Peace has been taken from the earth. The Russian and Ukraine conflict, along with China and Taiwan, Israel and Iran and North and South Korea, seem to dominate the media. The prospect of WW3 looks inevitable as daily the media informs us of the possibility of war with Russia and her Allies – a war that is fast approaching. The only light relief from the prospect of war is the state of the economy and the escalating fuel crises, both of which highlight the desperation many face.

Historically, when civilisations face a combination of economic uncertainty, famine, and plague, it gives birth to war.[1] Thus, war is inevitable; it is now a case of waiting for it to transpire. However, while historically we see famine, plague and economic instability giving way to war, the Bible predicts that in the latter days, we will witness, before the Great Tribulation, mankind being subjected to global servitude,[2] followed by the removal of peace,[3] then famine and economic collapse.[4] Then, if that is not bad enough, because people do not repent, turn to God and confess their sin – that is, wrongs they have done according to God’s standard, humanity will witness an intensification in famine, economic collapse, global war and pestilence.[5]

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth. Revelation 6:7-8

Now, while some will dismiss that the seals outlined in Revelation may be opening, one cannot negate the fact that what is happening seems to fulfil what the scriptures foretold. Time will tell, but if they are, then WW3 and perilous days are around the corner. However, God remains sovereign. Furthermore, there remains a small window for people to physically prepare for the days ahead. But, more importantly, people must make ready spiritually if they seek to endure.

War inevitable

The Ukraine conflict continues with no prospect of peace in sight. Recently Kim Jong-un offered to send 100,000 North Korean troops to support Russia in Ukraine.[6]  However, while Russia has not accepted the offer, it is clear North Korea is aligned with Russia and would be in any escalation in the conflict. Additionally, it is believed that North Korea, because it does not have any combat veterans, seeks to send its troops to prepare them for a future conflict.[7]

Prepare for war!

This week a British Army chief said the UK is prepared to counter Putin’s aggression and urged soldiers to prepare for war.[8] Warrant Officer Carney[9] writing in soldier magazine, stated that British troops must prepare their families for deployment. He encouraged them to obtain contact details for support networks and relevant people who can support their families when deployed.[10] However, while Carney admonishes soldiers to prepare, defence chiefs have stressed that Carney’s comments do not mean the Army will deploy soon, but they must prepare.

It is important to note that the defence chiefs did not refute that British troops would be deployed. Thus, it is apparent that war is inevitable and therefore merely a fact of when, a notion echoed by Henry Kissinger. He recently stated that America and its allies are on the edge of war with Russia and China.[11]

The reality is war is coming! But sadly, many fail to comprehend the severity of humanity’s present situation. Even more concerning is that people fail to see the spiritual dynamics entwined within everything that is transpiring. Events the Bible has recorded will take place.

While some seek to play down Carney’s comments, his words seem to resonate with General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of general staff, who in late June stated that he was mobilising British troops.[12]

“I will concentrate on one area alone – how I intend to mobilise the British Army – our Regulars, Reservists and Civilians – to deter Russian aggression. To prevent war.”[13]

Furthermore, Ben Wallace, Minister of Defence, confirmed in early July that Ukrainian soldiers are receiving special military training in the UK. By utilising the British army’s world-class expertise, the UK is assiting by training 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers to withstand the Russian advance.[14] [15] Now while the UK has not officially deployed combat soldiers to Ukraine, the UK had deployed special forces to Ukraine before the hostilities, a fact confirmed in late June by General Sanders, who stated.

Future Soldier’s new Ranger Regiment – on the ground in Ukraine before the invasion – and the new Security Force Assistance Brigade are well set for this.[16]

Now, what most fail to comprehend is that the Ranger force, the vanguard of the British army,[17] is part of the UK Special Operations Brigade, which is part of the 6th division[18] that also includes the 77th Brigade;[19]  the British militaries intelligence, cyber and psychological warfare department that was recently utilised to combat covid-19.[20] The Rangers are an elite unit trained in guerrilla warfare and counter-terrorism and can work in both covert and overt operational roles, along with other special operation combat roles.[21]

The Army’s Special Operations Brigade will complement the work of special operations troops across in the Armed Forces and those of our allies. The Ranger Regiment will be capable of operating discreetly in complex, high-threat environments, deterring adversaries and contributing to collective deterrence by training, advising and – if necessary – accompanying partners in support of our national interests.[22]

