As of 30 May 2024, the UK Parliament has been dissolved, leaving all seats in the House of Commons vacant. This political vacuum will persist until the 4 July elections, setting the stage for potential changes in the UK political landscape.[1] Significantly, the Reform Party has emerged as a frontrunner, surpassing the Conservative Party in popularity. This shift in political dynamics signals a growing demand for a new approach and a re-evaluation of conservative values.[2] Thus revealing how people still seek and ascribe to conservative values. More importantly, it is evident that the conservative party is not, and has not been for some time, the champion and defender of conservative values. Instead, it represents a more liberal set of values.

Nonetheless, while I agree that the political system needs change, will anything change? Furthermore, while the Reform Party offers something new and a breath of fresh air to the polluted British political arena, we need more than a reformation. Reformation only reforms what is already in place.

However, while it is clear that the political system in the UK is polluted and broken, as is that of America, evident in the leadership of a demented Joe and the rigged trial of Trump—a trial that is more akin to a dictatorship than a democratic country, the polluted and corrupt political systems of the West are past reform. However, they are merely a secular representation of the corrupt and liberal ideals within the church.

Many church leaders are advocating for a reformation, a return to Biblical conservative values. While I wholeheartedly agree that the church needs to return to these values, a reformation won’t achieve this. We’ve already had a reformation. It was fruitful, but it only reformed the corrupt religious system of the Roman Catholic church. What we truly need is a restoration, a return to the core values of our faith.

A restoration is what God is doing and will ensure is completed. God is restoring all things back to Himself. This is not a reformation process. Thus, if the church is seeking to live how Messiah instructed, that of seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, then we would be seeking the restoration of all things. However, I must emphasise something. When I state restoration, I am not championing dominion now theology that seeks to bring the kingdom of God to earth through their own actions. The Bible is clear God does this. Nonetheless, we can, through walking humbly before God allow God to work in our own lives. To bring restoration in our lives, which in turn impacts other people’s lives and the societies we live in. This is, in effect, being salt and light.

So, when will God restore all things? Well, in short, when Jesus, our Messiah, returns to deal with His enemies, as Messiah puts His enemies under His feet. A reference to Messiah subduing His enemies and those of His people. However, prior to God’s plan of restoration being fulfilled and the enemies of God being vanquished, mankind will be given the lawless leaders it desires. Consequently, the world will go through great tribulation and judgment. A period which will see the kingdom of Satan and the kingdom of God battle. Now, while I say battle, the devil is no contest for the Living God. Nonetheless, we will experience great tribulation during this period, as the spiritual battle is manifest on the earth.

Regarding politics, the political systems of the nations will crumble globally. Shortly, they will be replaced with a global government—one that is already operating in the shadows. Soon, following the imminent world war, we will witness the rise of a global leader—a leader who will enslave humanity while offering peace.

The new leader will dismantle the current political systems of the world and replace them with a global dystopian dictatorship. One that gives the illusion of a utopia free of war, famine and economic uncertainties through the illusion of emancipation from all of life’s and societal ills but, in reality, will enslave mankind within a global digital panopticon. Sadly, while the new world order is established, the majority of Christians worldwide will embrace the new norm. Only realise, when it is too late, that what they have allowed, through embracing liberal lawless ideologies/theologies, is the antichrist and his kingdom to rise.

So, how should Bible-believing Christians proceed? We should stand for Biblical truth, both in the coming UK elections and, more importantly, in the church. What I mean by that is, do not vote out of loyalty to a party. Instead, vote for the party that stands for Biblical truth. However, understand that no political party is good; only God is.

Furthermore, it is time for the people of God to stand firm on His Word – the Bible. To desist from being silent in the church and, for those who do so, seeking a political solution to a spiritual problem. Yes, we should vote, and yes, we should seek change, but Christians need to understand that change will only come when the people of God humble themselves before Him, turn from their wicked ways and repent as they cry out to the LORD for forgiveness and commit to walking in obedience to the word of God.

Moreover, Christians need to understand that the societal schisms being created will be used after civil unrest to demonise Christians as radical far-right nationalists. Currently, many disfranchised Christians are aligning with nationalist groups, in an attempt to challenge the government and bring about change. However, such groups, while holding many valid views, are being allowed to act to bring about social division and unrest. Then, once society has fractured to the point of conflict, Christians will be demonised, similar to how Jewish people were post WW1 as the instigators and cause of societal ills.

We can’t put our heads in the sand any longer. Internal conflict is coming. Likewise, so too are terror attacks within the West. So, too, is WW3. People need to accept these truths and prepare.

Preparation cannot merely be physical or psychological. While both are crucial, it is imperative that people prepare spiritually. Not doing so will cost you, at best, your life and, at worst, your soul.

Furthermore, regarding restoration. It is important at this time that true Christians leave the lawlessness of the church. God is going to severely judge the church. Remember, judgment starts in the house of God. Thus, I urge Christians to look at what is transpiring politically and do likewise. Leave the corrupt system and seek change. That is what is happening with people joining the Reclaim Party. However, as I have stated, reform does not go far enough. Therefore, what Christians need to do is leave the institutional church and seek like-minded people meeting in homes and online while we can. Commit to studying the Word of God as you seek to worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth.

Desist from listening to the same old rhetoric and interpreting things through a tarnished lens. Instead, seek to understand scripture in context. Allow the Bible to be the lens you understand the world and engage within it.

Yes, what I am proposing for some is radical. So is the message of salvation. But the institution church is the one that, for the most part, capitulated to the COVID-19 edicts and propagated the false narrative that the COVID-19 vaccinations would be safe and save us. That we should take them to show our neighbours we love them.[3] Some blasphemously argue that Jesus would have advocated for the vaccination. Likewise, many churches, through inclusive ideologies, have embraced lawlessness and thus not only redefined sin but not proclaimed a false heretical and apostate gospel.

Humanity stands at a critical juncture in its history. As Christians, we must take our stand with God and Truth. We must reject theological and politically inclusive woke ideologies and repent for allowing them to permeate the Body of the Messiah. Then, we must commit to standing firm and boldly proclaiming in love and showing the grace God showed us when we were dead in our sins to unbelievers as we seek to make disciples.

Time is short. Please do not leave it too late. Prepare, spiritually, prepare physically and prepare psychologically for the days we live are going to get Biblical. The Tribulation is not at the door. It is here.

No longer can we sit idly by and do nothing. We must act!

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May God bless and keep you!

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