Last week, I wrote a brief introduction to the seals recorded in Revelation 6. In the article, I outlined how I believe that the first seal opened, evident in the enslavement of humanity through the covid plandemic cult. Humanity has accepted slavery and embraced the new norm of COVID-19 lies instilled by psychological programming that has been locked in and reinforced through the media.

This week in the UK, parliament voted on the Government’s plan B measures. During the debate, many MP’s voiced their concerns on how the Government is conducting itself and managing the country.

Justin Madders (MP) stated

Across the House, many of us have been calling for greater transparency from the Government. The more we hear from the chief medical officer, the more concerning it is. If the Government had been more transparent up front, I am sure there would be greater support across the House.[1]

Madders’ comments reveal the lack of transparency of this Government, as they fail to provide evidence for what they are doing. The Government keeps saying that, “We are following the science”. They are clearly not listening to eminent academics and practitioners[2] such as Prof. Cahill, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Mercola, Dr Carson, Dr Nagase,[3] or Truong et al. (2021). [4]

Additionally, Dr Peter McCullough asserts that the Omicron comes from those who have been vaccinated.[5] Koirala et al. (2020) echo McCullough, stating that it is very concerning that historical studies into mRNA vaccines have found vaccine-associated disease enhancement.[6] That being, those who have had the vaccine produce the variants. Furthermore, Edridge et al. (2020)[7] found that mRNA vaccines can increase the severity of the disease.[8]

In addition, we do not know the long-term effects of the covid-19 vaccinations as the technology has not been tested. In fact, the vaccines are still in trial! Moreover, Dr Andreas Noack,[9] a graphene specialist, outlines that the graphene content within the vaccines act like razers. Sadly, however, Dr Noack was killed four days after going public on this truth.

Furthermore, Japan has placed a warning on the covid-19 vaccinations of people developing myocarditis post-vaccination.[10] There has to be a significant risk for such a warning to be placed. Within the UK, as of 10th December 2021, there have been 2,410 reports made to the yellow card system regarding myocarditis and ischaemic coronary incidents for the covid-19 vaccines.[11] This is highly alarming as, according to the UK Government, only 10% of serious adverse reactions and 2 and 4% of non-serious reactions are even reported; therefore, the above-mentioned reported cases are only a fraction of the true extent of adverse effects.[12]

“It is estimated that only 10% of serious reactions and between 2 and 4% of non-serious reactions are reported. Under-reporting coupled with a decline in reporting makes it especially important to report all suspicions of adverse drug reactions to the Yellow Card Scheme.”[13]

According to Choi et al. (2021) study found myocarditis induced sudden death after BNT162b2 mRNA covid-19 vaccination.[14] Likewise, Montgomery et al. (2021) found cases of myocarditis in serving members of the US military post-vaccination with the mRNA vaccine, which they conclude that further surveillance and evaluation is required.[15] Singara et al. (2021), a study exploring the possible links between myocarditis and mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, issued a caution. It suggests that in some patients, who present a risk, the cost-effectiveness of being vaccinated is not proportionate and should be discouraged.[16]

So, what science is the UK government following? The reality is it is not the science that is being followed. Rather, leaders around the world are adhering to the instructions of their puppet masters, who are preparing the way for the antichrist. A system that is being ushered in through the fear of a virus that is alleged to be killing thousands. Remember how we were told how bad things were in Italy, and we had to lock down to prevent following the Italian scenario? In November 2021, the Italian Institute of Health reduced its official covid death toll by 97.1%, from 130,000 to under 4,000.[17] [18] [19] So, what was the science telling us? Furthermore, why has the Government not been transparent?

The aspect of the UK government using fear to control and manipulate the British people are echoed by Caroline Lucas MP, who stated:

It comes down to letting loose the dogs of war—getting the fear factor into it and getting the officials, the members of SAGE, Independent SAGE and SPI-M and all those who speak in their private capacity out there twisting the fear lever. What about the Health Protection Agency? What Stalinist minds thought up that nomenclature? Get them out there, twisting the fear button, and by and large you will get the reaction that you want: people will crave more enforcement and fiercer measures to protect them from the great danger that is out there. Let hospitality be just collateral damage—let the industry endure the deluge of cancellations at what should be its most productive time. That is the situation that we have delivered.

