This week the U.K. government has broken ranks with its global partners as it looks to be withdrawing mandatory covid vaccinations within the NHS and health and possibly care workers.[1] So, why are they changing their mind now? The government narrative is that Omicron is not as severe as first thought or Delta,[2] but is this the real reason? Some argue that it is because the truth about the dangers of the DNA altering vaccinations is getting out, and the government does not want to be complicit through the mandating of the vaccinations. Others argue that the vaccines have achieved most of what they intended, that of implanting a tracible chip, but is there any truth to such thoughts?

Implantable chip

I am sure many of those reading have heard the term “internet of things”; however, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are now entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”.

We’re entering the era of the Internet of Bodies: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.[3]

People have, through SMART technologies, been desensitised into embracing novel technologies that integrate/augment with our bodies forming, what the inventors argue, a synergetic relationship. SMART toothbrushes and hairbrushes allow the user to track patterns in their behaviour and personal care.[4] Likewise, smartwatches and fitness trackers[5] have further prepared people for future augmentation and embracing of the transhumanist, WEF, agenda.

Advancements in new technologies offer a plethora of applications that will covertly survey a person’s most intimate activities. In 2017, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration approved the worlds first pill with an embedded sensor to assist in patient compliance. The newly approved drug will deliver “digital drugs” that, while containing the prescribed medication, also have a sensor that will monitor the patient and confirm that it has been taken.[6]

Digital pills contain tiny, ingestible sensors, as well as medicine. Once swallowed, the sensor is activated in the patient’s stomach and transmits data to their smartphone or other devices.[7]

Did you comprehend what you have just read? In 2017 a SMART pill was licensed that would covertly monitor the patient’s compliance and health through a sensor in the drug. So, what is stopping a biosensor from being incorporated within the covid-19 vaccinations?

Miskin et al. (2019) research evidenced how it is possible to build nano microbots that can perform many programmable tasks. Furthermore, millions of these microrobots can fit inside a hypodermic needle and be injected into the body to perform whatever required task.[8] Additionally, they allow monitoring the host’s body while inside[9]  – furthermore, Wang. (2018) has already evidenced how programmable DNA nanostructure, which self-assemble, offers great potential in nanomedicine, drug delivery, biosensing and biomanaging.[10] However, at the time of the research, Wang et al. (2018) were unable to navigate around the problem with energising the nanostructures, something Miskin et al. (2019) has been able to solve, thus offering a solution for enabling self-assembling nanomedical biosensors and medicines to function within the host.  

What is evident within the above brief overview of medical technology, that is available to fight disease, is that advanced medical technologies can, while vaccinating a person, inject biosensors to monitor a person. Furthermore, while presently dormant, such technologies could be activated with the forthcoming rollout of 5G technologies. Advancements that would facilitate in creating a global interconnective noosphere that links people globally as nodes on a worldwide web.[11]

Furthermore, studies into neural and A.I. interfaces have made exponential developments in the past decade. Augmentation between biology and A.I. is now possible without invasive procedures.[12] The innovative developments have been greatly assisted by the utilisation of hydrogels.[13] According to leading transhumanists, the sci-fi outlook of augmentation with technology or whole brain emulation (WBE) is not something technology does not allow. The transhumanist dream can be accomplished today. Instead, it is one of acceptance within society and the ethical and legal structures that are holding, so-called progression back.[14] However, people are gradually being desensitised to accept the new future – the transhumanist WEF goal.

In 2018 Kaiser Permanente monitored cardiac rehabilitation patients using a smartwatch.[15] Likewise, by utilising SMART technologies, the U.K. government was able to establish a remote @home digital monitoring system for covid patients.[16] The move was reported to free workers to work with the most vulnerable while allowing patients to be treated and monitored within the community. However, it also enabled people to accept and become accustomed to covert medical monitoring through the Babylonian HealthCare system. Now, please note the U.K.’s digital healthcare infrastructure is called Babylon Health.[17] For a specific article on this click here.