In addition to the Ranger forces being deployed in Ukraine, the UK also has Marines stationed at various locations as observers.[23]

In recent weeks there has been an escalation in fighting that is pushing the world towards the prospect of a nuclear war with Russia. The area around Ukraine’s Zaporozhe nuclear power plant, in particular, has seen an increase in military activity. The plant is a strategic target that Russia took over early in their Special Military Operation (SMO) to de-militarise and de-Nazify Ukraine.[24] Now, the mainstream media are reporting that Russia is shooting at the nuclear power plant in an attempt to destabilise it to carry out a “false flag” operation.[25] However, if the nuclear plant were destabilised, the fallout would be catastrophic for Ukraine and Russia, as the wind could blow radioactive fallout into Russia, something Russia would not want.[26]

While Russia would not desire a radioactive cloud being dispersed near Russia, one could argue that such an event would, benefit NATO, create a no-man land corridor that would prevent Russia from attacking Europe in the future.[27] Furthermore, while Russia is alleged to be attacking the power plant, in the past two weeks, Ukraine forces began firing artillery shells toward the plant, which Ukraine argues is due to that Russian troops are carrying out attacks from the plant against Ukraine forces.[28]

Russia has asked the UN Security Council to intervene and the International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA) to visit and inspect and see who is firing at the plant. However, the IAEA has responded, stating it may send someone in September.[29]

While many may not be concerned about who is doing what, the significance of the fight for the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant cannot be over-emphasised. Suppose a leak occurs at the plant and people are killed in NATO countries. In that case, Article 5 of the alliance charter will automatically be triggered, plunging NATO into a war with Russia.[30]

Tobias Ellwood, MP, stated, “Any deliberate damage causing potential radiation leak to a Ukrainian nuclear reactor would be a breach of NATO’s Article 5.”[31]

A raging battle occurred in the past few days at Zaporozhe Nuclear Power Plant, resulting in bullets penetrating the reactor cooling water lines. Consequently, water is spewing out of the pipes. It is unknown if the water is radioactive. However, if the water is contaminated, causing a radioactive leak, NATO has said that any radioactive leak would trigger Article 5 of the NATO Treaty. This act would see NATO in a war with Russia and its allies.[32]

Now, while many will be oblivious to the realities of what is transpiring, the truth is the Bible does inform us of what is coming. Peace being taken from the earth is the second seal recorded in Revelation 6, followed by famine and economic upheaval, something the world is also experiencing. Could this be a coincidence? Personally, I do not believe it is. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. What people must understand is that global events are merely the manifestations of a spiritual war. A battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the serpent that will soon see the revealing and enthroning of the antichrist. Praise God, this rule of the antichrist will be short, as Messiah will return and put all His enemies to an end. However, the LORD will use, as He has historically, the enemies of Israel to judge them. Then when God’s people cry out in repentance, the LORD will judge those who come against her.

In addition to the possibility of Article 5 being enacted, this week, an assassination attempt against Alexander Dugin, a Key Putin ally, failed. However, Dugin’s daughter, Darya, was murdered in the attack before her father’s eyes.[33]  The Russian government announced on Monday that a military response would transpire. Furthermore, Russia has petitioned Estonia, a NATO member, to extradite Natalya Vovk of the Ukraine National Guard for carrying out the bombing that killed Darya.[34] It is believed that Vovk, who Russia has charged with the bombing and murder, is being hidden in a secret NATO facility near the Amari air base.[35]

Recent events do not bode well and further intensify the prospect of war. In preparation for conflict China’s military has been handed power by the government. Amendments to the National Defence Act have been enacted to transfer powers from politicians to the military.[36]

In July 2022, a Chinese businessman making medical equipment announced that local officials had asked him to convert his production lines in China so they could produce items for the military.[37]

China, for decades, has been preparing for war. Dumitru Duduman prophesied that China would attack America, after which Russia and her allies would join the attack. However, before the attack, China would take Taiwan.[38] God has warned His people of what is to come. The problem is many fail to listen to the warnings.

America is also preparing for war with Russia and its allies. The US this week was caught conducting training bombing runs to strike Russia. On Wednesday, Russian defence minister Shoigu announced that Russian planes intercepted the US bombers. The US bombers’ trajectory and flight path clearly showed that the US was practising releasing nuclear cruise missiles at Russian targets.[39] A move that, while showing Russia the US is prepared to take decisive action, has intensified the situation.

