The UK is moving to bring in the NHS Covid-passport to prove vaccination status.  Additionally, the Welsh parliament voted on the 5th October 2021 to introduce a compulsory covid pass for nightclubs and big sporting events. The vote was close and passed by one vote in favour, mainly due to that one parliamentarian, who was known to be voting against the plan and could not gain access to zoom to vote.[i]  

Scotland also introduced the covid passport, which came into effect on the 1st October 2021; however, businesses have a two-week grace period to test and adapt, ensuring any glitches are gone.[ii] Consequently, the Covid passport will be enforced on the 18th October in Scotland.

Westminster is currently consulting with the public and businesses on the covid passport.[iii] The consultation ending on the 11th October 2021[iv] is part of the government’s plan B of its winter strategy,[v] but what is this plan, and how will it affect us?

The plan sets out the UK government’s proposed action to combat covid-19 within the UK. A key phrase used within the document is ‘save the NHS’, a mantra that the government has repeated for the past 18 months as a hypnotic subliminal message. We must save the NHS – a form of a golden calf that has been worshipped as a lifesaver, just as the healthcare sector evidence with the clapping for carers.

The document states:

Plan B in England which would only be enacted if the data suggests further measures are necessary to protect the NHS. The government remains committed to doing whatever it takes to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.[vi]

One of the ways the government is doing this is through vaccinations. The government hailed the progress of the UK’s vaccination programme and its efforts to assist the global push to vaccinate the entire planet.[vii]

The plan also highlights how the vaccinated will no longer need to isolate, unlike those who have not been vaccinated, who will still need to continue to isolate for ten days. The critical part of the plan, however, is that if plan B is implemented, then the covid passport will be introduced, and people who have, for whatever reason, not been vaccinated, will not be able to gain access to large events or nightclubs;[viii]  Nevertheless, the introduction of the covid passport is not the most alarming aspect of the document.

The document shows how the government, as part of its six-month review process of the Coronavirus Act 2020, is repealing sections that are no longer necessary.

Section 52 (Schedule 22) (for England), which enables Ministers to restrict or prohibit gatherings or events and to close and restrict access to premises during a public health response period.

b. Section 37 (Schedule 16) (for England), which gives Ministers the power to direct the temporary closure of educational institutions and providers.[ix]

The above sections reveal that the government will not be able, once sections 52 and 37 are repealed, to close schools or enforce national lockdowns without reinserting these sections.

Incidentally, the government is keeping the following sections:

  1. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Self-Isolation) (England) Regulations 2020, which impose legal requirements to selfisolate on positive cases and unvaccinated close contacts. Self-isolation will remain crucial in breaking chains of transmission throughout autumn and winter.
  2. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 3) Regulations 2020, which enable local authorities to respond to serious and imminent public health threats.

However, while the government in its winter plan, published on the 14th September 2021, implies the covid passport is part of plan B, sadly, it was always going to be implemented. In a letter dated the 15th September 2021, the day after the Winter plan was published, the government permits care workers to self-certify that they are medically exempt from the vaccine; however, once the covid passport is implemented, they will have 12 weeks to gain exemption via a government scheme.

This temporary self-certification process has been introduced for a short period prior to the launch of the new NHS COVID Pass system which will go live imminently. Once the NHS COVID Pass system is launched, care home workers will need to apply for a formal medical exemption through that process. This temporary self-certification will expire 12 weeks after the NHS COVID Pass system is launched.[x]

Note that the document states the new NHS covid pass system, will go live IMMINENTLY.

So, why is this important?

