War and rumours of war and the further enslavement of humanity through fear and propaganda continue. Truth is absent from the lips of politicians as they are inept at espousing the truth. Instead, they regurgitate the vomit ridden lies and propaganda of their puppet masters. The global elite seeks to enslave humanity further and thin the herd as they push for an escalation in the current Russia and Ukraine conflict.

The conflict in Ukraine continues as Western nations defy Putin and give military aid to Ukraine. The UK government, following the US announcement pledging $33 billion of aid to Ukraine,[1] has announced a £300million military aid package.[2]  Furthermore, the UK armed forces minister James Heappey has given Ukraine permission to use UK weapons inside Russia[3] , stating:

“It is completely legitimate for Ukraine to be targeting in Russia’s depth in order to disrupt the logistics that if they weren’t disrupted would directly contribute to death and carnage on Ukrainian soil… there are lots of countries around the world that operate kit that they have imported from other countries; when those bits of kit are used we tend not to blame the country that manufactured it, you blame the country that fired it,”[4]

However, while Heappey believes it to be legitimate for the UK to provide armaments for Ukraine to use in Russia, Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin do not accept such a move as benign. Instead, they see the UK and other Western nations as indirectly attacking Russia through its proxy, Ukraine. A move that will ultimately see Russia attack the UK, evident in the Russian simulated nuking of Europe.[5]

Consequently, military statisticians warn that Russia could declare all-out war in days.[6] However, while Putin has warned that he will use the nuclear option if Russia is threatened by NATO, Boris Johnson believes this is merely scaremongering that the West does not need to worry about the possibility of a nuclear attack. But regardless of what PM Johnson states, the possibility of global nuclear war is a very real possibility that presents a clear existential threat to humanity. Thus, Western nations should seek to deescalate the situation rather than escalate it by arming Ukraine.

In addition to sending military armaments, NATO troops are building up in Europe near Ukraine.[7] [8] It is also reported within the alternative media that NATO troops are actively involved in the conflict with troops from the UK and other NATO allies under siege in Mariupol. Canadian Forces Lt. General Trevor Cadieu is reported to have been captured by Russian forces.[9] If this is correct, why is a Canadian General in Mariupol? It is believed that Cadieu was in charge at Biolab No. 1, which is a P5 containment and research laboratory.[10] Now, while some might reject the reality that Biolabs are in Ukraine and other former Soviet territories, the truth of their existence is undeniable. 

Furthermore, one must ask why Western nations are so concerned with Ukraine and Russia? It is because the New World Order is being ushered in through the Ukraine conflict. Ukraine is the New World Order puppet.[11] [12]

Moreover, one must ask why the West is giving so much aid and media attention to the current conflict when little has been done to help Yemen from Saudi aggression. A conflict that has killed an estimated 377,000 adults and 10,200 children and caused significant hardship for the Yemenite people.[13] It is estimated that 19 million Yemenis will go hungry, of which 160,000 will face famine-like conditions. Additionally, due to the war, the country has endured one of the largest ever recorded cholera outbreaks, with 2.5 million suspected cases and about 4,000 related deaths,[14] yet the Western nations remain silent. Is the silence of the West due to that it is allied with Saudi Arabia? Accordingly, any action would not be conducive to the West.

When you read the prophetic books of the Bible – in Hebrew naviim – the role of the prophet is to navigate a person back to God through teshuva – repentance. A process that requires a person to walk in line with His Word. In scripture, we see how the prophets informed Israel how God would bless them when they obey and curse them – remove His hand of protection – when they reject His word. We further see how Israel repeatedly rejected the words of the prophets and thus continued to defy God. Consequently, judgment came, often through war, as Israel’s enemies rose up against them.

Presently we are witnessing old adversaries of the enemies of the West – Russia,[15] China[16] [17]and their allies[18] preparing militarily to attack the West. Western media and governments are espousing the rhetoric of war as they psychologically prepare the people for war with Russia and its allies.[19] [20] [21] Likewise, Russia and China are informing their citizens of the prospect of war, as they must unite and prepare to fight Western aggression. However, what is alarming is that people are blindly accepting what the government states. Consequently, they do not challenge the possibility of war. Do people not understand the reality and hardship of war? In the UK, people openly discuss war and how we must stand up against Russia without realising it will be their sons and daughters who give their lives for this cause. The coming war will be unlike any that has preceded it. The coming war – WW3 will see mass devastation within our own country and other western nations.

While I believe we should defend the innocent – those in need, we must be cautious and show restraint when calling for war without comprehending the repercussions. However, while the average person does not understand the consequences, I believe world leaders do. They know exactly what is being worked out and the outcome. The outcome of the coming war will be the enthronement of the antichrist as the man of peace. The people that experience and survive the coming war will wilfully embrace the antichrist and his dictatorship in the quest for peace.

I believe that the coming war, whenever it transpires, has been planned to usher in the New World Order of the antichrist. A war that will allow the man of sin to be embraced as a man of peace. Western leaders and NATO, through their actions, repeatedly poke the Russian bear, provoking it to attack.[22] Presently Sweden and Finland, in defiance of Russia, are applying for NATO membership,[23] a move that will see an escalation in the current conflict. However, as I have repeatedly written, the war will not go global until we see further famine and an economic collapse. Then war will come, after which the Great Reset – the Beast system.

Presently in the church, so-called prophets are stating all will be well. Yet, from what spirit are they prophesying? The words they speak are not the words of a prophet but instead a hireling – a false prophet. Why do I say that? It is because the words of a true prophet always bring the people to repentance and back to God. If you believe the church is healthy and well, you are deceived and need to examine your spiritual health. The church is sick. It has turned away from the word of God and thus needs to repent.

However, true prophets have been speaking out, calling people to repent; otherwise, judgment is coming. Interestingly, Dumitru Duduman’s prophecy concerning America aligns with a recent simulation conducted by Russia regarding possible nuclear attacks against US cities. Additionally, Duduman stated that France and Germany would align with Russia and China against America. Thus, will we, in the coming months, to save their economies, see France and Germany change their allegiance and side with Russia and its allies? We will have to wait and see. But if they do, then people need to pay attention to what happens next to America.

Nevertheless, the reason the world is currently in tribulation is a direct consequence of the spiritual decay and death present within the church. Darkness has engulfed society because it first infiltrated the church. New age mystic traditions became commonplace in the house of God. Christians allow perverse and abhorrent actions to flourish in the church in the name of liberalism and secularism. Consequently, like ancient Israel, the LORD removed His hand of protection, allowing judgment to come.

The remedy for sin is the blood of the Messiah. To receive this, a person must confess their sin, turn from their wicked ways and seek to walk a life in accordance with the word of God. In doing so, they make the LORD their God and Jesus their Messiah as they follow in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd.

Famine is here, and soon we will see a great economic collapse and then war, after which the Man of Sin will be revealed. Thus, time is running out! If your life ends today, are you ready to meet God? It is time to make ready spiritually. To put your life right with God and repent! You can still save your soul! It is imperative you do everything you can to make ready for hard times. Please do not reject the message I bring. Do not put off what can be done today, for tomorrow may never come. Thus, I urge you to see what is happening and make ready. Put your trust in the Living God as you seek to save your soul.

May the LORD bless you and keep you!


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