Technology not only exists to covertly track and monitor people through biosensors, but academic literature also attests to the reality that it is possible to reprogramme memories and change behaviour, similar to the film Replicas.[18] Furthermore, the claim that Bill Gates seeks to chip everyone is further fuelled through patent WO 2020060606 submitted by Microsoft for cryptocurrency data mining from body activities.[19] [20] However, presently due to not all the ingredients of the vaccinations being published, one cannot categorically state the covid-19 vaccinations have chipped people. But, what I would state is that it is 100% possible and likely – we will have to wait and see.

Vaccines change a person’s DNA

Governments and the media have repeatedly stated that the covid vaccines cannot change a person’s DNA. Furthermore, I have frequently written on this topic showing that it can.

Zhang et al. (2020) evidenced within their study of SARS-CoV-2 that the virus has the potential to change a person’s genome – hence why a person seems to be reinfected.  

SARS-CoV-2 RNA can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome in cells overexpressing a reverse transcriptase.[21]

This is not a new phenomenon that is unknown to medical researchers. Endogenous reverse transcriptase (R.T.) activity has been previously observed in human cells and the products of reverse transcription integrated within the human genome.[22] [23] Furthermore, Lee et al. (2018) evidenced how amyloid precursor protein (APP) transcripts have been observed to be reverse-transcribed by endogenous R.T. with resultant APP fragments integrated into the genome of neurons and transcribed.[24] [25] Simply put, it is possible for an altered or infected mRNA code to enter into the nucleus of a genome and permanently change it. Consequently, any vaccine that utilises mRNA technology will be able to change the genome and cause reinfection.

Furthermore, Dr Ding, speaking at the WEF of the benefits of the mRNA vaccine, outlined how scientists have used genetic vaccines to permanently alter specific genetic codes within a group of test subjects’ DNA, preventing them from having sickness. These changes can occur through a single vaccination and are irrevocable. Genetic Vaccines utilise CRISPR gene-editing technology that allows genetic codes to be altered. The modified gene code is delivered into a living person by cutting and pasting new material into a virus.[26]

Through administering a genetic code within a vaccine, the animal trials showed that they had their DNA permanently changed, allowing them a defence against heart disease. However, such studies do not know the long-term effects of altering a person’s DNA code. Yet, what is alarming is the WEF attempt to promote gene-altering technologies, especially those delivered through vaccinations, to enhance life.[27] [28]

Zhang et al. (2020) research found that a person is not reinfected but rather that the body produces further infections concurs with Edridge et al. (2020), who insightfully highlighted concerns that vaccination, as with natural coronavirus infection, may not elicit/impart long-lived immunity, thus raising the high probability of further-infection.[29] [30] Additionally, Koirola et al. (2020) highlighted concerns that mRNA vaccinations can increase the severity of the disease[31], stating:

More concerning has been vaccine associated disease enhancement. Previous use of coronavirus vaccines (SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV) in some animal models raised safety concerns regarding Th2 mediated immunopathology.[32]

It is clear within academic literature that it is not only possible for a person’s DNA to be altered from damaged or infected mRNA but that the Covid-19 vaccinations will produce variants within the vaccinated person that will be preserved as reinfection. Thus, it is the vaccinated who pose a greater risk of spreading the virus within society.  

The concept of the vaccinated posing a greater risk is supported within government documents, as highlighted by Attorney Thomas Renz presenting findings to Senator Ron Johnson on the covid vaccines and their dangers, that 71% of new cases, along with 60% of hospital admissions, are within the double vaccinated.[33]

Are covid-19 vaccinations able to change a person’s DNA? Yes, it is clear that the technology to change a person’s DNA is available and does utilise mRNA technology. Additionally such changes can occur after one injection! Furthermore, it is the vaccinated that pose a greater threat to society. For it is the vaccinated, along with the virus itself, who produce the different variants.

