It is clearly evident that the world is currently in a mess. The global geopolitical condition is leading to an economic collapse, global famine and world war. A reality politicians globally are unable to stop. World leaders can only manage the situation, but eventually, global systems will collapse, and nations will go to war. However, would it shock you to know the Bible has predicted and warned Christians about these events? Sadly, just like Jesus’ first coming, when the religious leaders failed to discern the times and the fulfilment of prophecy, many Christians today fail to comprehend the severity of the situation or understand what the Bible predicts. Consequently, they fail to prepare and thus, in doing so, also fulfil Bible prophecy.

However, preppers or people who consider themselves to be aware of the global agenda may be preparing for further destabilising and the coming global government. Nonetheless, they fail to see the spiritual forces at work. Current international events are physical manifestations of a spiritual battle. It is a war that has been waged since the beginning of time between the God of the Bible – YHVH, and the devil, the god of this world and age for the souls of humanity and kingship over creation.

Furthermore, regardless of whether you believe or not about God and the devil, it does not negate the reality that they both exist and the battle that is being fought.

So, why is the world in such a mess now? Can we not do anything to stop things from escalating? I will answer why first and then discuss what we can do.

The why is simple; we are in the mess that we are in because the church – the global Body of believers in God has, in the majority, rejected the word of God and embraced liberal, relativist, unbiblical doctrines and thus fails to challenge sin but instead embraces it. Through removing the word of God, which restrains sin, lawlessness is permitted to take over.

Christians are instructed not to conform to the pattern of the world but to take captive their thoughts and bring them into submission to the word of God. However, because the church has failed in this, it has been unable to restrain sin in the world. Consequently, according to God’s standards, the church has allowed lawlessness to take over. Therefore, the church has become sick, wretched, poor, blind and lame – a spiritual condition that can only be healed through repentance and humbly walking before God.

Accordingly, God has removed His hand of blessing, which brings judgment as God no longer protects us. Thus, our enemies are used to bring judgment with the intention of God’s people crying out to Him in repentance as they turn from sin and commit to living a life according to the word of God. However, the good news is that God judges in truth and righteousness.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the people of God respond with repentance, turning back to God and committing to a life of righteousness. This action, while not immediately halting the judgment, will lessen its severity. God’s judgment is inevitable, and it begins with His people as He purges His house of sin. For those who do not believe, it is critical that you seek God and surrender your life to Him. Many people will shortly die. People may not be able to save their lives but they can ensure where they spend eternity – either in the lake of fire or with God. The choice is yours. Surrendering to God and making Jesus your Lord and Saviour will ensure you spend eternity with God.

We are presently witnessing the period referred to in scripture as the tribulation. This period gives birth to the Great Tribulation, the time of Jacob’s Trouble. It is the time when God judges sin and defeats the gods of this age. A period that ultimately finishes when Jesus returns as the King of kings and Lord of lords and puts his enemies under His feet. Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, comes and defeats the antichrist.

Currently, we are witnessing the opening of the seals in the revelation. The first two seals have opened. Hence why the world is in the mess it is in. We can also see the third seal – economic collapse, famine opening, and the fourth World War Three. What is not clear is how long before they all open. I cannot answer that. I can say that once the fourth seal has opened and the antichrist is revealed, we have 3 1/2 years until Jesus returns. But how long have we got until WW3? I do not know, but I know it is close.

Seal one: Enslavement.

Enslavement commenced with the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to increase the severity of enslavement. Recent hate crime legislation passed in Scotland[1] that restricts a person’s freedom of expression is a clear example of where things are heading.[2] Furthermore, it is merely a matter of time before a person is arrested and imprisoned for proclaiming the gospel. Why? Because the gospel of Jesus speaks out against sin. It challenges the inclusive agenda that has become engrained within society and many churches. Those believers who remain true to the word of God and reject the redefined social and politically correct gospel will be condemned by both society and the heretic church that has turned away from God’s word and embraced the doctrines of demons. The question is, what will you do? What kind of church, if you attend, is yours? The ultimate enslavement that the devil seeks for humanity is to join him in the lake of fire. So, where will your soul go when you die? There is no get-out-of-hell card for not believing in it. A person’s only hope is Jesus.

Furthermore, as the digital currency is implemented, we will witness the establishment of a global digital panopticon that will make the Chinese social credit system look inviting. Enslavement has been decreed. A person’s only hope is to surrender their life to God and turn to the LORD. Then prepare to leave Babylon – the world and go wherever the LORD leads. To understand this better, click to watch the teaching on the greater exodus.

Seal two: Peace – wars and rumours of wars.

