Repost – wrote in September 2022

It has been stated that if we fail to learn the lessons from history, we are destined to repeat them.[1] Likewise, the Bible informs us that there is nothing new under the sun.[2]

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

We also read in the Olivet discourse how Jesus warns that the time coming will be unlike anything that has been since creation.

For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. Matthew 24:21

In the Olivet discourse, Messiah informs His disciples of the coming period of Great Tribulation. This period will be preceded by famine, earthquakes, wars and rumours of wars, persecution and a loss of faith. However, such events are merely the birth pains of Great persecution,[3] the time of Jacob’s Trouble.[4]

Messiah instructs His disciples, those alive at this time in Judea, to flee to the mountains without hesitation. In fact, the order of events in the passage recorded in Matthew 24:15-28 is similar to those that transpired prior to and during the Maccabean revolt. Thus, we can deduce that Messiah was saying to remember the Maccabee revolt and what took place. However, while you thought that was bad, that was nothing compared to what is coming. Likewise, the coming persecution will be more severe than anything that occurred in the Holocaust or other genocidal and barbaric acts. The Tribulation is unprecedented in history.

Before you say, I do not need to worry about that. I will be raptured out of here – beam me up Scotty. Let me challenge you to look at scripture, and please allow me to digress to challenge you.

The Church teaches that the Holy Spirit is removed during the Tribulation because it is the restrainer. However, nowhere in scripture is the Holy Spirit referred to as such. In fact, I ask you to search scripture to see what it is. If you do, you will find that it is God’s word that restrains sin and lawlessness. For it is as believers submit to God and keep His word that sin is abated. Consequently, when people reject God’s word, sin abounds. For sin is the transgression of the Law.[5]

Furthermore, we show God that we love him by observing His instructions[6] and submitting to His word. Therefore, when scripture states, “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.”[7] It says believers have stopped obeying God’s word; therefore, their love has grown cold, allowing lawlessness to increase.

Additionally, regarding the alleged removal of the Holy Spirit, Joel 2 informs us that during the Day of the LORD – a term used when speaking of the Great Tribulation – the Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh. Furthermore, Paul writes that the Holy Spirit is given to all believers as a seal and a deposit.[8] Therefore, if people come to faith during the Tribulation, then the Holy Spirit MUST be present.

Regarding the timing of the Messiah’s return, a plain reading of the text reveals that we go through the Tribulation. However, I have not got time to digress further to explain. That does not mean I cannot; instead, I beseech you to examine scripture regarding the days ahead. The Bible is clear, we go through the Great Tribulation, but we can ONLY endure the unfolding judgment if we walk closely with the LORD. We endure by making the LORD our habitation, leaving Babylon when God instructs, as we go into the wilderness of the people. A place where God, guides, protects and provides for His people. Sadly, those who stay, believing all will be well, waiting for the rapture, will be enslaved and go through unthinkable torment.

Remember, God does not desire His people to go through what is coming. That is why He calls His people to leave Babylon and go into the wilderness, so she does not partake of the judgment coming upon Babylon – the world.[9] [10]

Then I heard another voice from heaven say:” ‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; 5 for her sins are piled up to heaven,  and God has remembered her crimes. Revelation 18:4-5

Remaining and not going into the wilderness is an act of rebellion for which people will be judged. The Tribulation is judgment for sin and refinement for God’s people, similar to how it was for Israel when they went into the wilderness.[11]

Now before you read on Please note, this article comes with a warning, what I write next is not for the faint-hearted, but I write it to warn, hoping and praying you will seek the LORD and prepare spiritually.

Recently two different people sent me a document that contained several visions of what is to come by brother Bob. Al Cuppett, a former US Army officer, put the visions together into a document. When I received them, I made time to read them because two different people had sent me them. As I read them, I soon realised I had read them before. Nevertheless, I continued to reread them. However, I could not do so without crying and taking breaks. After I had finished, I remembered other visions people had had concerning the days ahead that mirrored brother Bob’s. Furthermore, when I studied the Holocaust, I remember the LORD clearly saying to me that what is to come for the final generation will be far worse.

After reading brother Bob’s visions, I sent a copy to my youngest son and asked him to read them, but I warned him of the content. He, too, read them and cried. He then asked if I was going to warn people of what was coming. I said I do not know how to. What is coming is so bad that most people will be unable to comprehend the severity of things.

I pondered how to warn people and prayed to ask the LORD to give me wisdom. Consequently, I endeavour to share aspects of what brother Bob has been shown. However, it is up to you to test.