Astronomic fuel cost

The UK, like other nations, continues to be subjected to excessive fuel costs that are crippling the vulnerable. Consequently, because of the fuel tsunami approaching, energy firms have sought approval from Ofgem to encourage people not to use washers or hungry appliances between 5-8 pm. The move incentivises people, offering them a £6-an-hour rebate for homes that do not use appliances during the given period.[40]

Energy costs could rocket past £6,000 a year in the spring.[41] That would mean an average energy bill of £500 per month or approximately £100 per week,[42] a cost that will be more than some people’s rent. In addition, in recent months, the UK has witnessed a record 173,000 elderly people returning to work as inflation, and an increase in the cost of living hits the elderly who are falling into poverty.[43]

Schools, which one would expect to be protected from the economic downturn and inflated energy costs, are considering a three-day week as they struggle to pay teachers’ salaries and the crippling energy costs. However, the move would further detriment the education of children who have suffered during the recent lockdowns. Additionally, the prospect of schools closing for two additional days will affect their parents’ ability to work to cover the rising cost of living – a knock-on effect pushing many families over the edge.

In addition, we could witness factories, shops and pubs closing due to the spiralling cost of energy. Many landlords are reporting that they could permanently close by Christmas. Alarmingly the UK government was warned of this prospect in November 2021 but has done little to prevent the coming fallout due to the excessive fuel costs.[44]

Availability of properties is concerning. Due to changes in rental laws, landlords in the UK are putting their properties on the market. Consequently, this has a detrimental impact on the already fragile rental market, evident in the increase in applicants per property. In Dublin, one property saw hundreds of people queuing for hours to view the property.[45]

Increased poverty is causing many Britons to put their dogs and cats into rehoming centres. As a result, Britain, a country known for its love of dogs, is witnessing an alarming number of dogs being abandoned as owners cannot afford to keep them.[46]

The cost of living in the UK is being exacerbated by the inactivity of the Government. Currently, the UK government is a headless chicken. Boris Johnson, the caretaker Prime minister, continues to buffoon his way through his time in office while Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak contend for the coveted position as Prime minister. Yet, while Truss and Sunak fight to lead the country through this unprecedented time, people are suffering. Furthermore, any move to support people for October needed to be actioned months ago. Consequently, anything done now to help and alleviate the suffering people are subjected to will come too late and be insufficient.[47]

The inapt action from the Government will only worsen the peoples’ plight and the suffering they endure. However, one must ask, how can the UK, and other governments, continue to borrow excessive debt after the astronomical debt already incurred during the plandemic? The burden of debt from the lockdowns has already crippled the economy. Is it because the Great Reset is soon to be unveiled, and therefore any further debt is superfluous? Furthermore, is it only a matter of time before we see lockdowns because of the cost or availability of fuel?

However, there may be some last-minute hope to the fuel problem, as Keith Anderson, Scottish power boss, met with Kwasi Kwarteng, Business and Energy Secretary. Anderson argued that the fuel crisis is a kin to the pandemic and petitioned the government to back a £100billion plan to freeze energy bills until 2024.[48] However, while Anderson aims to offer some form of a solution, the fact that any strategy will require an active government and will take time. If accepted, it would not be until the new year that any significant steps are taken. By that time, the damage will have been done.

Famine – food shortages

Food shortages continue to increase as the world is plunged further into famine. Many farmers report depleted crops, a reality exacerbated by the soaring temperatures in the UK. One farmer recently invited people to help themselves to his onion crop, estimated to be about 40 tonnes of onions, that will go to waste.[49]

To assist people in purchasing food, Iceland is offering an interest-free loan to help people buy those essential items.[50] However, while the move assists people, it will also push many further into debt. Nevertheless, many people will have little choice but to accept the offer of debt over not eating.

However, trade union action in the UK will see Felixstowe, the UK’s biggest container port, closed because of an eight-day walkout.[51]

The escalation in the cost of fuel and food will further enslave people as they slide further into debt to live – a consequence that will only exacerbate the coming economic tsunami. Thus, it is crucial, that while seeking the LORD, people prepare by becoming as self-sufficient as they can. There are many groups that support people in doing so. One such group is the ice age farmer, which I encourage people to check out.