The Russia and Ukraine conflict continues as no visible cessation is evident. Additionally, the escalation in the tensions in the Middle East between Israel and Iran could soon go kinetic as Iran is reported to be planning an attack on Israel.[3] [4] Consequently, the US has sent the general in command of the Middle East to Israel to an F-15 base.[5] Netanyahu has also warned that they will strike back at anyone who hits Israel.[6]

Furthermore, the recent assassination attempt on the Syrian President will have consequences that will further destabilise tensions in the Middle East and global peace. Likewise, tensions between NATO and Russia, along with China and Taiwan, show the fragility of worldwide peace and highlight the reality that peace has been taken from the earth.

Additionally, Western nations are warning of terror attacks due to the escalation in the Middle East as Islamic terror cells embedded in the West are primed for action. Personally, I believe we will see such attacks. Consequently, people must hone their situational awareness skills to ensure heightened awareness of their surroundings.

More importantly, people need to pray and seek the LORD as they make the LORD their refuge. That does not mean merely praying and doing nothing. It means repenting of sin and committing to walk in obedience to the word of God as you endeavour with all your strength and will to walk righteously according to God’s standard daily. Remember, we show God we love him by obeying His word. Psalm 91 states that because he loves me, I will show him my salvation; with a long life, I will satisfy him. God is saying that because the person loves Him, that means they walk righteously before God and obey His word; God will move and bless. It is not about being a Christian and being saved; it is something else. Salvation is free, but blessings come through obedience.

War is coming. What we are currently witnessing are the birth pains of WW3. An event that cannot transpire until Seal Three opens, and we witness famine and an economic collapse. Then Seal Four will open, and we will endure global war. Sadly, while others and I have been warning, many have rejected, at their own peril, the message to prepare. However, we still have a small window left. Thus, I beseech you do not procrastinate or ignore the warning. Instead, assess what you need, seek the LORD and prepare. The most important preparation is spiritual, then physical and psychological. Doing nothing will be catastrophic, not only for you but for your family.

Seal 3 – Famine and economic collapse are coming!

The cost-of-living crisis continues plunging more families into poverty in the UK. A recent report shows that millions of people skip meals as they cannot afford to buy groceries.[7] As many as one in five families with children cannot afford to eat, and 15% of UK households experienced food insecurity in January 2024.[8] Just under two-thirds (60%) of food-insecurity families reported purchasing 44% less vegetables and 11% fresh fruit.[9] Even reasonably priced – own-branded products that provide adequate nutrition have increased by 26% in the past two years.[10]

Consequently, the impact of food insecurities is detrimental not only to mental well-being but also to physical health. The lack of fruit and vegetables reduces a person’s ability to fight disease as their immune system is compromised. Unsurprisingly, hospital admissions resulting in nutritional-related diagnoses in Egland have increased by 40% in the past decade.[11]

Former UK prime minister Gordan Brown has accused the government of doing nothing to combat the obscene levels of destitution in the UK.[12] While we call it a cosy-of-living crisis, Brown argues that a better description would be ‘the cost of staying alive crisis.’[13] Brown’s words start to reveal the true extent of the problem, a problem that will exponentially worsen as the government, the church, and the people fail to comprehend what is transpiring.

Recently, farmers warned that UK crops have already been drastically reduced by heavy rains,[1] as extreme weather will affect UK agriculture in 2024.[14] Consequently, only 34% of the winter wheat is rated as good or excellent this year compared with 90% last year.[15] Additionally, UK wheat exports are down 78% on last year and down 64% on the previous five years.

Furthermore, only 38% of the UK Barley harvest is rated good or excellent for 2024 compared with 92% for last year.[16] UK oat crops have also been affected by excessive rain, with only 34% of UK crops rated as good or excellent in 2024 compared with 83% last year.[17] Oilseed rape has been affected as only 31% of this year’s crops are rated good or excellent compared to 70% the previous year. [18] Consequently, due to the poor crops and the limited availability, the cost of wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape has increased significantly.[19]

Farmers are warning that staples such as bread, cereals and products that utilise wheat, barley and oats will rise further in 2024 as farmers are in crisis.[20] Availability and cost will be compounded further as production of wheat is down 15%, oilseed rape is down 28% winter barley is down 22%.[21] Additionally, not only have we seen a reduced harvest in these crops but also a reduction in planted crops, both of which will significantly impact the cost to the consumer.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) vice-president, Rachel Hallos, stated: “People should be in no doubt about the immense pressure UK farm businesses are under thanks to this unprecedented and constant rain. It’s no exaggeration to say a crisis is building. While farmers are bearing the brunt of it now, consumers may well see the effects through the year as produce simply doesn’t leave the farm gate.” [22]

Thus, the failure of UK winter crops will dramatically affect an already crippled UK economy. The cost-of-living crisis, or as Brown aptly refers to as ‘the cost of staying alive crisis’, will, if nothing is done, see many people die from famine.

Famine is no longer at the door; it is in the house! Families are destitute in the UK. People are going without food. This is not relative poverty but absolute poverty. People are going without food and shelter in the UK. This situation will intensify as the limited availability of produce affects prices, which will be compounded by the coming economic collapse, which will plunge more families into absolute poverty.

