A recent advert for the British army reveals the depth of wokeism engrained in the army.[1] Instructors are no longer permitted to shout. Instead, instructors receive training on how to coach recruits without shouting[2] —consequently, recruits are not prepared for the realities of conflict. Additionally, when recently speaking with a former RSM, I was shocked to learn how sergeant majors no longer shout but politely ask soldiers to conform.

Reflecting on my time at Pirbright and my service in the once formidable British army, I am struck by the stark contrast with the present. The pervasive ‘woke’ mentality, while perhaps aiding in recruitment efforts, is failing to adequately prepare new soldiers for the potential conflicts with Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] These nations, all of which rigorously train for the harsh realities of war, [8] [9] [10] will not show the same restraint as our army’s new approach. On the contrary, these nations train men for the realities of battle and the art of warfare.

As we face the prospect of soldiers ill-prepared for battlefield conditions, the true impact of the army’s new approach will soon be revealed. War is coming. It is only through God’s grace it has not transpired already!  I fear the outcome may not be in the United Kingdom’s favour. This situation, however, should not come as a surprise, as the state of our military mirrors that of the church.

The church is not ready for the hardships to come. It is spiritually, physically, and emotionally illiterate and ill-prepared. This is a consequence of liberal theology and the distortion of scripture, which were embraced to fill dwindling numbers and thus appeal to society as the church sought friendship with the world. Consequently, the church has accepted the doctrines of demons and embraced liberal, politically correct theologies. However, such acquiescence to political correctness is nothing new. The church has twisted scripture since the time of the apostles. Peter writes in one of his letters that Paul’s words are distorted by ignorant and unstable people.[11] Furthermore, Peter warns that in the latter days, people will follow their own evil desires and even disregard the Lord’s return.[12]

Today, what I and many others would call a man’s man is now considered to be toxic masculinity. Yet, the emasculation of men is nothing new. The church has been doing this for some time. A case in point is “turn the other cheek.”[13] Now, when Messiah gave this instruction, He was drawing on a cultural view regarding being insulted. It does not mean a person cannot defend themselves. Have you never contemplated why Jesus instructed people to buy a sword?[14] Furthermore, why God instructed Israel to put to death the inhabitants of the promised land when they entered? I will leave you to ponder, but a clue to the latter question is the Nephilim and Genesis 6. The point I am making is that scripture allows a person to defend themselves but speaks against seeking to bring in the kingdom of God through the sword.

I remember hearing a sermon in which the minister recalled an incident when on the mission field in Africa with his wife and two young children. He stated that the indigenous tribes were rioting and killing white people. Upon arrival to take up his post, he was handed a gun by the outgoing minister, who informed him that the locals were rioting and getting close. That night, the minister kept watch, praying, as he stated he would not have used the gun but would pray that God would send someone to protect his family.

The account by the minister shows the lack of Biblical insight of many Christians. Not in praying; on the contrary, God can protect, but in that he would not defend his family if needed to. First, let me make it clear, if someone comes and breaks into your home with the intent to kill and rape your wife and children, it is the fathers/husband’s duty to defend them at any cost. Any husband or father who would not defend his wife and children with his life is an abomination and an unfit father and husband. Yes, I believe in praying for God to protect, but I also believe in the Biblical fact that fathers and husbands have a duty to defend/protect their families. Furthermore, God expects it!

Additionally, on a side note, a father must ensure that the person his daughter marries will likewise defend her as he would. I personally express this fact to any potential boyfriends of my daughters, and if they will not, they do not get my blessing.

Anyway, back to the topic. What we see in the British military is similar to what we see in the church. Consequently, neither are fit or prepared for war. Now, while I believe it is too late for the military, as war is here, the church has hope. The church can prepare by repenting to God, confessing its sins and then committing to walking in obedience to God’s word. The church must recant on woke theology and commit to walking in Biblical truth. Failure to do so will result in believers walking naked into battle and thus ensuring they are overcome. Remember, nakedness in scripture is a sign of sin.

However, through repentance and walking in obedience, believers will be clothed in the armour of God and thus able to stand victorious in the spiritual battle we are in and the period of Great Tribulation at the door. Furthermore, in taking such actions, they are making the LORD their protection, something which is critical these days.

What is coming is going to make the Holocaust, Rwanda, October 7th, and all other genocidal actions seem like nothing. Now, I am not seeking to belittle these events, but I am trying to convey the severity of the perils that will soon come upon the church as Christians are persecuted. A reality most are not prepared for, one that will be compounded for women and children because men lack the fortitude and balls to do what is needed.

Prepare, for war is coming, terror is soon to be unleashed, and God has removed His hand of protection over nations as He judges sin.

The United Kingdom has been weighed and found wanting; consequently, judgment is coming; our October 7th will soon be realised. The question is what the men will do in this nation when terror is released. Will they do as the minister did and pray, hoping God would send someone, or will they, yes, pray for God to protect, but also be prepared to act and defend their family if attacked?

Remember, if we walk in sin, God will not listen to our prayers until we repent. Repentance is needed first. Thus, I urge people to draw near to God, surrender their lives, and commit to walking in obedience to His word. Failure to do so will have significant spiritual and physical consequences.

Now, I pray that God will protect me, but I am also prepared to take action if necessary. Yes, I know we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but I also know people can do evil things. Furthermore, while we should not live in fear, we should not put our heads in the sand, hoping all will be well. It will not. One only needs to look at history and read the Bible to see what happens when God judges.

Please note that I am not calling for zealots to rise up or for believers to be militant. I am not. I do not believe we should be militant. On the contrary, those who live by the sword die by the sword, but I do believe we must prepare for WW3 and the realities that transpire during war and the release of terror upon our nation. The harsh realities of past wars will be compounded because we live in lawless times.

Nevertheless, we must also prepare for famine and the economic collapse. Both will see people desperate for food to live. These desperate people will not be restrained. They will have lost everything and will do anything to survive. Remember, we are already living in lawless times. The restrainer – God’s word has been removed. Consequently, people will do anything to survive.

Lawlessness is increasing, and the spirit of the antichrist is rising. Judgment is here; thus, it is imperative that we are prepared. Our only hope is to surrender our lives to God, seek His will, repent from sin, and commit to living according to scripture as we rid our lives of the leaven of political correctness and lawlessness.

For fathers, husbands, and men reading this, I urge you to prepare spiritually and physically, ensuring that you are able to provide for and ensure that you are prepared to protect your family for what will soon come upon the earth.

Current global events are not going to improve. Nations, like the economy, are being shaken and will fall. Only that which is of God will remain.

Thus, I urge people to seek the LORD while He can be found. Surrender your life to God and prepare for tribulation.

While I urge people to prepare for lawlessness and for husbands and fathers to be men and, if needed, protect their families, when the 7th of October attack transpired, the communities who lived surrendered lives to God were not attacked. It was the communities which had compromised their faith, those liberal communities which were. Thus, what we see is that if we make God our refuge, He will protect us. However, that does not detract from men being men. That is how God made us, to be the protector of our families.

Furthermore, God has placed an order over things. The man is the head of the home. Likewise, in the church, it is men who should be the pastors—not women. Sadly, that is not so, but that is another article.

It is time for men to stand up and be men. It is time for men to take the position God seeks them to walk in.

In summary, it is critical that we make God our refuge. Furthermore, it is critical that men stand up and be men and be committed to defending their families, if necessary. Judgment is coming. Repentance will, however, reduce the severity and ensure we stand on the side of God. Thus, humble yourself before God and then prepare for what is coming!

May the LORD bless and keep you.


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