The persistent covert subjugation and enslavement of humanity continue to tighten the noose around the neck of freedom and liberty. Yet, silently, like lambs to the slaughter, the zombie sheepeople willingly embrace the dystopic Orwellian New World Order of the World Economic Forum (WEF) – the Beast system. However, what most fail to comprehend is that the Social Credit System of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the blueprint for the new Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) score the UK, along with nations globally, seeks to implement. A system pushed and supported by the WEF.

Most people are accepting the new norm will believe that the new economic and Social Credit systems will bestow emancipation from the ills society has been plagued with post covid, famine, economic instability and the coming war. However, true emancipation is not gained through submitting to the Beast system. Instead, it is acquired by submitting one’s life to the Living God of the Bible, confessing one’s sin and accepting Jesus – Yeshua as one’s Lord and Saviour. That through surrendering one’s life to God, a person finds true freedom, both within this life and the one to come.

Within this article, I will examine the Chinese social credit system (CSS) to show how the move to embrace and implement Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and Environmental, Social Governance (ESG), along with the NHS app is all part of the new norm to control every aspect of a person’s life. That through the ubiquitous implementation of the blockchain 2.0 systems, society is being plunged into a technocratic panopticon that will make Orwell’s dystopic 1984 vision look appealing.  

“It is social credit which will lead us straight into the sort of world predicted by Orwell in 1984 and envisaged by Huxley in Brave New World.”[1]

What is the CSS?

The Chinese social credit system, unveiled in 2014[2] and was planned to be fully implemented by 2020, is a digital total surveillance system that seeks to monitor all aspects of a person’s life, rewarding good behaviour and punishing poor behaviour.[3] Now, the problem with it is that the CCP determines that bad behaviour as, people speaking out against the government, not complying with government edicts, bad debt, not crossing the road correctly, using your vehicle too frequently, smoking, swearing, not complying with covid restrictions, having the vaccine, wasting food, and digital footprint to mention a few.

Those deemed to have violated a law are shamed on digital billboards around their neighbourhood that highlight their social credit score and the given violation. Those with low social credit scores are not permitted to use public transport, live in certain areas, go to university, have certain jobs, or go on holiday. However, those who comply with the government and do not challenge what is said, receive extra credits, gain good employment, can travel on public transport, live in nicer areas, and travel abroad. In addition, additional credits can be earned for informing on people who speak against the government or break any minor acts, such as socialising with or being seen helping a person with a lower social credit score.

The Chinese social credit system (SCS) is a digital sociotechnical credit system that rewards and sanctions the economic and social behaviours of individuals and companies.[4]

The CSS utilises the ubiquitous digital surveillance camera network and social media accounts to monitor people to create a digital panopticon that allows China to stand out as a forerunner in digital social control technology.[5]

A key instrument of the CSS is the shaming and labelling of those who do not conform. Shame has long been used as a means of social control and conformity.[6] Shaming is a social emotion that reaffirms a person’s emotional interdependency. [7] Shaming arises from external pressures reinforced by the internal pressure of being viewed negatively from another person’s perspective.[8]

Additionally, Shame impacts a person’s sense of self and personal identity and how they are perceived and accepted within the wider society.[9] Consequently, compliance is achieved through not wanting to lose face or be embarrassed through being marked out as different[10] – divergent. Rejection thus brings not only rejection but also the labelling as an undesirable – an outcast to be shunned by others.[11] Therefore, shame as a form of social control is of greater effectiveness within a group-orientated culture.[12]

Labelling a person as divergent, while ostracising them from social groupings, also restricts and silences them as a credible interlocutor; they become an outsider.[13] Furthermore, because of how the CSS is perceived, those highlighted as nonconformists are labelled as criminals. Thus, the stigma associated with the inscribing of such a label is highly detrimental to all aspects of their families’ lives and social standing. Furthermore, the labelling of a person or family not only discriminates and stigmatises them but also highlights the power interplay working within society. Such an act reinforces a person’s hierarchical position and limited power while at the same time reinforcing the government’s total power and control.[14]

The Central Bank Digital Currency

The new currency of the Great Reset and the SCS will be a one-world digital currency. Sovereign currencies of nation-states will be eliminated – superseded by a digital currency that can be programmed and allow not only greater surveillance but the total compliance of the world through negative and positive reinforcement linked to the SCS.

