Peace continues to be taken from the earth as divisions, and societal tensions are perpetuated both within nations, as hatred towards the unvaccinated escalates, and between nations, evident within the escalation between Russia and NATO.

Fourth jab and more to come!

The UK government continues to echo the global message that the Omicron variant is decimating global healthcare. Consequently, we will need to have a fourth jab to fight the virus. Did you hear what I said? A fourth jab!

The UK is considering administering a FOURTH covid vaccination after Israel and Germany announced they will be administering the fourth shot to tackle the Omicron variant.[1]

Germany has informed its citizens of the intended fourth shot to tackle the Omicron variant. New health minister Karl Lauterbach, who supports the mandating of the covid-19 vaccination for all citizens, has ordered 80million doses of a Biotech vaccine that purports to target the Omicron variant.[2] Additionally, he has ordered 4million doses of the newly approved Novavax and 11million doses of the new Valneva shot.[3]

Most do not understand that once governments mandate the covid-19 vaccination, it is not merely one-shot. People will be forced to have all the subsequent boosters. Thus, people must prepare for being subjected to having repeated shots of an experimental drug.

Israel leads the way

In August, Israel’s virus czar, Prof. Salman Zarka, called for people to prepare for their fourth jab to fight the Omicron variant.[4] At the time of Zarka’s statement, Israel was already administering the third dose of the covid-19 vaccination to its citizens. From the onset, Israel has led the way with vaccination administering and its covid-19 passport strategy.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced on Tuesday 21st December 2021.

“The citizens of Israel were the first in the world to receive the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and we are continuing to pioneer with the fourth dose as well,”[5]

Israel will, initially, offer the fourth dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine[6] to medical staff and vulnerable people four months after they have had their third shot. [7] However, while PM Bennett and Prof. Zarka back such measures, alarmingly, the study only commenced Monday 27th December 2021 into the impact of administering the fourth shot. The study being conducted by Sheba Medical Centre has 150 volunteers from hospital staff who had their third shot over four months ago.[8]

Why is Israel leading the way?

The word Zion in Hebrew is strongs H6726 Tsiyown – tsee-yone, which comes H6725 tsiyuwn – tsee-yoon, sign, waymark, a guiding pillar. Thus, Zion – Israel is a signpost. It is the place we should look to if we want to understand what is happening. Zion and the people of God are the prophetic compass and clock for understanding where we are on God’s prophetic calendar and clock.

Therefore, Israel is leading the way in establishing the beast kingdom. In preparation for the beast to sit enthroned in Zion – the city of God, as he seeks to usurp Messiah.

Wolves as shepherds  

If it is not bad enough that people are being repeatedly subjected to having an experimental shot, the head of the Anglican church, the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has implied that Jesus would have received the vaccine for covid. Welby – a bad shepherd of the body of Messiah, further suggested that those who do not get jabbed are’ immoral’ as people should get jabbed to show that they love their neighbour.

The archbishop stated:

‘A lot of people won’t like that, but I think it is because it’s not about me and my rights.

‘Now obviously there are some people who, for health reasons, can’t be vaccinated – different question – but it’s not about me and my rights to choose. It’s about how I love my neighbour.

‘Vaccination reduces my chances – doesn’t eliminate – but it reduces my chances of getting ill and reducing my chances of getting ill reduces my chances of infecting others. It’s very simple.

‘So I would say yes, to love one another – as Jesus said – get vaccinated, get boosted.’[9]

Well, what a load of excrement! Such statements clearly show that Welby is devoid of any theological understanding and Biblical knowledge. Without going into a deep theological rebuttal, Jesus would not have received or advocated having the vaccination.

Jesus healed people, not vaccinated them

Jesus the Messiah did not advocate medical treatment when He came across a sick person. Rather He healed them and, at times, instructed them to sin no more.

Furthermore, did God not knit us together in our mothers’ womb? Did God not create the universe, the world and all life on it? The answer to these questions is YES. Moreover, God placed within creation rules, laws, something He even placed within our DNA. Therefore, why would Jesus the Messiah advocate for the use of an mRNA vaccination that rewrites our code when God had written the first, especially as doing so changes the laws God instilled within creation? Furthermore, is it not the antichrist who changes God’s laws?

