The cost of living continues to spiral as families, in first world countries, are forced to decide to either have food or heating. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), global food prices shot up by 33% in September 2021[1] and continue to escalate as Uk supermarkets increased the price of 10,000 products already this year.[2] Additionally, energy prices are rising in the UK. In late December, it was estimated that energy costs would rise by at least £600 by April 2022 and up to £1,000 by October 2022.[3] However, some predict it could see bills reach £4,000 per annum[4] , which means high energy prices could last two years.[5]

Why is this happening, and what can we do to mitigate the effects?

The mainstream media report that it is due to the compounding effect of the global pandemic that has highlighted the fractured infrastructure of our society. Consequently, we need to recreate new – more innovative ways of living by embracing alternative food supplies that are ecologically friendly. Well, if you believe that, stop reading now and go about your day as you wait for your 4th and subsequent boosters.

The reality is that, while the collapse of global supply chains and the decreased levels of food supplies are consequences of the pandemic, they could have been prevented, but that would not avail governments of the means to control the masses.

Presently there are rumours that the UK government is preparing new measures for dealing with the pandemic. However, these new measures will be ones that allow society to continue as we adjust to living with the virus. Thus, will food, or the lack of it, be the next means of controlling the people? Remember, food has always been used as a control mechanism. It was why sieges were so successful.

Additionally, will we see the covid-passport rolled out globally to monitor and track people, so we can be proactive in combating and thwarting future outbreaks? I believe we will, but while initially, it will be an app, subsequent methods will use an implantable technology that will, in real-time, monitor a person providing live data to a global monitoring system. A technology that would be possible with 5G and nanotechnology that has become ubiquitous. Such technology would allow the restricting of people who do not conform, preventing them from fully participating in society until their behaviour is corrected.

Now, while some will say that this can never happen, the Bible predicted such a time. The reality is that time is here, and many Christians fail to comprehend the reality and severity of the situation. Furthermore, they have acquiesced to the system Christians are diametrically opposed to – the kingdom of darkness – the antichrist.

Presently food is being weaponised and will be used to reward those who comply and lock out those who rebel. The situation that now presents itself could have been prevented globally, nationally and personally. However, the sooner people understand the situation has been created, the sooner they will realise they need to do something.

Now, you may be saying if someone had warned me, I would have prepared. Back in October 2020, I wrote of the coming depression.[6] In July 2021, I wrote about the coming famine.[7] I warned of the predicted famine stating:

The head of the UN food agency, David Beasley, warned governments over a year ago that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world was on the brink of a hunger pandemic that could potentially lead to multiple famines of Biblical proportion in countries around the world, if not immediately dealt with.[8] Beasley urged that supply chains be maintained to mitigate the extent of any famine,[9] advice it seems the UK government and food industry have not heeded. 

In 2020, dairy farmers were sadly forced to pour milk down the drain due to a lack of workers and decreased demand for milk during the lockdowns. The situation became untenable for farmers.[10] The financial impact on dairy farmers has significantly impacted milk production in the UK, which will have detrimental effects for the forthcoming years.[11] The compounded effects of the lack of labour, decrease in demand due to lockdowns, and changes in weather patterns have also affected arable farmers, resulting in a significant reduction in crop yields. The National Farmers Union (NFU) reported that the consequence of poor harvest would have dire consequences.[12]

The situation we find ourselves in is largely due to the irresponsible actions of our government in dealing with the covid-19 alleged pandemic. You cannot close down the economy and expect no repercussions.

I again wrote in September 2021[13] an article outlining how food supplies are running out and encouraged people not to procrastinate but prepare for hard times, stating:

The drums informing us of impending food shortages in the UK increase as they beat louder and louder, warning people to make ready – the famine is at the door! Steve Murrells, chief executive of the Co-operative Group, stated that “the shortage is at a worse level than at any time I have seen.”[14] Analysts argue that the food shortages are the creation of a perfect storm of Covid-19 and Brexit.[15] Yet, regardless of the cause, the reality is that food shortages are going to worsen. Thus, if people do not prepare, they will fall foul of the food crisis.

Did you take heed of the warning? If you did nothing, please do not leave things any longer! Time is running out. I beseech you to prepare for hard times, first spiritually and then physically, but what you cannot do is nothing or say I have not warned you!

We will see an intensification in the promotion of new initiatives that are supposed to be greener alternatives.[16] Food substitutes will be heralded as a saving resource. One only needs to peruse the WEF website and see the plethora of initiatives they promote.[17] So, are you ready to eat insects as an alternative to meat?

The increase in the cost of energy prices and war

Fatih Birol, the International Energy Agency (IEA) executive director, asserts that Russia is solely to blame for excessive increases in gas prices in Europe.[18] Russia is holding Europe prisoner, as gas is being used as leverage due to escalating tensions between NATO and Russia regarding Ukraine.[19]

While the tension between Russia and NATO will influence prices, the increase in fuel costs has been, some argue, engineered to usher in a global change and the Great Reset. Likewise, the soon war between Russia and her allies and NATO will reshape political and military powers globally. According to Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, Tensions in Ukraine are a real and present danger that risks war in Europe.[20]

NATO is provoking Russia into a conflict that will see the reshaping of global superpowers. A war that will see America stripped of its superpower status and become a mere shadow of its former glory. The coming global war will allow the restructuring of a global society as the New World Order – the Fourth Reich rises from the ashes of the short yet devastating conflict allowing the antichrist to establish his kingdom.

Sadly, while Russia is prepared for war, the West is not. NATO is deluded and conceited. It falsely believes it has superior weaponry and can defeat Russia and its allies. Now, my comments are not made as an advocate of Russia, on the contrary, I am a champion of truth and the word of God, but as a veteran, I understand something about war and military weapons and tactics. 

Russia has superior Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse (NEMP) technology, and the UK and NATO have limited, if any, countermeasure capabilities that can defend against NEMP’s. Consequently, if Russia hit France with a NEMP, it would result in the UK, France, Germany and much of Europe being sent back to the dark ages. Most of Europe would have no electricity. According to a UK government document, it would take 3.5 years to rebuild our infrastructure.[21]

Now, I am not saying we will see a NEMP. Instead, I am giving an example of Russia’s superior weaponry. What I am saying is that things are not going to get better. On the contrary, they will get intently worse as the prophetic events recorded in the Bible transpire. The only safe place is to draw close to the LORD as you make him your refuge and prepare for hard times. Network with like-minded people. Purchase food supplies and items you may need in an emergency. Learn to grow your own food.

Soon we will see further food shortages and an increase in energy and fuel costs. People need to disengage from the kingdom of this age and learn how to be self-sufficient and dependent on God.

Remember, if you fail to prepare for what is coming, then you have only yourself to blame.

The most important thing you can do is get a Bible and read it and, at the same time, surrender your life to God. Time is short – the return of the King Yeshua – Jesus is getting close. The question is, are you ready?

I pray that you are!


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