Imagine you have purchased the equivalent of £200 of diesel in two weeks due to visiting a sick relative; the currency can be programmed to prevent you from purchasing any further fuel because you have used all your fuel credits. However, while you will be prevented from purchasing more fuel, you will still be expected to visit your sick relative. Failure to visit them will result in further deductions, possible fines, and shaming. Likewise, if your GP identifies that you have diabetes and are obese, you will not be permitted to purchase foods that exacerbate your condition. Furthermore, if you tried, even though you will be prevented from doing so, you will have points deducted from your SCS for merely trying. Purchasing banned items, because of ill-health, is not considered good behaviour – consequently, you violated one of the many rules and must pay.

In addition, purchasing more food than is needed – prepping to leave the system would be not only a violation causing a loss of credits, but it would also be declined. You will only be permitted to purchase what the government believes you need.

You may think this will never happen, but the Bank of England has called on ministers to decide whether a central bank digital currency should be “programmable”, ultimately giving the issuer control over how the recipient spends it.[15] 

Tom Mutton, a director at the Bank of England, said during a conference in June 2021 that programming could become a key feature of any future central bank digital currency, in which the money would be programmed to only be released when something happens.[16] Consequently, within the SCS and CBDC SYSTEMS, public opinion influences and controls a person’s behaviour, acting as a social stimulus to ensure compliance.[17] [18]

The brave new world is one Orwellian dystopic nightmare. A future that can only be navigated through if a person trusts and follows the LORD. It is not a reality I wish to be part of or live under. However, it is a future the Bible has repeatedly prophesied about. The new norm is the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, but sadly most, even within the church, are oblivious to the reality of humanity’s perilous situation.

I have for nearly a year now repeatedly outlined how I believe we are seeing the opening of the seals recorded in Revelation 6 as each of the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride to usher judgment against humanity. Historically many have believed the seals opened during a seven-year period of tribulation; however, it is during the birth pains that they open and then intensify during the time of Jacob’s Trouble.

So, when will the Social Credit System be implemented?

The universal global SCS will be implemented shortly after the Great Reset has commenced. According to sources, the transition from the current SWIFT banking system to the new blockchain-based system[19] [20] will switch over a 3–5-day period and include a dystopian Orwellian Social Credit and Tracking System.[21]

The system will be like a bank app. Some argue that current banking apps will be upgraded to incorporate or sync with the new software.[22] However, the new app will likely eventually be the sole portal replacing all other banking apps as banks become a subsidiary of the new global financial system.

Recently Halifax and Lloyds banking apps have incorporated your credit report information. Additionally, a leading credit score portal, clearscore, has changed how it measures your credit score. It now utilises a system used by Equifax that gives a credit score out of 1,000.[23] Interestingly, while Equifax and Clearscore do not explain why they have changed to a 1,000 credit score value, the move has similarities with the Chinese Social Credit system points of 1,000 points.

It is reported that the Social Credit Score and the coming blockchain financial system of the beast will have four layers or groups: common, restricted, quarantined and Sovereign.

The Common, restricted and quarantined classes will comprise of 99% of the global population. These groups will have very little control over their lives and have zero opportunity for progression to Sovereign. However, you can go from common to restricted and quarantined if you do not comply. In effect, the social credit system is a caste system with no opportunity to self-actualise.

The Sovereign class are those with excessive wealth and income. Sovereigns will be exempt from the restrictions. This group are the social elite, such as the British royal family, Elon Musk, Donald trump, bill Gates etc.

Now, while it is expected that people will die during the transition, those who comply will be injected further with nanotechnology that will enable 24-hour surveillance, ensuring total compliance.[24] Those who do not comply, who seek to overthrow the new system, will be hunted down by small armies of drones that will either be instructed to kill or incapacitate you so that they can offer you the opportunity to comply or be terminated.[25]

In effect, those who resist the matrix system of the beast will be locked out of all financial and social engagement and hunted as domestic terrorists.

How will it transition?

Now, while implementing such a system seems impossible, after the coming economic global depression, famine, and war, people will willingly embrace anything to buy food and have some resemblance of normality. Some rebellion is envisaged but will, for the most part, be short-lived. When the system arrives, everyone, apart from the Sovereigns, will be given a universal basic income to live on each month. The value will be set to ensure servitude to the Beast System.

Apart from the Sovereign class, people will no longer be able to save, as this will be shunned and cause people who do so to lose credits. Most people will have limits set on how much they can have in their bank account.[26] Now, some might think that it is OK that they could withdraw money to ensure that they do not exceed the limit; however, that is impossible because cash will not exist. All financial transactions will be cashless, thus availing total surveillance and compliance.

Before some people get excited at the prospect of free money, everyone will have to work doing something to obtain universal credit.[27] No one will be permitted to do nothing.

Universal basic income has already been trialled in Finland, where 2,000 unemployed people were given £2,000 per month for doing nothing.[28] A similar study is being trialled in Wales as 500 young people are given £1,600 per month to live on.[29] Now while the prospect of money for doing nothing may appeal to many, the Universal Basic Income enslaves people. Making them further dependent on the government[30] and preparing the masses for the coming Social Credit System and Blockchain finances.

