The UK government has launched a campaign informing people to prepare for an emergency.[1] Consequently, the government are advising people to have an emergency kit at home containing key items.[2] But, why now? Why is the government instructing people to take such steps? Personally, I believe this is because of global geopolitical insecurities[3] along with the solar cycle the sun is going through, evident in the recent visibility of the northern lights in unnormal locations,[4] the increase in societal disunity, the cost-of-living crises[5] and the prospect of WW3[6] and the use of nuclear and EMP weapons[7] all pose significant risks. However, if the UK government actually warned people of the potential risk this poses, then people would panic, riots would erupt, and society would break down. Thus, people are never warned of the reality of the situation. Instead, it is managed and promoted in a low-key way.

So, what does the future hold and how should people prepare?

Let me first state that the world will not be destroyed by a nuclear war. Furthermore, there is hope and a way of preparing that can ensure a person’s survival in what is about to come upon the earth. However, prior to outlining these, let me give a very brief overview of what will transpire. Then, I will discuss preparations.

So, what is going to happen?

While we are being subliminally and covertly prepared for WW3, before the global war, we will witness a global economic collapse, resulting in a global famine as the cost of food skyrockets due to a lack of supply and people’s limited means to pay the inflated cost of basic food.[8]

We are going to see an increase in natural disasters, earthquakes in places that have not experienced such things, floods, meteor shows, and further solar phenomena. Furthermore, while the effects of the solar flares look nice – northern lights, people should remain indoors, as the radiation emitted during these events will pose significant dangers to people’s health.[9]

We will see a global war during which nations will use strategic nuclear weapons and NEMPs (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse weapons) that will stop electrical items. Consequently, leaving large areas/nations without power, no fresh water or sanitation. Then, within the first week of an EMP, society will fragment, lawlessness will rule, and people will die from diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid and through lack of sanitation to mention a few. According to military and government scenarios of an EMP, gangs will form and rape, pillage, kill and subjugate people as groups plunder to survive. Government infrastructure, the military and police will focus on key areas, but most will abandon their post to protect their own families and for self-preservation.

Then, after a few months, the attacking force will offer terms of peace, and the nation will capitulate and surrender, thus accepting servitude over death.

However, the period of global war will not be protected. Neither will nuclear war destroy the earth. After the war, a global leader will arise and usher in global peace. Consequently, they, the peace broker, will be hailed as a saviour, a man of peace.

As part of the global rebuilding initiative, nations will relinquish national sovereignty. Embrace the New Global Alliance and One World Leader. Part of the rebuilding will see the introduction of a global ID and digital currency that will promote solidarity and thus remove divisions. However, the new norm will be an Orwellian dystopia that, while offering the illusion of freedom and peace, will enslave people. Those that oppose the new system will be vilified and hated, similar to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Now, while you might say the reality, I have presented could never be true. That is not possible. Well, that is what people thought about the holocaust, that civilised people in Germany could never persecute and systematically murder over six million Jews in an advanced bureaucratic and scientific process of slaughter. But we know it did!

Furthermore, my justification for what I am saying is found in the Bible, which has warned about such events for centuries. What we are witnessing and have been witnessing since 2020 is the opening of the seals in the Book of Revelation, which unleashes the four Horsemen and the apocalypse.[10]

Things are never going to go back to normal. We are living in the days the Bible refer to as the End of Days, the Time of Tribulation, Jacob’s Trouble and the Day of the LORD. So, if things will never return to normal how do we prepare?

Sadly, for most people, time for physical preparation is almost at an end. The skills required to endure these days take time to learn. Likewise, to purchase what is needed costs a lot of money, resources most people sadly do not have. However, that should not stop you, but while everyone must prepare physically and psychologically for the hardships, we will all soon endure, the most significant preparation is spiritual.

Everything taking place is transpiring because of a battle older than mankind itself. A war between the Living God and the devil and his cohorts. One that is being fought for the souls of humanity. Everyone will have to choose a side, regardless of whether they want to or not. You will either align yourself with the devil who will offer you a utopia on earth, but in accepting you will dame your soul to the like of fire. Or you can choose to surrender your life to God and walk in obedience to the Bible. If you choose the latter, you will have eternal life and peace. However, you will make yourself an enemy of the devil and the soon coming World Leader whom the Bible refers to as the antichrist. While he, the antichrist, will offer a utopia for those who follow and embrace the new norm, he will persecute and kill Christians and Jews who reject him.[11]

The offer of the devil is short lived. God will only permit the kingdom that is rising and the antichrist to rule for three and a half years.[12] Then Jesus will return and put an end to it. Those who followed the antichrist and worshiped him and took his mark will be thrown into the lake of fire.[13] But those who surrendered their life to the Living and One True God will be resurrected and have eternal life.

Thus, the best way to prepare for the days ahead is to seek the LORD and surrender your life to Him. Then, meet with like-minded people who will help and support you, and commit to reading the Bible and studying.

Then while you do that, make ready physically, learn how to purify water, how to obtain water. Purchase a minimum of one month of food, i.e. rice, pasta, beans, tuna, corn beef, etc. Plan how to cook and heat your home if you have no power. Purchase tea lights, torches, a radio, water etc. Do as the government instructs, write a plan, and speak to family and friends whom you trust. Understand what could happen, and prepare your mind for seeing what will transpire, but do not let fear overtake you. Instead, allow the perfect love of God to cast out fear as you keep close to God.

I do not know when these things will transpire. I only know that we will see famine and an economic collapse during a time when peace is taken from the earth and terror rules. Then, after the economy has collapsed, we will witness WW3, further famine, plagues, pestilence and attacks from wild beasts.

Sadly, many Christians have failed to prepare because of the lies espoused by pastors and teachers. However, disbelief does not stop such from happening. It only intensifies the situation as people have not been warned so they can prepare.

Please, if you are reading this. I beseech you to prepare for what is coming. More importantly, I urge you to call out to God, for He is your only hope!

May the LORD guide and protect you!


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