What I believe we will see in the future, is what the Australian government is planning to do: lock out the unvaccinated. Australian Premier Dan Andrews stated, in a news broadcast on the 7th September 2021, we have locked down everyone previously. However, in the future, we will lockout people who are not vaccinated, to protect the health system.[xi] If people choose not to be vaccinated, they will, for safety, be locked out – it will not be safe for the unvaccinated. He noted, as did President Biden, that this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated.[xii]

Dan Andrews states further that people who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to have freedoms. They will be restricted from engaging within the broader society, as it will be a vaccinated economy – an economy for only the vaccinated.[xiii]

So, what does this mean? I believe this is what we will see in the UK. We will see restrictions on those who have not had the vaccine, and therefore, we will no longer see national lockdowns. People who have had the vaccine will be rewarded; however, as we see in Israel, if people do not comply with the vaccine and six-monthly boosters, they will be locked out and prevented from engaging within the wider society until they comply.[xiv]

Shortly we will witness a massive exodus of people from the NHS and health and social care industry because they do not want to take the covid-19 vaccination. The lack of workers will cripple the already crippled industry, resulting in people dying from a lack of care. People will not blame the government for their loved ones’ death but will instead blame the unvaccinated and will consequently back the government’s locking out of the unvaccinated.

The mantra ‘save the NHS’ has been used to hypnotise and control the masses. However, the idol of the NHS will be brought down low as God judges, but this will bring further persecution of those who resist the global antichrist system.

What we are witnessing is similar to what happened in Egypt when the children of Israel wanted to leave captivity so that they could go and worship the LORD at the place He had appointed. But, Pharaoh would not let the people go. He would not let them worship God in the way they should have done at the place He commanded. Consequently, God judged Egypt, which brought further oppression on the people. Israel’s response was to cry out to God for deliverance.

Today, we are in bondage and in exile. We are restricted from worshipping God in the way He commands. Soon, believers who are awake to what is happening and have not taken the vaccine will be put into further bondage. They will be prevented from engaging in the vaccinated economy as they will be locked out of society. Our response needs to be one of crying out to the LORD for Him to end our slavery and deliver us.

We need to remember that God kept the people safe during the period of judgment. While Egypt was judged, the Israelites in Goshen were protected, even though they were in bondage and oppressed. We, too, will see God judge the nations. He will bring down the gods and idols of this age as He reveals Himself as the One True God.

Furthermore, the lock-outs, while oppressive, will avail us protection from the vaccinated, who are the ones who are shedding and manufacturing the various strains of the virus. It will also avail us time with the LORD and facilitate us coming out of the Babylonian Antichrist system.

Time is running out for people to make final preparations. Soon where we are will be where we stay. But, while this might be alarming, we MUST understand the LORD remains and always is sovereign and therefore, we MUST draw close to Him.

Many people I know are seeking to plan to celebrate Passover next year, but we must understand that we might not be able to gather together. This is part of being in bondage, just as Israel wanted to leave to worship the LORD but was prevented by Pharoah, so too could we be. So, what should our response be? We can seek to go and dismiss the government’s instructions and leave bondage and gather, or we can remain in our homes and comply? But, which is the correct answer?

Those who know me are aware that I am a bit of a rebel concerning complying with the government. This is because I have only one Lord and King, and I bow to no other authority than the LORD God. However, I am reminded that when Israel was in captivity, a remnant of Ephraim decided to leave early, before the LORD released them. Consequently, all who left died; this is what is referred to as the valley of dry bones. Therefore, while we must meet up, we must only leave bondage when the cry comes – when the LORD takes us on the Greater Exodus. We must use the freedom we presently have to do Kingdom things while at the same time cry out to the LORD for deliverance and His guidance.

For those who know my heart, it is to see a people come out and live in a community. To thrive and not merely survive during the next phase of intense persecution that will take place before the Greater Exodus.

It is imperative that we ensure our relationship with the LORD is right and that we have made every physical preparation we can for what is coming. Persecution is coming, but soon we will hear the command to leave Babylon and go on our adventure into the wilderness just as Israel did when they left Egypt.

Furthermore, just as Israel was permitted to leave, we will in the future see for a short period, a time when we will be allowed to leave. But if we miss that opportunity, we will suffer further enslavement and possible martyrdom.

The pattern of what is happening is found within scripture. God has made known the end from the beginning; the question is, are you prepared and ready?

The only safe place is in the presence of the LORD. Therefore, we must be ready to go when and where He instructs. Thus, let us cry out to the LORD to end our enslavement as we prepare to move and leave Babylon.

I pray the LORD will bless and keep you


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