To state that the current situation in the Middle East is volatile is an understatement. The events of 7th October 2023 have resonated worldwide, igniting the area to such a level that WW3 could erupt.

Tensions between Israel and Egypt are fragile due to Israel’s military buildup at the Rafah border. The Camp David Accords, signed between the then Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and the then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, state that Israel is not permitted to occupy the Rafah area with more than four thousand personal or 180 armoured vehicles of all types or four infantry battalions. This was a key aspect of the peace agreement to end the war between Israel and Egypt.

Currently, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have issued warnings to Israel concerning Israel’s intensification of military assets to the Rafah border and the prospect of further war with neighbouring countries.[1]

Now, in the coming months, we will witness the intensification of the conflict as it spreads out to neighbouring countries, resulting in Israel’s neighbours attacking her in fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

Rise in antisemitism

For the Jewish people, antisemitism is nothing. It is an old enemy. This week, the media have reported that Iran is recruiting British Muslims visiting the Middle East on pilgrimages to spy on UK Jews.[2] British Shias visiting Iran and Iraq from the UK are being approached by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The British Muslim recruits are instructed to spy on prominent Jews, synagogues and Iranian dissidents to gather intelligence for future attacks.[3]

Experts have also warned the British government that some Iranian international students here studying are also spies.[4] Furthermore, Israel has, since the October 7th attack, warned Britain of potential attacks by Iranian proxies on the UK.[5] Likewise, the FBI has warned US Sherifs of the significant risk of terror attacks on American targets similar to the October 7th attack by terror groups.[6]

Since 7th October 2023, a horrific terror attack on Israel by Hamas, the world has seen a tsunami of anti-Israel protests. In the UK, the police stand by inept in doing anything, as they permit antisemitic marches to proceed as Muslims march chanting jihadi rhetoric without any consequence.[7] The antisemitic sentiment permeates all sectors of society. A recent NHS GP was exposed as a leader of an extremist Islamic Group who would not condemn the atrocities committed by Hamas.[8]

In the past week, a Jewish university chaplain in Leeds has had to flee for his life due to death threats against him and his family. The threats made stated that they would kill him and his children and rape his wife.[9] This is what Hamas did to Jewish men, women and children when they attacked Israel on 7th October 2023. Now, while some believe they would never do this in the UK. Intelligence reports attest differently.[10] Thus, could we witness terror attacks in the UK? I believe that this is inevitable. It is only a matter of time. Apart from the aforementioned articles, my reasoning for this is that the Bible informs us of such events. When a nation turns away from God, the LORD removes His hand of protection. Consequently, the nation’s enemies can attack and overcome them.[11] The only solution is for the people to repent and return to God.

Global events will continue to degenerate as global markets collapse, followed by war. We will also witness terror attacks in Wester Nations along with a pandemic worse than Covid-19. Additionally, we will witness the rise of the kingdom of the antichrist that will facilitate unimaginable manifestations of fallen entities that will cause men’s hearts to fail them.

Yes, people need to prepare for an economic collapse, war and terror attacks. However, more important is the urgency in preparing spiritually through humbly coming before the LORD in prayer and fasting to repent for the spiritual state of our nation. It is critical that people seek the LORD and ensure they are walking right with Him. Failure to do so will cost people not only their lives but possibly their souls.

Thus, I urge people to prepare and get ready.

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