The first vision Bob shares, while upsetting, does not contain anything gruesome. Rather it outlines how people will feel when the rapture does not transpire, and Tribulation comes. Many pastors and teachers who have erroneously taught millions not to worry or even prepare for the Tribulation because will not be here will be left dumbfounded. Many pastors will be distraught as they realise what they have been teaching is unbiblical and will cause many to die. Consequently, when pastors attend Church, their congregations will lynch them, after which they will seek out people who understand what will take place and how they can prepare.

Sadly, it will be too late to make any physical preparations by this time. Instead, people will need to prepare for martyrdom by surrendering their lives to God and drawing close to the LORD. Remember, scripture informs us that believers – the people of God perish for lack of wisdom/knowledge.[12]

The revelation that they will go through the Tribulation will, for most, come too late. Sadly, they will endure great hardship and persecution. The New World Order, ruled by the antichrist, will declare war on God’s people as the devil goes after those who keep the commands of God and the testimony of Yeshua/Jesus.[13]

Then the dragon became furious with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. And he stood on the sand of the sea.[14]

Now, Bob’s vision outlines how the US economy imploded as the dollar plummets as the LORD judges America and the world for its sin. Currently, the dollar is high. However, many are concerned, as historically, when this has happened, it is followed by a collapse of the dollar.[15] Likewise, the British pound is dropping,[16] as are global stock markets causing many to believe and prepare for a worldwide crash.[17] Therefore, could we see brother Bob’s vision fulfilled? When seeing the collapse in his vision, Brother Bob heard the words, “Yea, I have warned thee.” That God had warned His people, but many did not believe.

Historically, when Hitler was rising to power, many prominent Jews were urging European Jews to get out and go to the Promised Land. To leave Germany because persecution was coming. Even when persecution had come, and Jews were rounded up, many Jews did not believe they would be killed. Sadly, we know what happened. Many books have been written that attest to the atrocities committed as part of the “final solution.” What is alarming is that some even deny what transpired.[18] [19] [20] [21]

Likewise, many do not believe or are unwilling to discuss what will soon be unleashed upon the earth. However, no one can say God has not warned. He must. For the LORD is the watchman who watches and warns humanity of what will come if they seek to live sinful lives.

Brother Bob believes what he witnessed in his vision is the opening of the third seal. He outlines how the scriptures state that a day’s wage only buys a loaf of bread when the third seal opens.

When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. 6 Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Two pounds[a] of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” [22]

Now, regular readers will be aware that I have repeatedly warned that, I believe, the seals are opening. Presently we are witnessing the opening of the third seal, and the fourth seems fast on its heels. However, pastors and teachers continue to admonish their sheep not to worry but to prepare for the soon-coming rapture and return of Jesus. Well, I believe Jesus is coming soon, but not until His people fall on their faces in repentance as they turn from their wicked ways and seek the LORD. Then Messiah will come and bring healing and restoration. The only Messiah coming very soon is the antichrist – the man of lawlessness. Furthermore, the only preparation people need to do, and should have already been doing, is preparing for Tribulation physically, but more importantly, spiritually.

Brother Bob outlining the vision the LORD gave him concerning the soon-coming economic collapse, explains how the wealthy and the super-wealthy took their own lives because they had lost everything they loved – their wealth. Others made a run on the banks to get their money but were unable. Others ran to the shops to obtain food but found them empty – people had already cleaned them out. People then went to distribution centres and warehouses and from there to factories. They went anywhere they thought they could get food. They even went to farmers and people known to have stocked food in their homes. People in desperation went anywhere and everywhere.

Brother Bob saw in his vision people like locusts coming over, ransacking and pillaging the area for food. Finally, martial law was declared because of the pillaging and crimes committed.

While people might consider martial law a good thing, those who have been watching and are awake understand it will not be pleasant. What will come is enslavement through force. During the transition, people who are divergent–free thinkers, especially Christians, will be rounded up.

Brother Bob’s vision of ‘Martial law and the foreign police’ outlines what many awake people have been warning about, the rounding up and slaughter of certain people.

Like in the Holocaust, some people were rounded up and taken to camps, yet, others were tortured, and others were assassinated. Similarly, Brother Bob’s vision saw people being placed into different groups and the inhumane and barbaric demonic acts committed.

Brother Bob saw how people were segregated into groups. They had lists of people. The RED list was to be immediately eliminated. The BLUEs were to be interrogated and then killed, and the YELLOWs undecided. The GREENS were those who would operate the camps and work in the factories.

