Then I heard another voice from heaven say:” ‘Come out of her, my people, ‘so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; (Revelation 18:4)

 In a future event, God warns His people to leave Babylon, otherwise, they will partake in her judgments because of disobedience. But is Babylon rising as we speak; is what we are witnessing through the global pandemic the catalyst that will thrust the ‘Beast System’ onto the world’s stage? While many claim the ‘Beast System’ is not around the corner, others, like myself, believe it is; therefore, we continue to sound the alarm in an attempt to wake people up to the present reality. The ‘Beast System’ of the antichrist is now ubiquitous. All that is required is for the antichrist himself to rise and take his place and take charge of Babylon. Peter wrote that scoffers would come in the latter days. People who would follow their own evil desires would dismiss claims of the Lord’s return. Yet Peter rebuttals them by reminding the scoffers that a day is like a thousand to the LORD.

Most fail to grasp the beast system – Babylon will be an economic, political, religious, and social system that encompasses the world. Babylon will be the global system of the beast – the antichrist. A system that has already permeated into all aspects of society. The web of the beast is everywhere.

Let me ask, have you heard of Babylon Health? It was founded in January 2013.[1] In April 2014 it launched the Babylon Health app, followed by the symptom’s checker in June 2016.[2] Since its inception, Babylon Health has rapidly expanded. It is now a global leader in health support. In July 2016, it launched its first digital consultation in Rwanda; in November 2017, Babylon NHS was launched in London, an endeavour that works in partnership with GPs in London, trialling the Babylon GP at Hand service.[3] In June 2019, Babylon GP at Hand was expanded into Birmingham. In August 2019, Babylon Health was launched in Canada in partnership with Telus Health and in Southeast Asia in collaboration with Prudent, as part of the pulse app, providing health resources to people in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.[4] In January 2020, Babylon Health was launched throughout the United States of America. In March 2020, in response to the global pandemic, Babylon launched COVID-19 Care Assistant to assist throughout the UK.[5]

Babylon Health utilises AI-powered digital health services.[6] Babylon’s mission is to:

Put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth. To make healthcare accessible, we deliver it through the devices people already own. To make healthcare affordable, we use technology to help ease the burden on our doctors.[7]

The service in the UK provides 24/7 video appointments within two hours of booking. You do not need a current GP to register. Currently, the entire service is available only in London and Birmingham, but it will soon expand throughout the UK. The Babylon app allows you to replay the recording of your appointment and see your medical records. Presently 90,000 people in the two UK locations have signed up to use the app, which has a 96% satisfaction score;[8] however, Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, seeks to push the app nationally, something GPs are greatly concerned about.[9] [10]

The above outline of the Babylon app initially sounds impressive, especially as it provides medical support to people around the world who would not normally receive or have access to high levels of medical care. However, is the endeavour to have the Babylon GP at hand available throughout the UK linked to the move to provide apprenticeship for medical doctors? [11] [12] Is it because GPs will be assisted or even guided by AI healthcare apps that support them in diagnosing illnesses, requiring a different or lower level of skill and knowledge? Furthermore, why call something like this Babylon? Would it surprise you that the Babylon Health app is linked to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

In November 2020, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded a grant of $984,470 to the London branch of Babylon Health to assist them in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of digital health services.[13]  In addition, a further grant of $1,263,081 was given to the London branch of Babylon Health ‘to support the expansion of digital healthcare services in Rwanda, including the implementation of clinical artificial intelligence with a focus on diseases and health challenges relevant to the developing world.’[14] Furthermore, Tracey McNeill, Director of Health Services at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, previously worked as vice president of Global Clinical Governance and Quality and chief mobilisation officer at Babylon Healthcare and CEO of its digital health subsidiary in Rwanda, Babyl Rwanda and consulted for Babylon across the UK and internationally.[15]

Personally, I think that anything the Gates foundation is linked to is suspicious, especially when it is called Babylon. However, this in itself is not sufficient to question the validity of the agenda. I question Babylon Health’s intentions because it aims to become the global healthcare solution, and not a global healthcare solution, by 2030 in support of the UN 2030 agenda. Additionally, the Babylon app, a digital AI application, offers the means to unify the Covid passport and provide a real solution and platform for the beast system and its eventual mark. Remember, the ‘Beast System’ will seek to control every aspect of a person’s life. It is a system we are seeing emerge through a global medical martial law, evident in the various levels of lockdowns that control society.

As Christians, we need to be alert as we watch and pray for our Messiah’s return. We must understand that we will witness a global government’s establishment that will see a global dictator emerge to lead the world in a dystopic global nightmare.

But are we the last generation that will witness such events? Have there not always been Christians who claim the end is nigh? The answer to both questions is yes, but we often fail to understand it is not just about the conditions being correct but also about God’s prophetic calendar that needs to be in sync with the conditions.

When Peter gave his rebuttal to those who would mock and dismiss the day of the LORD’s arrival, he did so by quoting Psalm 90:4 ‘A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.‘ In this passage, there is a prophetic concept linked to the first verse in the Bible – Genesis 1:1 that in the Hebrew outlines man’s days upon the earth – a prophetic image that is expounded upon in the days of creation. I urge you to examine the prophetic picture further, as time does not permit me to expound as I would like to.  It is because of the prophetic picture we see in the days of creation that we can be certain that the day of the LORD is at the door. Therefore, we must expect and understand the beast system is already established and waiting for the revealing of the antichrist.

Christians must respond to global prophetic events. We must audit our lives as we endeavour to work out our salvation in fear and trepidation. Once we have done so, we must then fervently seek to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom as we make disciples, warning people of the pending judgment as we personally prepare and encourage others to do likewise.

Time is drawing to a close with every second that elapses. If the people of God remain silent at this time, then the blood of the people will be on our hands. We must arise and allow the light of Messiah that resides inside us to shine in the pervasive darkness of this world. Doing nothing is not an option. We are called to make disciples as we live our life according to the word of God and the example Messiah set.

The beast is rising; the question is, do you see it, will you come out of Babylon, or will you allow it to suck you in? If you remain silent at this time, if you embrace the apparatus of the beast, then you will endure the judgments intended for her. May God guide, protect and strengthen us in these days.

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