So, what Biblical example can Welby use to support his claim that Jesus would have had the vaccination? Oh, the one that states love thy neighbour, ok so let us briefly look at this.

If we look at it in context, it states to love our neighbour as ourselves. Now that is not in a narcissistic way, but rather, we are to love ourselves because one, we are created in the image of God and two, we have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb of God – Jesus our Messiah. So, if we negate to love, care, or look after ourselves, we cannot love our neighbour. Additionally, our neighbour within a Biblical context is the house of faith. It is not those out of covenant. That does not mean we do not show love to them, but I am speaking of the context.

However, we are to warn our brother or sister if they are in danger, for not to warn them is to be guilty of what harm befalls them. Thus, instead of taking a vaccination, which does not stop people from getting the virus, but instead makes those who have it produce dangerous variants,[10] [11] [12] become ill [13] [14] and possibly die[15] [16]or make women miscarry or unable to have children.[17] [18] To see the various dangers of the covid vaccine, one only needs to look at the adverse effects on the UK government’s yellow card reporting system[19] or the US VERSE system.

Therefore, advocating vaccination is tantamount to them being complicit in murder and thus does not show love to one’s neighbour. Rather informing people of the dangers of what could transpire if they take the vaccination, then allowing them to make an informed decision is more befitting to loving one’s neighbour.

Hirelings and thieves

Welby’s actions, along with other denominational leaders, clearly evidence how many of the shepherds over the body of Messiah are sheep in wolves clothing, nothing more than hirelings. Thus, if your pastor or church leader is advocating the government narrative, I encourage you to run/leave and find another church. A true shepherd would inform you of the dangers and then allow you to make a choice.

The problem we have is that these hirelings do not know how to divide the word of God appropriately. They do not know how to discern what is clean and unclean, right or wrong. Instead, they have accepted the lies of the serpent and rejected the truth of God’s word. Thus, the statement ‘will faith be found when Messiah returns’ is quite apt.

But, praise the LORD; many people are searching for the truth and are finding it. They are rejecting the lies from the government and the false shepherds as they show wisdom and discernment.

Persecution is coming

Sadly, those who reject the government narrative will soon be hated as the vilification of the unvaccinated intensifies. Shortly, I believe, we will witness in the UK the locking out of the unvaccinated as they are locked down and subjected to undemocratic sanctions of a draconian medical apartheid.

Soon the unvaccinated will be the new social pariah similar to the Jews within Nazi Germany. The question is, will you go quietly into the night, or will you do something about it? Now, I am not advocating militant action. Instead, I advocate self-sufficiency and withdrawing from the system so that we are not in it when God judges.

Disengage from Babylon

It is time for the people of God, those who are awake to disengage from Babylon in preparation for leaving the systems of this world behind. The more we rely on these systems, the more they can control us. Hence, this is why it is of the utmost importance for people of faith who are awake to come together and establish self-sufficient communities. However, in preparation for such a move or until the LORD guides people to such groups, we MUST seek to become self-sufficient as much as possible. Therefore, we need to take action now and prepare for wilderness living.

Blessings or curses – life or death your choice

The LORD has removed His hand of protection from the nations. He is allowing the curses recorded in Deuteronomy 28-30 to come upon the earth while at the same time the blessings to be poured out on those who are seeking the LORD – who are working out their salvation in fear and trepidation of God. Thus, it is time to run to God. To put your faith and hope in Him. We need to stop relying on the systems of this world for everything. Instead, we need to draw from the provisions the LORD has stored up for His people.

A call to action

God’s people are called to action. Biblical faith requires that we hear and do. Therefore, are you preparing for the Messiah’s return? Now I do not mean that in a pretribulation rapture – do-nothing scenario. Rather I mean we go through the time of Jacob’s Trouble with the LORD’s protection, as He leads, provides and protects just as He did ancient Israel when God judged Egypt and led them through the wilderness.

The tribulation is not out of God’s control. The question is, have you got enough faith in God to get you through the time of Jacob’s Trouble?

It is time to ensure our walk with the LORD is right. While there is still time, it is critical that we draw close to God and make ready spiritually and physically for what is happening and about to transpire.

The seals are opening regardless of whether you believe it or not. Thus, I urge you to seek God and make Him your hiding place as you prepare to leave Babylon.

May the LORD bless and guide you.


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