transpiring! They need to ask why there is a global push for everyone to be vaccinated when there is overwhelming evidence from medical professionals,[17] scientists,[18] [19] and politicians[20] who highlight the dangers of the vaccination, which is killing and debilitating people globally. 

I urge people who are contemplating taking the vaccination and or the booster to search for the truth before doing anything. Sadly, you will not find the UK government or any government telling you the truth. However, many doctors and health professionals are standing up and speaking out against the global agenda to vaccinate everyone with various toxic cocktails.

Nevertheless, to understand the mentality and spirit behind the global agenda, one needs to look at the Bible to see what is transpiring. But sadly, many pastors and ministers are not awake and are not carrying out their due diligence before advising their parishioners. Instead, they are allowing and advocating that they go like lambs to the slaughter, because they do not know the scriptures.

The Bible clearly informs us that in the latter days, a global government will enslave the world. Many would embrace the New World Order because they would see it as utopic and beneficial, but it is highly dystopic and controlling under the surface. Anyone who questions and disagrees with the New World Order will be vilified, targeted and eventually imprisoned and exterminated. In essence, what is being established is a global Nazi 4th Reich that will ghettoise those who oppose them, similar to how the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and many other groups were during Hitler’s reign of terror, an event we now refer to as the Holocaust.

Yet, the Brave New World System that is being established, is at its centre luciferin, that seeks the enslavement of humanity in an attempt to usurp God Himself. The Bible informs us that many will succumb to the seduction of the antichrist during this period. However, others will be martyred for their faith. But some will endure to the end as they have listened to the warnings in scripture and prepared both physically and spiritually.

Time is running out; thus, I urge you to prepare as though your life depends on it, because it does! The world is changing at a rapid pace. The Brave New World of the antichrist is almost here. The infrastructure is almost in place, therefore while you still have time to prepare, make ready spiritually and physically. But please do something!

May God bless and guide you!


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