The reality that humanity faces significant challenges cannot be underestimated. This winter, people will starve to death or die from the cold. The Guardian reported in 2020 that an average of 32,000 more deaths occur between December and March.[52] How many people will die this winter because of fuel poverty and famine? Yet, while the Government is focused on elections, they fail to act and preserve life.

It’s tough being a pensioner in the UK but this winter is set to be harder than ever. If campaigners are correct, huge numbers will die from cold and hunger and the Government can’t just stand by and watch.[53]

What is the solution to the daunting prospect of the approaching dark winter?

The answer to the world’s problems and the catastrophic situation people find themselves in is not found within politics. Instead, it is found in scripture and common sense. For so long, people have been enchanted by the media and the illusion that all will be well. Society and people have put their faith in the things they can see and hold, such as their wealth, the Government, the NHS etc. But now, the time of reckoning has come. The idols society has made are being destroyed before our eyes, as the loving God judges humanity by removing His hand of protection and giving people over to their desires.

Thus, the world will soon hail a world leader as they embrace the antichrist hoping for a better future. Now you might say that will never happen, but the reality is it will. After humanity has been ravished by the crippling fuel cost, bereft by famine and scared and overcome by the coming world war, they will willingly embrace the antichrist as their saviour. Sadly, the peace and prosperity the antichrist offers will be short-lived. Those who oppose him will be vilified, hunted down and incarcerated or killed. Many, however, will renege and accept the new norm and pledge allegiance and worship the antichrist, an action that, while saving their life, will cost them their soul.  

A person’s only hope is for them to surrender their life to God. Confess their sin – all they have down wrong according to God’s standard set out in the Bible and commit to living a life according to scripture as they follow Messiah – Jesus. Yes, many people are going to die in the coming few years. Sadly, even Christians will lose their life because many failed to prepare spiritually and physically. However, by surrendering one’s life to God, people can ensure their eternal destination will be with God.

The important thing is not what happens to our physical body but where we spend eternity. Thus, I urge you to ensure you stand right before God. Then once you have done that, connect with like-minded people and prepare physically and spiritually for hard times.

I believe those who prepare spiritually and physically as the LORD leads will see supernatural provisions in the days ahead. The Bible is full of examples of when God supernaturally provided for His people, but only when they humble themselves before Him.

God provided for Israel in the wilderness, giving them water and food. Likewise, Messiah fed 5,000 men with only five loaves and two fishes.[54] Jesus also fed 4,000 with seven loaves of bread and some small fish.[55] Additionally, in my own life, I have seen God multiply the food we have had to feed unexpected guests who attended our church.

Times will get unimaginably dark. However, God remains on His throne. The question is will you look to the world for help, or will you turn and surrender your life to God so that He can save you? The only thing that can save people, in the days ahead, is faith in God.

Sadly, the warnings I have been issuing for many years are bearing true, not because I am a prophet but because I use scripture to determine what is happening. What is of greater concern is that people continue to listen to the lies of the false prophets that state all will be well when the reality is they will not. Scripture informs us that ‘great darkness’ covers the earth before Messiah’s return. That people, even Christians, will be deceived and embrace the antichrist.

It is time for people to wake up, see the perilous situation, and call out to God as they submit wholeheartedly to Him.

As things globally deteriorate, God will call His people unto Himself. The LORD will beckon His people to leave the systems of this world and the coming antichrist kingdom and go into the wilderness of the people. A place the LORD has prepared for those who listen and harken to His voice so that He can protect, guide and provide for them. However, those who remain will see an intensification in the judgments as God comes against the antichrist and his kingdom. Thus, the question is, whose side are you on? Will you stand with the LORD, or will you seek the things of this world and embrace the antichrist?

I pray that you choose life – God and reject the things of this world and the antichrist – your soul depends on it.

On a positive note, people are reporting an increase in people seeking the LORD. However, this move is not taking place within the institutional church. Instead, the move is happening in people’s homes, as people open their houses and invite people to hear about God. A move that is more akin to the early church than the Greco-Roman model seen within institutional religion.

God is moving amongst those who are humbly seeking Him. There is a need that Christians should respond to. Thus, I urge you to seek the LORD and ask Him what He wants you to do. Maybe you can do something to share the gospel or wake people up. Time is certainly short; thus, for those awake, we should be spurred to action rather than inaction.

May the LORD bless and keep you.


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