“The Reds were immediately to be eliminated. The Blues were to be questioned, get all of the information extracted; and exterminate them! Yellows, they were to be decided on.”[23]

Likewise, the military trucks had corresponding colour coding to identify which group of people they would target. So, when a squad went to a door, they knew what was expected of them. Likewise, during the Holocaust, the Germans who slaughtered Jews knew what was being asked of them. Goldhagen, in his book, Hitler’s willing executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust, articulately outlines using primary first-hand accounts how Germans were permitted to abstain from the atrocities committed. Major Trapp, Commander of Police Battalion 101, after receiving the order to commit genocidal murder, offered his men, if they wished, to not take part in the genocide operation. They could be excused.[24]

“Trapp made the offer to excuse those who did not want to kill.”[25]

Those that remained and committed the genocidal murders had to look at the babies, children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers as they killed them without remorse. Looking at children who may have been the same age as their own, yet showing no compassion or humanity, instead shooting them, after which they moved on to kill the next victim.

“They chose to walk into a hospital, a house of healing, and to shoot the sick, who must have been cowering, begging, and screaming for mercy. They killed babies…a killer either shot a baby in its mother’s arms, and perhaps the mother for good measure, or, as was sometimes the habit during these years, held it at arm’s length by the leg, shooting it with a pistol. Perhaps the mother looked on in horror. The tiny corpse was then dropped like so much trash and left to rot.”[26]

Marilyn Shimon recounting one of many incidents of brutality, stated:

“When he was at the selection, there was a woman carrying a baby…the Nazi pointed the gun at the mother and told her to have the baby walk. The baby was six months old, and obviously couldn’t walk. He threw the baby in the air – and he shot the baby. The Nazi said, ‘if the baby can’t walk, let it fly’. Then he shot the mother.”[27]

You might think society has progressed since the Holocaust. However, a wealth of psychological and sociological studies reveals the opposite. People comply with what is asked if it is done in a certain way and place. One only needs to look at the Stanford prison experiment[28] or studies on conformity.[29] [30]

Now, brother Bob’s vision becomes very vivid regarding the atrocities committed against people who would not conform to the new order of things, especially Christians and people in ministry. However, before you say that cannot happen, let me remind you further of what transpired during the Holocaust, especially at the hands of Police battalion 101, who, after killing women, children and babies, would go home, bath their own children, read to them and tuck them up in bed without questioning or remorse for what they had done.

The genocidal killing was a gruesome affair.[31]  Soldiers, ignoring the cries of mothers for mercy and the whimpering of children, would point their gun to the back of the head, of those facedown on the ground, at times a little girl who had walked beside him and then pull the trigger, then watch their life ebb away as their body gave one last twitch before death.[32]

Furthermore, at such close range, the Germans often became splattered with human gore.[33] Often as the “shot struck the skull with such force that the entire back of the skull was torn off and blood, bone splinters, and brain matter soiled the marksmen.”[34]

I could go on, but I do not believe there is any need. I am sure I have made the point. Mankind is capable of committing the most heinous and unthinkable atrocities. Imagine what it will be like when all hell is let loose on the earth. For that is what will transpire during the Tribulation when Christians are hunted and persecuted.

Brother Bob outlines how Christians were treated; they would beat men and women to near death, as it did not matter what they did as they were on the RED list and thus marked for death.

Brother Bob outlines the demonic torture done: WARNING THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!

“The women, they raped and ravished them until they could not stand. They were shown in their nakedness bleeding from being raped so. Some of them if they were pregnant, they beat that woman’s baby until she knew her baby could not survive, or was already dead. [Humm.] Or one of them would come up with a very sharp knife, after they had raped her, and throw her up against the wall. One would hold her.. there was a man on each leg and a man on each arm so she was flat against the wall. And taking this razor sharp knife start down where the pubic area is and very quickly come up in a balloon shape and the baby would fall out.”

The acts Brother Bob outlines above are gruesome and unimaginable. However, such acts were committed during the Holocaust.

Babies were thrown into the air and used for target practice. Jewish women were raped before being murdered. Sometimes, as in Czestochowa, Poland, police forced thousands of half-naked men and women to assemble in a square where they were beaten. Young girls were taken into the synagogue, forced to undress, sexually assaulted and tortured.”[35]

Similarly, as in the Holocaust, Japanese soldiers raped and pillaged Nanking committing unimaginable acts.

