As a Veteran, I am accustomed to war. I know what it is like to fight, to be under fire, to train hard and to fight easily. However, as a Christian minister, I have often found the majority of believers inept at comprehending what is required to wage war spiritually.

I believe the current state of the church is largely down to the failure of Pastors in how they train/prepare/equip believers in how to engage in spiritual warfare and discern truth from lies. Furthermore, I believe the reason the church is ill-equipped is largely due to the that the majority of the Clergy fail to understand the lateness of the hour – in part due to the lack of discernment and Biblical insight and thus fail to teach the sheep what to do. Furthermore, the wokeness and politically correct ideologies that have become sacrosanct within the church have crippled believers and prevented them from preparing spiritually and physically.

Consequently, it is incumbent on all believers who understand the times we live to speak out and make disciples. To Stand tall and sound the alarm. We can no longer count on the leaders of the church to do what is required. Instead, it falls to men and women of faith who have remained awake – watching and waiting with their lamps ready to speak out and a) inform people what is happening both within the house of faith and outside of it and b) pray and stand in the gap through prayer and fasting as they challenge the unbiblical docrines/ideologies and practicies within the church.

Currently, the world is in judgment. However, the judgment will intensify sevenfold if the people do not repent. Bible prophecy WILL be fulfilled. However, the severity of the judgment depends on how the people respond in repentance.

Thus, I urge people not to stick their heads in the sand and think things will improve. They will not. Things are never going back to how they once were. Global events are only going to worsen.

Therefore, it is incumbent on the few who understand the need to stand in the gap and fight against the spiritual forces that are coming against humanity- a force that seeks to usurp God but will ultimately fail. Nonetheless, we, as believers, must stand, and when we have done everything, we must stand firm and hold fast until either the Lord takes us home or He returns. The question is, are you ready to fulfil the calling on your life – the very reason you have been born?

Many may say God does not exist. My reply is, ” Wait and see, ” because you are about to see the LORD judge just like He did in ancient Egypt during Moses’ time. No one will be able to say God does not exist. They might reject His rule or Him being their God, but they will not be able to say God is not real. Global events will testify to the reality that God exists.

Soon, we will see the two witnesses in Jerusalem, along with Israel being attacked and defended by the LORD. Bible prophecy is being and will continue to be fulfilled as a testimony to the reality that the LORD – the God of Israel is alive and reigns!

The question is, will you surrender your life to follow Him, or will you reject His gift of salvation through Jesus? The consequences of rejecting God have eternal consequences.

Soon we will witness, a global economic collapse that will usher in global famine. Then we will witness a global war, along with pestilence, famine and beasts attacking people, that will see two billion people die. Now, while this is horrific, things will get worse. A person’s only hope is to surrender their life to the Living God and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. In doing so, you will ensure that your soul will not die, for you will spend eternity in paradise with God. For those who reject God, their souls will be thrown into the lake of fire. A place reserved for the antichrist, the devil, the false prophet, and those who worship the beast/antichrist and take his mark.

Time is short. The question is, whose side will you be on?

I pray that you will find the light – Jesus while you have time!  


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