Now, let me answer the issue of noncompliance or rebellion. The new blockchain and social credit system will penalise and deduct credit for a plethora of violations. Anyone who seeks to speak out or incite insurrection against the new system will be deducted, without an appeal, from their bank account. In addition to debiting accounts, they will have their power and water turned off. You will only have access to all utilities and societal engagement if you comply.[31]

It is envisaged that in the first few months, a small percentage of people who seek to bring down the new system will have their accounts debited to zero. Then after a few months, they will automatically comply out of the necessity to feed themselves and their families.[32]

Incidentally, imagine that your brother or close friend complains and incites others to do likewise on social media. They will have their bank account debited and lose social credits. Likewise, you will also receive penalties for being associated with them. Consequently, such negative reinforcement will cause those that complain to become social pariahs, as families turn on each other – brother against brother, children against their parents. Imagine earning extra points and vouchers to purchase luxury items or extra food. All you have to do to obtain these is inform on a divergent, someone who seeks to cheat the system, not comply. As a good citizen, you inform on them – regardless if it is a relative, your children, or your parents. However, you inform on them because you have been conditioned to believe that it is the right thing to do.

Initially social ghettos will formulate that contain not lepers as in days gone, but the new social leper, the undesirable divergent nonconformists. You might think this cannot and will not happen, but it is already happening in China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has already provided proof of concept that this model can and does work. Furthermore, such a system will not be implemented during times of abundance and peace but after an intense period of hardship and poverty. Consequently, people will happily embrace slavery to live. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy![33]

Some might say what is being outlined is fantasy, but have we not already seen the stealth implementation of a Sovereign-class in operation? Think back to the lockdowns and the G7 gathering in Cornwall, U.K., in June 2021. Those gathered at the G7 flouted the covid-19 rules[34] [35]and did whatever they wanted. Likewise, UK politicians did the same. Boris Johnson had parties,[36] [37]and Sir Keir Starmer, Labour leader, had a takeaway and beer with staff,[38]  while most people could not even visit dying relatives or allow their children out in the garden. People were indoctrinated to behave like they had the virus.

In the media, we see the new class system enshrined in TV series such as ‘The Colony’ and other dystopic programmes that propagate the coming new norm. Remember the TV was designed to place a person within an alpha state of consciousness,[39] allowing them to be programmed without them a) knowing and b) without questioning it, as a person in an alpha state is unable to rationalise or question what they are being fed and are thus programmed.

The flicker-induced hypnotic state. Your mind slips into the hypnotic trance state within seconds of watching TV. This lowers your brainwaves to a lower ‘alpha state’ commonly associated with meditation and deep relaxation. This is believed to be caused by the screen flicker and explains why you feel sleepy while watching TV. Under this state of trance, your subconscious mind becomes highly suggestible and whatever information you receive from the TV becomes part of your memory pool.[40]

TVs are not passive items. On the contrary, they are instruments of change that programme the watcher. Psychologists and academics have understood how TVs can, through the flickering image, place a person into a hyper suggestive hypnotic state of consciousness that renders a person unable to filter what they are watching. Consequently, the programmes inscribe on a person’s memories and change their belief system.[41] [42]

The natural consequence of a hypnotic trance state is that your conscious filters are turned off, and you are unable to critically analyse the information that you are receiving. Moreover, when you watch TV, you are not able to do any thinking because information is bombarded continuously into your mind. You get no time to process what you are watching. Your conscious mind is eliminated from the equation, and the information that you receive continues to become part of your belief system.[43]

Consequently, in light of the above academically proven information, we can see why the government’s daily covid-19 briefings and the saturation of the government narrative within the media were important. Likewise, offering a reason why people were lockdown in their homes to ensure that they watched the information on TVs that instilled compliance.

If we have learnt anything from the psychological warfare inflicted against normal people to comply with covid-19 measures, it is that the government use the media as a propaganda and compliance aid. Thus, we must expect them to do likewise to ensure maximum compliance with the coming social credit system that will enslave humanity.

What about companies, who will own them? The short answer is the government. They will own everything. The new system will mirror a communist state. Now, remember the loans and grants given to companies during the lockdown. Many companies took the money under the illusion it was free; however, it was not, and even if it was, the rules would change. The governments will claw the monies back by taking over the companies. Bringing them into state ownership. Anyone who complains will lose credits and have penalties to ensure compliance.

So, where are we now?