“Pregnant women were eviscerated with bayonets and their intestines wrapped around their necks. People were decapitated and children’s heads crushed. Houses were burned with all the occupants inside. Women and little girls were raped and then executed.”[36]

More recently, ISIS has been using a device dubbed ‘the biter’ on nursing mothers caught breastfeeding in public. Nursing mothers caught have their breasts ripped off by a claw-like device that is attached to the breast. The device is similar to that used in the Middle Ages to tear off the breast of a woman accused of adultery or having an abortion mutilating the woman’s breasts.[37] Similar acts have been done to women after being raped. The perpetrator would cut the women’s breasts off, leaving her to die.

The historical acts I have referred to are atrocious and inconceivable. However, brother Bob’s vision outlines similar and more heinous acts being committed against a mother so her husband would renounce God or against parents in the hope their children would renege on their faith.

The Bible clearly outlines what will transpire when God’s people turn from Him and the judgment that follows. Additionally, it clearly outlines the heinous acts that will be committed against women[38] [39] and how mothers will eat their own children because they are starving.[40] [41]  The problem is that most Christians do not look at these because they are incorrectly taught that they will not be here. The reality is Christians WILL. Sadly, most pastors fail to prepare their sheep for the days ahead and so have prepared them for subjugation and slaughter.

Messiah, Himself urges the churches to listen to what is coming stating, to him who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Church. Messiah then warns how some will go into captivity, others will be killed, yet some will endure.

“If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed.” This calls for patient endurance and faithfulness on the part of God’s people.[42]

Similarly, the LORD speaks through the prophet Jeremiah, warning of the coming judgment on God’s people because they have turned from Him.

Then the LORD said to me: “Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before me, my heart would not go out to this people. Send them away from my presence! Let them go! And if they ask you, ‘Where shall we go?’ tell them, ‘This is what the LORD says:

“‘Those destined for death, to death;
those for the sword, to the sword;
those for starvation, to starvation;
those for captivity, to captivity.’

“I will send four kinds of destroyers against them,” declares the LORD, “the sword to kill and the dogs to drag away and the birds and the wild animals to devour and destroy.[43]

Now, while this prophecy speaks of what will come against Israel, the judgment inflicted is similar to what we see happening against the world during the Tribulation. Furthermore, judgment came because Israel, like the Church today, had turned away from God. If you believe the Church is spotless and without sin, you are wrong. The Church has been corrupted by political correctness. It has turned against God and become a friend of the world. The Church today allows all forms of perversion, as it has failed to be a watchman over creation. Instead, it has capitulated and accepted the lawless practices of the world, declaring all things to be good.

Granted, not all believers, but many have. Likewise, in ancient Israel, some remained faithful to God. That is why God preserved them. Remember, God, judges in truth and righteousness. He does not show partiality. Thus, God is capable of judging and protecting at the same time, as He allows the blessings to come on those who seek Him in truth and the curses on those walking lawless before Him.

Furthermore, remember that God has provided a way out. It is not through the rapture. Instead, it is through the people of God humbling themselves before the LORD and leaving Babylon – the world when He calls them to go into the wilderness of the people. A place God will protect, provide for and guide. However, failure to obey the command to leave is a sin. Consequently, those who remain will receive God’s judgment upon Babylon. Those who remain will be hunted, persecuted, and killed.

The reality is that judgment is coming and will intensify until the people of God humble themselves, turn from lawlessness and repent as they cry out to God to save and forgive them. Remember, God cannot act until we repent. For when we turn our ears away from God’s word, our prayers until we repent are an abomination before God.

He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.[44]

It is time for the people of God to repent and seek the LORD so they can prepare for the days ahead by making God their refuge and fortress. I beseech you, not to merely believe what I write or what your pastor says. Instead, please question everything. Check it against scripture as you seek God. Dark days are coming, but there is hope if you surrender everything to God.

Before writing this article, I thought long and hard, but because God has called me to be a watchman, I must sound the alarm. I also hope that, while I have not outlined the worst of what is coming, what I have written will provoke you to action. Remember Messiah stated the days coming would be awful, unlike any that have been. Therefore, I implore you to prepare by surrendering your life to God and repenting as you prepare spiritually. Then, as you do that, do whatever you can to make yourself ready physically. Meet with like-minded people. Desist from listening to the false prophets and hirelings saying all is well. It is not and will not be until Jesus returns, but before that, we will go through the Tribulation!

Allow the perfect love of God to engulf and fill you so it will cast out all fear. Remain focused on the LORD as you watch and pray while preparing for dark days.

I pray the LORD will bless and keep you.



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