Presently, we are witnessing the global systematic breakdown of society and the planned eradication of humanity. The attack is being fort on multiple levels, all of which give rise to the beast system. Facilitating the world’s embracement of the man of lawlessness who will be welcomed as a man of peace.

For the past two years, media and social conversations have been covid centred – a process that brought about the enslavement of humanity to a medical system. Then when people thought there was light at the end of the tunnel, war broke out between Russia and Ukraine, and now Covid is nothing more than a memory, as societies globally live with the virus. Instead of clapping for the NHS and health care workers, people now fly the Ukrainian flag. The fear of covid and the hatred of the anti-vax movement has been replaced with the fear of nuclear war and the hatred of Russia and Vladimir Putin. However, while all eyes are on the conflict and people splash out on holidays and luxuries, they have not been able to have for the past two years, famine and a global economic collapse is at the door.

Consequently, because most people are asleep, they fail to prepare and thus prepare to fail and starve. However, scripture informs us that the prudent and wise see danger and prepare, but the fool does nothing and pays the price of their folly. Thus, the question is, which group are you in?

Proverbs 27:12 The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.

At the moment, the West, because of their pride and arrogance, are poking the Russian bear as they deludedly believe they can withstand a Russian attack. However, the British Army is not what it once was when I served. Like other Western nations,[1] [2] the British military[3] [4] [5][6] has embraced a liberal, snowflake mentality. However, in contrast, the Russian and Chinese armies have opposed the liberal agendas and are strong and prepared for war.

Nevertheless, while the British government continues to antagonise and bait Russia to usher in WW3, their plans have not resulted in war, but I have no doubt it will. We must comprehend that while governments seek war so that they can usher in the man of peace, God has other plans. War will happen. The man of lawlessness will come, but only when the LORD permits it. Before the war, we will witness an economic collapse and famine, and then war will follow so the antichrist can be enthroned as a man of peace. However, in reality, he will further subjugate and enslave humanity.

We are being warned to brace for rising food prices and shortages in the UK.[7] Farmers are warning that the UK is sleepwalking towards food shortages.[8] The price of nitrogen fertiliser has increased from £300 per tonne to £1,000. Consequently, crops on which farmers use nitrogen fertilisers, such as wheat, vegetables and pulses, will see a significant escalation in prices and or a reduction in availability.

Gareth Wyn Jones, a farmer in Snowdonia, stated:

“It’s just ludicrous what’s going on, and it’s scary as a farmer sitting here and watching my friends talking about cutting their livestock down to half because they’re not going to go out and spend money on fertiliser…I could take you to ten farms in the surrounding area now that are turning down their production – chicken farmers, egg producers, milk producers, even beef and lamb because feed prices are going through the roof.”[9]

The average person fails to see what is happening and thus prepare. One only has to speak to a farmer, and they will soon understand how dire the situation is. However, because the media is not reporting it, because they can now go on holiday and do things, they could not do for the past two years, people fail to make adjustments in their lives and prepare.

Andrew Williamson, a Shropshire farmer, stated:

“I don’t want to be alarmist about food security and food prices, but off the back of what we’ve seen in Ukraine and energy security, we also need to start thinking about food security.”

Now, while Mr Williamson believes we, as a nation, have time to make adjustments, personally, I do not see that as a possibility; however, we can prepare on an individual level. People need to take stock and get an emergency food supply. Then they need to grow whatever they can wherever they are able, but doing nothing is not an option!

The food system has been broken for some time. Western nations rely on a just in time system of procuring items and replenishing shops. Consequently, supermarkets do not have vast stores of food. So, if you wait until things worsen, you will not be able to get food as items will be rationed. But, if you get whatever you can now, it will cause shops to purchase more and increase the availability so others can prepare. So, please, I urge you not to be put off by what others or the government say. You MUST prepare!

The food crises will ultimately see the eradication or the limited supply of meat. In the coming days, under the guise of climate change, we will witness meat being replaced with insect protein and 3D printed synthetic meats.[10] [11] [12]

Henchion et al. (2019) assert that there is a growing consensus that novel sources of high-quality protein– such as insect proteins – are required to support our depleted environment. [13] The concept of changing our protein sources is nothing new. A white paper published in 2016 after a three-year study, funded by the EU, concluded that insects are a very viable alternative to animal protein that can be used for animal and human nutrition.[14] Only this week, a daily mail article stated:

Swapping meat and dairy for INSECT protein and ‘cultured’ milk could reduce global warming, water and land use by over 80%, study claims.[15]

Likewise, the New Zealand Herald stated that “Insect protein a climate friendly alternative to meat, researchers say”.[16] However, the demonisation of animal protein and the push for alternative false meat sources have not happened overnight. We have already been informed that cow burps and flatulence are dangerously impacting the environment.[17] [18] [19] Consequently, cows are being made to wear masks that reduce emissions.[20] The quest to change our eating habits – hence why the green agenda has been pushed for so long, is a means of controlling the population by demonising those who will not conform. 

