Daily we are presented with a barrage of negative news – accounts that further perpetuate the covid-19 nightmare and demonise those who will not accept the new norm. The Covid passport, like the vaccine, is hailed as a salvific measure that will restore normality to the world. However, such reasoning is inept of rational thinking, as global leaders continue to embrace and move towards the ‘Great Reset’ – an agenda that will see the establishment of a global communist dictatorship more akin to Huxley’s ‘A Brave New World’ than to the norm of the past, to which people believe we are returning. Boris Johnson has intimated that businesses will be allowed to ban those who have not had a vaccine from entering the building.[1] Additionally, changes to laws could see health care workers mandated to have the vaccine.[2]

The reality is that society will never return to the past. Governments will not relinquish the new powers they have obtained through the lockdowns. History is littered with examples of how governments have kept powers after a crisis. We need to look only at what transpired after the twin tower attack.

We are living in a dystopic nightmare, and the sad reality is that most people do not see it. It further saddens me that this is especially true of the church. Yet there is some good news! Several Scottish ministers have challenged the lockdown measures that closed churches in Scotland. In a pivotal ruling, Judge Lord Braid stated that the closure of churches is unlawful and unconstitutional, and an infringement on human rights.[3] While this is excellent news, such an outcome, I believe, will be short lived, but that should not stop people from speaking out and challenging what is taking place.

 So, how can we survive and live with the increasing and pervasive dystopic measures being implemented, and the impending ‘Great Reset’?

Many, like myself, advocate the storing of food and learning new skills, especially wilderness training – how to live on the land. However, while we should do this, none of this will save us from what is coming. But how can I say that when I teach survival skills to an advanced level and encourage people to store and prepare? I have been practising survival skills in many forms – skills I have acquired in both the military and civilian arenas, yet none of them will save me in the days ahead, but why?

The reality is that we cannot survive purely by physical preparedness. We MUST prepare spiritually! We MUST put our trust in God! After we have done so, we should then make physical preparations, but our trust, hope, and faith have to be primarily in God. It is only God who can save us and protect us during the days ahead. We cannot survive in our own strength.

Additionally, many people are becoming battle fatigued, as they present with symptoms of PTSD from the barrage of Covid deaths and the dangers of Covid reported in the media. The social distancing measures further exacerbate such fatigue. However, this, in my opinion, is because of a misaligned focus on the things of this world that are crumbling, rather than focusing on God and His word. If we cannot cope with the realities of today, how will we cope when they intensify.[4] What is transpiring today is nothing compared with what is coming. The Bible informs us that things will get increasingly worse before the Messiah’s return.[5] [6]

Jesus instructed His disciples to be a light and salt to the world. Yet, have you never thought about what it means to be a light? You see, you do not need light during the day. Light is only required at night to expel the darkness and provide visibility. The world is going through a period of intense darkness – a darkness that will get only more pervasive and denser. Thus, it is during this period, when darkness covers the earth, that Christians especially need to allow the light of Messiah inside them to shine and extinguish the darkness, thus providing hope and direction when things are spiralling out of control.

The world system is crumbling. Therefore, we need to fix our gaze upon God as we follow Messiah and imitate the example He set. We should not be focused on the devastation that is coming nor on the harshness of our current situation. We have been forewarned concerning what will transpire. This does not mean that we are not aware of what is taking place, but instead, it is not to be our primary focus. We should not be focused upon the things of this world[7] but on the Kingdom that will come with our Messiah.[8]

Romans 8:5 -6 For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. 6 For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,

If we focus on the things of the world, then fear and death will consume and cripple a person, making him incapable of fulfilling the calling and purpose on his life. However, if we focus on God and His Kingdom that is coming when Jesus returns, we will have peace, even when this world system collapses. If we focus on God, then we will be emboldened to stand firm, as we proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom to a dying world.

Let us not seek to save our lives through what we can do, but rather let us lay our lives down as we seek to do the will of God. Let us focus on being obedient to the commission Messiah gave His disciples and go and proclaim the Good news as we focus on life and not death. For it is only as we fulfil the calling on our life and are obedient to God’s word and the instructions Messiah gave us that we can make physical preparations. But our hope and faith must be solely in God.  It is as we prepare spiritually and then physically that we will overcome evil with good.[9]

Therefore, let us not be overcome by what is transpiring. Instead, let us stand firm and hold fast as we shine the light of the Messiah in the darkness. Let our desire be to see the lost saved and lives transformed, rather than that of the emerging beast system’s decay and turmoil.

I pray the LORD will bless and keep you in these days.


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