The Covid-19 merry-go-round continues; however, most seem to have accepted the government’s lies through misguided allegiance and faith, as the vaccination continues to be pushed as the only saviour regardless of the consequences.

Thomas Renz, an attorney based in Ohio, has commenced a lawsuit against the federal government for failing to disclose the actual number of deaths from the Covid-19 vaccinations.[1] Renz has submitted an affidavit, made under the penalty of perjury by a whistle-blower – referred to as Jane Doe –to the district court in the northern district of Alabama.[2]

 The affidavit states:

Jane Doe… is a computer programmer with subject matter expertise in the healthcare data analysis field, an honour that allows me access to Medicare and Medicaid data maintained by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)…over the last 25 years, developed over 100 distinct healthcare fraud detection algorithms, both in the public and private sector… On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers myself….in tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regards to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccinations are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put it in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market, which only resulted in 53 deaths.[3]   

Note that Jane Doe has done her due diligence, as she is an experienced analyst who has, by examining medical insurance claims, found that the figures reported in VAERS are inaccurate as there have been over 45,000 deaths. This is a staggering number, but it does not account for persons who do not have insurance or deaths reported in other countries. The VAERS system is only for the US. Additionally, Doe prudently points out how the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn with only 53 reported deaths. So, why are governments continuing to push and mandate the covid-19 vaccination? Why are they not telling people the real risks? There must be a hidden agenda!

Sadly, a trial, the first of its kind, is underway in the UK, giving monthly covid vaccines to those suffering from long covid-19 symptoms.[4] [5] So how on earth is injecting people with a trial vaccine that is licensed only for use in an emergency[6] going to help them when people are reportedly dying from having one or two jabs?[7]

In the UK, the government continues to push the covid-19 vaccination. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a recent address, stated that if people want to have fun and enjoy a normal life, they must get vaccinated.[8] He also noted that the covid passport would be implemented in September 2021 to assist with combatting the virus.[9] A recent article in the Telegraph by Matthew Field, highlighted the Orwellian risks of imposing the covid vaccine passport and is a u-turn by Johnson, who opposed the proposed national ID cards in 2004, stating “he would physically eat his ID card if ever asked to produce one.”[10]

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister, is advocating that people who have had the vaccination should be treated more favourably than the unvaccinated,[11] a move he has been advocating for some time, stating:

“It is time to distinguish for the purposes of freedom from restriction between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, both for citizens here for domestic purposes; but also for our citizens and those from other countries in respect of travel on the basis that being vaccinated substantially reduces risk. It, therefore, makes no sense at all to treat those who have had vaccination as the same as those who haven’t.”[12]

Herr Blair is advocating a medical apartheid system, something that I and others have been warning people concerning its impending implementation. Maybe Herr Blair would like the government to form a UK version of the SS or KGB to monitor and implement such measures. If he does, I am sure plenty of Karren’s will be willing to answer the motherland’s call and fight to purge the unvaccinated from our towns, similar to the treatment of the Jews.

Now while you may think that this will never happen, it will. In the months to come, we shall see a medical apartheid system implemented globally in response to dealing with the covid-19 plandemic.

However, while eyes globally remain transfixed on the Covid-19 pandemic in a mesmerising hypnotic trance, [13]  people fail to see other potential dangers and thus do not prepare and make ready. In South Africa, they have suffered riots and food shortages, to such an extent, that people are waiting in mile-long queues for food in unprecedented numbers.[14] While most might watch the references video, most will fail to comprehend that such events as riots, food shortages, and unimaginable food lines are coming to the UK. Sadly most will fail to prepare and will fall victim to the food shortages and civil unrest. These events will be used to further heighten tensions between the vaccinated and unvaccinated and usher in further draconian Orwellian measures.

Thus I urge people to make ready and prepare. It is not a lack of faith to prepare, but an act of faith, for Biblical faith is hearing and doing. God has warned us of these events so that we could make ready. So, what will you do?

While the pandemic and the impending food shortages are of great concern, the increasing prospect of war with China outweighs everything. Remember what the Bible states when they say peace, peace, sudden destruction comes.[15]  

The escalating tensions between China and the West and her allies are intensifying. In a recent escalation, China vowed to use nuclear weapons against Japan if it helps Taiwan.[16] In a TV announcement on State-owned TV, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) informed the Chinese people that it would use nuclear weapons against Japan if it supported Taiwan. Furthermore, China has issued unprecedented war threats against the US and Taiwan as China prepares for war due to mounting tensions.[17]

Recently NATO allies conducted military exercises in what many are seeing as preparations for war with China.[18] Additionally, the UK is moving assets to meet up with the US 5th fleet, described as the largest concentration of maritime and air power ever to leave the UK in recent decades.[19]

Now, I do not know when war will transpire, but I do know that we shall see a world war soon. It is inevitable. What we are seeing transpire globally, through the pandemic, the rumours of war and impending war, famines, and natural disasters, are the fulfilment of Bible prophecy. But, while such events are concerning, global events are going to get much worse. Imagine what happened to Egypt in the Exodus account on a worldwide scale, and you will begin to understand what is coming.

Furthermore, while such prospects are gravely concerning, they pale in significance to the judgment awaiting people who have rejected God’s free gift of salvation. We are witnessing today the establishment of a global satanic world government that the antichrist will rule. The good news is that this kingdom will have only a short lifespan, as God will put an end to it by throwing the antichrist and all who follow him into the lake of fire – hell. However, anyone who rejects God will also face the same judgment. They will also be thrown into the lake of fire with the antichrist and those who are installing the beast system. Can you imagine being put into prison without any righteous laws and governance with the most evil people ever to have lived?

Now, before you say, ‘What kind of loving God would do that?’ The reality is that He has done everything to prevent humanity from that fate. For God gave of Himself and died in our place, as He paid the price for our rebellion and sin, thus, making way for whoever believes and accepts Jesus as their Lord and Saviour to obtain eternal life.[20] Sadly, many reject God’s free gift, and so consequently, they face God’s righteous judgment.

The world is in turmoil, but there is a solution, put your trust – faith in God and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Desist from living a life that seeks your own gratification and surrender to God as you humbly walk a life according to the scriptures, as you follow Messiah’s example of how to live. Then commit to finding a Bible-based church. If you want to know more, please email me at

Once you have put your life in order with God, prepare physically for hard times as you remain close to God and in fellowship with like-minded believers. It is imperative that you prepare spiritually and physically. Failure to do so will cost you far more than you can imagine.

I pray that you find the light before the darkness overwhelms you.


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