Adverse effects that are dangerous to the injected person

The adverse and dangers of the covid-19 vaccinations are well documented. Recently a French judge highlighted the dangers when they ruled that the deceased had not died from vaccine injuries but rather suicide due to that the dangers from the vaccine are well documented.[34]  

An American Attorney, Thomas Renz, has highlighted the dangers and that tens of thousands of people have already died in the U.S. from having the vaccine.[35] Additionally, in the U.K., a criminal investigation into vaccinations deaths is underway.[36] Similarly, other countries are also waking up to the dangers of the vaccinations and the excessive deaths they have caused.[37] All a person needs to do is examine the UK government Yellow card reporting system or the US VAERS system.

Key ingredients of the vaccinations make them highly dangerous and toxic to the human body. Hydrogels, which are in the vaccines, have an infinity with the nerves and brain tissue. Once the hydrogel has entered the cell, it will naturally gravitate to search out the nervous system. Therefore, one would envisage an increase in nervous system type side effects, such as seizures, migraines, fibromyalgia etc.[38] Furthermore, hydrogels, once inside the body, augment with and become inseparable from a person’s biology, thus preventing any reversal or removal of the hydrogel from the person’s body. Once injected, it in effect takes over the body, sitting dormant until needed.[39]

Moreover, while both the Maderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines contain hydrogels, they also contain polyethylene glycol/macrogol (PEG).[40] [41] The addition of PEG in the vaccine is very concerning as this ingredient is used to administer medication that needs to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB), due to its ability to penetrate the BBB to deliver therapeutics to the brain.[42] Additionally, the inclusion of graphene in the vaccines make them highly toxic, especially if they are able to breach the BBB.[43] [44]

In summary, do the vaccinations have the ability to covertly monitor and track a person. While the technology is available, it is unclear if the covid-19 vaccinations have included a biosensor to monitor people. However, what about the research being done on people who have had the vaccinations who have a Bluetooth code of their own? While I have not gone into this topic in this article, I do encourage you to look at this. Everything I have read to date seems to imply there is some truth to the claims of people being chipped. The question is, has everyone and if not, why not?

Are vaccinations dangerous? A person would have to be stupid to think otherwise. Additionally, why would someone have a vaccine that can potentially change your DNA? Only someone who is either uninformed, gullible, stupid or all of the above.

So, if what I have said is correct, why has this transpired and what is next?

The Bible informs us that a time would come when humanity would become a global community governed by a global authority. When the global governance is in place, people would be monitored, and those who reject the New World Order will be prevented from buying or selling. They will be locked out of every aspect of society, especially economically.

Prior to the mandating of a chip or mark that allows total surveillance, globally, people would enter into slavery. Then once people had been enslaved, peace would be taken from the earth as war and conflicts break out. Consequently, we would witness an economic collapse and then famine, pestilence, and plagues as society breakdown, which sees high fatality rates.  

The global, covid-19 purported pandemic has facilitated in people globally being imprisoned within a medical martial law apparatus. A system that in some areas seems to be breaking down, as governments are breaking rank and removing restrictions. However, could plan B be war?

Presently, we hear rumours of wars between NATO and Russia, China and the U.S. and Iran and Israel. Could we see in the days ahead wars being fought as all of these conflicts simultaneously transpire? Then during the aftermath of the devastation, these wars have caused a global leader declares peace and unites governments globally to deal with the economic collapse, global famine and pestilence and disease caused by the wars. Consequently, people and nations relinquish their sovereignty and rights in an effort for peace, thus entering further into slavery, but this time to the revealed antichrist and his kingdom.

What we need to understand is everything that is transpiring today is the physical manifestation of a spiritual war, a conflict that is being fought for the souls of humanity and the throne of God. The only way we can endure what is coming is to call on the name of the LORD and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, as you confess your sin and commit to living a life according to the word of God.

Friends, I am not against vaccinations, but I am against and will fight against the Kingdom of darkness that seeks to kill and enslave humanity. I cannot be silent with regard to what I see. I must sound the alarm. However, once you have heard the truth, you have a choice. To either believe or reject what I say. But, what I do ask is that you check what I have said and seek God.

One final point. Hard times are here. War and famine are around the corner; it is only the severity that is unknown. Therefore, I urge you to prepare physically for hard times, but more importantly, make ready spiritually and seek God. In the days ahead, the only safe place is to run to the LORD.

May God bless and keep you.


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