The coming famine will further plunge humanity into servitude and bondage. If you have ever read accounts of the holocaust, you will have heard how different population groups were given different levels of rations. The reason for different rations was because of the calorie intake. Thus, the rations we will eventually see will exacerbate servitude. Consequently, people will not have the energy to stand against the coming antichrist system. Instead, they will embrace it in an attempt to save their life and obtain food. However, the Bible warns that those who seek to save their life will lose them. Simply put, we cannot acquiesce to the beast’s system, for it is only after one thing – your soul.

Sadly, the woke, snowflake, liberal mentality has permeated throughout society, which includes the church. Accordingly, they fail to comprehend the times we live. So, let me speak candidly and openly.

To fathers and husbands who are reading this article, what are you doing to prepare for your family – to provide and care for your children and your wife? If you do nothing and thus fail to prepare to look after them in hard times, then what kind of father or husband are you? Furthermore, regardless of your faith, you will give an account of how you have looked after and cared for your family. Thus, I urge you to take action and do something. If you fail to act now, you fail as a husband and a father!

To Christians reading this, what is your spiritual health? Do you see Bible prophecy being fulfilled before your eyes, or do you fail to comprehend the seriousness of the days ahead? If you are awake and see what is happening and act – praise the LORD, continue to do so! However, if you know what is happening and think everything will be OK, WAKE UP! read your Bible! The word of God is being fulfilled before your eyes. God has warned us of what will take place so we can prepare and make ready both spiritually and physically.

To pastors who have not prepared their congregations who may be reading this, I urge you to wake up from your apathy. To get on your knees in repentance and then to arise, make ready personally and as a church, to redeem the time you have wasted. But if you continue to do nothing, you have been warned, and the LORD WILL hold you to account!

Now you may ask why is all this happening, and where is God?

First, let me state that the LORD has not abandoned us. He is in control but has given the world over to the evil desires of its heart. He has removed His hand of protection which has allowed the curses to come upon nations and people in sin and the blessings upon those who seek to work out their salvation in fear and trepidation.

We are in this mess because the church – the body of Messiah has collectively failed to be a light in the world and has allowed darkness to come. For the most part, the church was silent when the commandments of God were removed from society because the church had already removed them. We see this in that fornication, homosexuality, adultery, paedophilia, and the acceptance of abortions are all common practices within the church. Some denominations allow the homosexual marriage of clergy[21] and do not chastise or correct sinful behaviour. Instead, they vote on is it OK for homosexual marriages to take place in a house set apart unto the living God when in reality, there should not even be a debate because God’s word is clear about what sin is.[22] [23] However, through the acceptance of liberal and relative theologies, they reject the word of God and thus, the gospel they preach is inept for saving, for it is a false gospel. It preaches an abhorrent version of the gospel.

Consequently, when God’s word is removed and His people compromise the scriptures and fail to observe God’s precepts, lawlessness increases, paving the way for the man of sin. For the restrainer is not the Holy Spirit but God’s word. For the commandments of God are the path of righteousness. Therefore, when we remove them, lawlessness increases, allowing the antichrist to come and take his throne.

Thus, for the church to be victorious, if it seeks to endure until Messiah’s return, it MUST repent and turn from its wicked ways and seek to walk in the footsteps of Jesus our Messiah.

I cannot emphasise enough the need for people to seek the LORD as they prepare spiritually and physically. People who fail to prepare are sleepwalking into great trouble that will bring slavery and death. People need to stop being ostriches or accepting everything the media or government states. The world has changed and will not return to how it was. We are living in a period that WILL see the true Messiah – Jesus’ return. However, prior to this wonderful event, we will witness the Great Tribulation.

It is time for Christians to desist from accepting everything a teacher or pastor states. Believers need to test everything against the word of God and then stand firm on it. Personally, I am fed up with the vomit that is espoused from pulpits. My children could expound on scripture better than most of these hirelings. Clergy today, for the most part, are inept in dividing the word of God correctly. Consequently, they fail to teach their sheep and thus assist in their enslavement.

For those who reject without testing what I and many others state, you deserve what is coming. However, your spouses and children, if you have them, do not. I am fed up with the woke mentality that has emasculated men and replaced the Biblical model of family. It is time for men to be men and arise and stand firm and lead their families in righteousness. Where are the men who will lay down their lives for their children or wives or save the widow and the orphan? May the LORD raise up men of valour who will stand in these days.

In essence, I am saying that it is time men grow a pair and stood resolute and embraced the destiny that the LORD has created you to walk in. Our Messiah was not an effeminate man. Rather, HE was and is a man’s man who is coming soon and will put His enemies under His feet. Those who are not with him will perish. Jesus – the true Messiah, is a man’s man, a warrior King who commands heaven’s army. An army that is not woke but true to the word of God.

I urge you to seek the LORD and prepare spiritually and physically. If you fail after hearing the truth, you will answer before God, and if that does not spur you on, you have no fear of the living God and thus do not know His truth or wisdom.

Hard times are ahead. The only thing that can save you is having a personal relationship with God as you make the LORD your refuge.

May the LORD bless and keep you!


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