Hatred of Israel continues to exponentially escalate in the UK[1] as the pandemic of antisemitism intensifies globally. The consequence of UK police not dealing with antisemitic rhetoric through an unjust two-tier policy that shows partiality in favour of Palestinian demonstrators[2] [3]has even affected the democratic process of the British Government.[4] [5]Protesters have even targeted MPs homes.[6] [7] Consequently, Lindsay Hoyle, the Speaker of the House, feared for the safety of MPS and their families.[8] Thus, because MPs are harassed by pro-Palestinians we might see police finally do something to tackle the Islamic extremism in the UK that is exhibited within the pro-Palestinian protests.

Sadly, I do not believe the police or even social services will do anything to address the Islamic extremism within the UK. However, Christians and those who reject woke thought are targeted,[9] and their children have been for several years taken into care.[10] I encourage people to look into the overreach of social services that target those who hold alternative views that historically would have been considered Conservative Christian Values.[11] However, while Social Services – the SS targets Christians and those who will not bow to the political woke ideology, they turn a blind eye when a child is allowed to believe they are a cat or an animal.[12] Where are the SS then?

Sadly, children are being exploited by a satanic agenda that seeks to corrupt the Biblical family unit and instil an ungodly conception of right and wrong and the family.

Please Pray!

This week, I heard of two children taken away from their mother because the house was untidy, and she and her family had conservative Christian views. The children will be initially placed with their father, who is an abusive narcissist who, it could be argued, groomed the mother when she was a young girl. However, she was later able to flee with the children to ensure they were safe. Social services and the police took the children even when police reports showed the father was abusive to the mother. What chance do the children have?

Please pray for the children and the mother and her family that they will be untied soon. That no harm comes to them. Please pray that children in the UK in Christian Conservative families will be protected.

Personally, I believe persecution is going to intensify. What we are witnessing in the rise of antisemitism and the targeting of what are termed “extremist” views – according to the government, will soon come to all Bible-believing Christians. Thus, it is time for Christians to unit, speak out and stand united for Biblical truth. However, at the same time, and more importantly, we pray. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces.

The antichrist system is already fully operational. Consequently, things will intensify. However, scripture informs us we can overcome by the blood of Messiah, the word of our testimony, and not loving our life unto death.

Thus, I beseech you not to sit idly while things intensify, thinking, well, it does not affect me because it does, and it will soon be at your door.

Please pray for our nation, the family I have mentioned, and all Christian families. Pray for children in the UK to be protected.


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