Thus, I urge people to purchase food while they can. If you have the means to help and support others, do that also. I urge churches to set aside a room in the church to store grains, tinned and jarred food, tea and coffee, powdered milk, and tinned fruit, along with toilet rolls, toothpaste, and other toiletries for people. Additionally, store water and the means to purify water. Soon, water will be scarce.

Famine is coming! Scripture informs us that a wise person sees trouble coming and prepares.[23] So, what are you doing to prepare? Soon, people will not be able to prepare. Soon, people, out of desperation, will do anything to survive to feed their children. Furthermore, if you do prepare, remember not to publicise it. That does not mean you do not help people, but merely that you do not shout about what you are doing.

Seal 4 – Global War is coming!

A person would need to be blind if they did not believe World War Three would not happen. It is no longer a case of if but when. Global war is coming. Thus, people MUST prepare, but how? Like preparing for famine and economic collapse, people must prepare spiritually, physically, and psychologically. Additionally, they need to understand what will transpire.

Will we see a nuclear war? Yes, but it will be limited because the antichrist wants to rule over people. Consequently, we know, according to scripture, that the world will not be destroyed by nuclear war. However, nuclear strategic weapons will be used to hit specific targets along with NEMPs – Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons that will take out most electronic devices, rendering the nation ineffective to counter-attack. Then, after a few months, the attacking nation will come and enslave the people as they liberate them from the misery of their present condition.

Can you imagine having no electrical devices? That means no car, phone, heating or lighting, freshwater or sanitation. Consequently, disease and famine will spread along with vigilantism as people band together and forcefully take what they want. Lawlessness will rule until the attacking force comes and brings order through subjugation.

Then, when things calm, a world leader will unite the nations, calling for global emancipation and peace. However, freedom and peace will only be granted to those who embrace the new system and worship the new global leader – the antichrist.

Sadly, the coming war will see two billion people die from the conflict, famine, pestilence, disease and wild beast. People will witness the harsh reality of war. A fact that most people are not emotionally prepared for, as people are not resilient to suffering in the West. However, it is something they will shortly witness. What is even more disheartening is that the church should warn people and prepare, but it is not. It continues to proclaim that all is well. Likewise, the so-called prophets do not warn or call the people to repent. Instead, they recognise some of the sins of the church but do little to warn or address the situation. Consequently, God will judge the pastors and false prophets. However, they still have a window to repent and speak out.

Thus, I urge people to make ready and prepare. Doing nothing is no longer an option. Ignoring the perilous situation the world is in will not stop what is transpiring. It will only result in adding additional suffering. One thing you cannot say is that I have not warned you!

Seal 5 – martyrdom is coming and the church is not prepared.

Once stability has been brought to the world by the antichrist, the man of sin – the lawless one will make war against God’s people.[24] First, he will make war against the Jewish people, as he surrounds Jerusalem, goes up onto the temple mount and declares himself to be god.[25] Then, those in Judea who understand the times we are living in will flee to the wilderness—the place God has prepared for her. [26]

Then, the antichrist will be outraged that he could not overcome the Jewish people who fled and will then make war against the church – those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus.[27] During this time, many will be imprisoned.[28] Others will be killed.[29] However, other believers will go into the wilderness of the people as they go on an adventure with God. The LORD will lead them, feed and protect them, as they walk, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom wherever they go as a testimony to the awesomeness and power of the living God.[30]

We must be clear; neither group is greater than the other. God will use all groups, either enslavement in camps, death or the wilderness to proclaim His kingdom. However, I believe we have a degree of choice in which group we are in. Those who are watching, preparing and have rejected the pretribulation, rapture heresy will not be caught out when things transpire and thus more likely to go into the wilderness. Sadly, those who are not watching, who have accepted the pretribulation rapture heresy, are most likely to be the ones who will be enslaved and killed. However, praise God, they are saved. Furthermore, God rewards their sacrifice and dying for their faith.[31]

So, what can we do?

As stated, the most important thing is to surrender your life to God and commit to living a life according to the Bible – thus walking in righteousness. Then, find like-minded people and prepare spiritually by reading and studying the Bible, praying and seeking God. Then prepare physically by making physical preparations. Finally, prepare mentally for what is ahead by learning skills, how to make a fire, purify water, etc., and understanding what the Bible states will happen, not what preppers think. Understanding what will transpire will prepare you spiritually and emotionally for the days ahead. Remember, Psalms 91 informs us we will see people die, but it will not come near our tent. Judgment is coming; people will die. Therefore, as we prepare, we must proclaim the gospel to others so that they can have a relationship with God – ensuring they spend eternity with God as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Then pray! Pray for your loved ones to have salvation and be protected. But, remember, the only way a person can have eternal security is through surrendering their life to God and accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Time is short. Therefore, I beseech you not to waste time. Make ready and stand firm on the Word of God.

May the LORD bless you!

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