The Government, having administered this Ministry of fear, are absolutely complicit with their officials and organisations who have designed and delivered it. In doing so, they have abandoned any principle of social democracy or liberal democracy, absolutely beyond anything that we have endured in recent living memory, in the history of this pandemic. As a consequence, having abandoned what might have been their ideology, they are rudderless and so much more at risk of the opinions and predictions of the advisers to whom they are in hock.[20]

It is clear from Lucas that she is concerned about how the Government has unleashed the dogs of war to promote fear and anxiety amongst the populous. However, this is not only a UK phenomenon but rather a global move.

Thus our world is in the grips of terror because of the sin it has committed. God has removed His hand of blessing and given the nations over to their evil desires. However, the LORD will protect those who seek to work out their salvation in fear and trepidation of Him. God’s people should not be in fear, for His perfect love casts out all fear.[21] However, we are seeing Bible prophecy unfold before our very eyes. The first seal has been opened, and the world is now in slavery to the coming beast system of the antichrist, but is the second seal opening?

Peace is being taken from the world. Again, the war drums are beating and getting louder and louder. Presently, Israel is preparing to attack Iran,[22] Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, which if it does, we could see WW3,[23] and China is preparing to attack Taiwan.[24]

In the past week, the Russian Foreign Ministry responded to NATO’s demands with a Date-Certain response. However, if Russian security demands were not met by the stated date, Russia would respond accordingly with military force.[25]

Presently NATO is putting military assets in Ukraine, which has outraged Russia – in effect putting a hook in its jaw, drawing it into war with NATO. Putin, while being portrayed as the villain by the West, seeks peace. Putin has called for immediate talks with NATO over US and NATO’s military build-up in the region. However, while the West arrogantly perceives it can stand up against Russia, it cannot stand against both Russia and China, which have a military pact.[26]

Some military analysts believe we could see war before the end of the year. Personally, I do not know when such war will transpire, but only that it will. I can easily see Russia invading Ukraine along with China invading Taiwan. Possibly when one happens, it will trigger the other. What is clear, it will be short-lived. Will it be nuclear? I do not believe it will. Rather it could be over within days if either China and or Russia use NEMP’s – Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse weapons that explode in the Substratosphere and fries everything electronic within a given radius. For example, if a NEMP were detonated over the English Channel, it would take out the whole of the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe, after which we would witness a loss of power, water, use of vehicles. Society would break down, and civil unrest would follow. People would be focused more on self-preservation than attacking another nation. Our military and civil infrastructure would be crippled and rendered ineffective. According to a UK government report in 2012, it would take 3.5years to rebuild after such an attack.[27] 

It is not only wars we should be concerned about. Internal divisions within society are escalating. People out of fear are becoming intolerant towards those who, for whatever reason, have not been vaccinated. Yet, while we would expect the media to squash such sentiments, ITV news claims, ‘Hardcore vaccine refuseniks are terrorists that need deradicalizing’.[28] Additionally, an article in the Daily Mail states, “It’s time to punish Britain’s five million vaccine refuseniks: They put us all at risk of more restrictions”.[29] How can people get away with writing such hatred when people who risk their lives and reputations to sound the alarm regarding the dangers of the vaccine and what is transpiring are ghosted and prevented from sharing their views. It just proves that democracy is dead in the UK and the world; that we are living in a global dictatorship. However, the vaccinated better get used to their jabs because they will have to have them every six months or so. Thus, with every new jab, they risk death as they play Russian roulette.

Soon, I believe we will witness the ghettoization of the unvaccinated similar to how the Jews were by Nazi Germany. Sadly, many do not see where we are heading.

The events recorded in the Bible are happening, and we cannot stop them, but we can prepare for them. To prepare, we must fall on our faces, confess our sin and repent; turn from our wicked ways and commit to walking a life according to God’s word. We MUST surrender our lives to God and accept Yeshua – Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Then we must commit to working out our salvation in fear and trepidation of God.

If you want to know what is going to happen in the world, you do not need to watch the TV or read the newspapers. All you need to do is seek God and read the Bible. For the scriptures are being fulfilled before your eyes. This generation, alive today, is the final generation. The one that will see the events unfold before our Messiah’s return.

We will soon see a global war, along with internal divisions, but worse is to come. However, the LORD can preserve us, but we must make ready spiritually and then physically for what is to come. If you do not know what is coming, find a church that does. If you want fellowship with awake people and love God, email me at, and I will help you find a Bible-based fellowship. But, please do not sit idle and do nothing! Do something!

I pray you will seek the LORD and make ready!


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