Presently, the social credit system is running in the background. But, for some time, it has been analysing people’s virtual footprints, consumption patterns, banking, etc., to formulate an in-depth profile of everyone. In effect, the quantum computer network of the beast knows you better than you know yourself. It knows from the photos and social media posts people incessantly post where you go, what you like, your daily routine, your religious and political views, your sexuality, your medical records and much more.

The individual profiles will be utilised to ensure conformity and offer tailored vouchers, similar to how marketing is done for supermarkets, to inform on people. It is through analysing the data on people that will determine if you are either a common, restricted or quarantined class.

Digital IDs, backed by the WEF, are being implemented around the world. In Sri Lanka, newly appointed President Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken to office running. Wickremesinghe has enforced a QR digital code[44] that is linked to the country’s digital ID[45] for purchasing the allocated rationed fuel.[46] The move to ration fuel while assisting with allowing people to obtain gas reveals how the newly inaugurated president is aligned to the digital agenda of the WEF.[47] What most haven’t comprehended is that, like many key world leaders, Wickremesinghe is a product of the WEF[48] who seeks to align Sri Lanka to the WEF and UN vision by 2025.[49] Note the date 2025? The UN agenda 2030 is now, according to the UN and WEF, achievable by 2025.

In the UK the NHS app is being utilised to access medical services, all in a move to create a digital society, similar to Sri Lanka’s digital ID. The UK government’s plan for a digital healthcare stated in a document published in 2022.

“Together we can succeed in laying the foundations of a brighter digital future by 2025 and beyond.”[50]

So, the NHS app, which allegedly was only being used to deal with covid, is now going to be compulsory by 2025 for a person to access medical services. I do not know about you, but that sounds like a digital ID by stealth. It further liens up with agenda 2030 being implemented by 2025.

The document states further:

“The NHS App will be at the heart of these plans… I am determined to make this app the front door to NHS services, and this plan shows how we will add an array of new features over the coming years, with new functionality and more value for patients every single month.”[51]

It is clear from the document that this is a digital ID which the government believe is more relevant now than during the plandemic.

“This agenda matters more than it did when this pandemic began.”[52]

While opening the door to the NHS, the app will also have other new features. Could these new features be our social credit score and incorporate a ration allocation and banking details? Only time will tell.

“The NHS App will be a front door for interacting with the NHS and receiving personalised services, with 75% of adults registered for the NHS App by March 2024 and benefitting from an array of new features.”[53]

Don’t forget Boris Johnson pledged, before the G7 meeting in Cornwall in 2021, [54]  to implement a digital ID similar to that being introduced in Europe.[55] [56] Thus could the NHS app be used similarly to how Sri Lanka uses its Digital ID?

The prospect of merging a digital ID within a Chinese-style social credit system that incorporates Digital blockchain-based programmable currencies is a future that is more akin to Orwell’s dystopic 1984 vision than a little house on the prairie. A digital programme that seems to be converging to be implemented by 2025, so not long. Personally, I do not want any part of such a future. Not that I have anything to hide, but because I like my freedoms and do not wish to live in a communist dictatorship.

Furthermore, and more importantly, the system that is already here working in the background is the system of the Beast – the antichrist. I have only briefly outlined what is coming through the SCS and the Great Reset. A future the Bible has foretold and warned people to prepare for. Sadly, most have disregarded or are unaware of what the scriptures state. People would rather focus on other things than on the one true God and how He seeks to save people.

In the days ahead, many people will die. The Bible informs us that through two judgments, 4 billion people will lose their lives. That is half the world’s population. Now while that is awful, what is worse still is your soul being thrown into the lake of fire with the devil and the antichrist who are seeking to destroy and enslave humanity. Yes, you may, because of what is coming, lose your life, but where will your soul go?

God sent His son – Jesus, to die for you so you could spend eternity with Him in paradise. The devil, however, seeks to enslave your soul. Lead it into captivity with him in the lake of fire. The only way to save your soul is to call on the name of the LORD. To surrender your life to God as you confess your sin – the wrongs, according to God’s standard, you have done, then commit to walking a life according to the example Jesus has set and outlined in the Bible.

Then once you have done that, prepare to go on a journey when the LORD instructs you. A journey that will lead you out of the new system and into the wilderness. A place where God will provide and protect you just like He did ancient Israel when they left Egypt.

You have a choice. An important choice to make. No one can force you what to do; people can only advise you. But the decision you make is the most important one you will ever make. Will you submit to the LORD – the one true God – or will you accept the new norm and live in the system of the antichrist and take his mark of allegiance? A mark that will condemn you to the lake of fire. The decision is yours, but remember you cannot say no one has warned you, because I have!

I pray that you will find the light – Jesus – before it is too late.


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