Just over a month ago, I met with a group of men to discuss a vision my dear friend Pete had from the LORD. A leading to gather the men to humble themselves before God in repentance, prayer and worship – a vision I wholeheartedly support as it concurs with how I feel the LORD is leading many to do likewise.

Since the meeting, I have spoken to others who, like my dear brother Pete, feel led to do likewise. Now, while I fully understand the need to gather the men and fully support the move, I have been seeking the LORD to ask why only men.

In our meeting, those gathered discussed how this could lead to revival, and while I entirely agree, I also reminded them that revival often precedes judgment – especially war.[1] When contemplating this, I was reminded that it is customary for men to go to war and serve on the frontline. As a veteran, I am accustomed to conflict and the harsh realities of what transpires; however, the coming war will be unlike anything we have witnessed.

Thus, when war comes, and it will, we will witness the mass slaughter of a large section of men in our nation and other nations. Consequently, after praying, I believe the reason for gathering only the men to repent, pray and worship the LORD is because judgment is coming, and men will die. Like everyone gathered at the meeting, I believe revival will come. However, I do not envisage revivals as witnessed historically. I believe we now live in a different time, unlike any that has gone before. Consequently, revival will be different but dynamic as people surrender their lives to God. However, we must understand we will not witness the world singing Kumbaya before the Lord returns.

Those who know me will know that I believe that we are living in the latter days—those prior to the return of Messiah. Additionally, I believe what we have been witnessing since 2020 is the opening of the seals in Revelation 6. However, the problem we often face when seeking to understand scripture is that we interpret it through our own theology or through someone else’s writings. Now, while such processes can sometimes assist, they can also hinder.

In 2020, I wrote and taught that I believed COVID was the opening of the seals – the first seal, to be exact. In Revelation 6, we read that the rider is given a crown to enslave mankind. Now, Eusebius, an early church historian, wrote that the New Testament was written in Hebrew and then translated into Greek the best it could. Why do I make that statement? It is because the word crown in Hebrew is corona – thus, in Hebrew, the passage regarding the first rider would read that he was given a corona to enslave – conquer humanity.[2] Is that not what happened? Globally, people were enslaved – prevented from engaging in normal activity through the coronavirus.

Therefore, pondering on this, I speculated that if we are witnessing the seals opening, we would also see peace taken from the earth – the second seal.[3] Now, peace was taken from the world through COVID-19; however, just as we believed things would go back to normal after COVID-19, war erupted between Ukraine and Russia. Since then, we have heard of the possibility of conflict between China and Taiwan, Iran and Israel, North Korea and The West, along with the October 7th attack on Israel (I will return to this attack later).

The rhetoric following the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict was that this could usher in World War 3.[4] Likewise, after the October 7th Attack on Israel by Hamas, people declared World War 3 was imminent.[5] However, I have repeatedly stated that a World War, while it will transpire, it will not happen until the global economy collapses and famine comes because this is the third seal; global war is the fourth.

Currently, we are in the UK, like other nations, in a recession – we call it a cost-of-living crisis.[6] However, while the mainstream media propagate, all is well global markets/economies are on the brink of collapse. A crash that would be far worse than anything we had witnessed, even during the Great Depression.[7]

When I first wrote that the seals were opening at the start of 2020, some thought I had got things wrong. However, now, looking back, could I be right? It is not because I am a prophet that I believe the seals are opening. Instead, it is because I believe the Bible has the answers for the days we live. Additionally, since surrendering my life to the LORD, I have been called by the LORD to prepare people for the days we are living.

Remember, wars and rumours of war are the birth pains of the Great Tribulation.[8] Additionally, if you do not believe we are under the judgment of the Living God – one that is Holy and Just then this message is not for you because you will not see the need for repentance or to prepare. However, I ask that you take what I have written and ask God to validate or disprove it before you reject what I have said.

Now, on a side note, the October 7th Attack on Israel was not a randomly chosen day. The day of the attack was a celebration day for Israel – The Rejoicing of the Torah, which follows Sukkot – the Feast of Tabernacles. Now, this is important because, every year, people ask me when I think the events of Revelation 12 will transpire. Now, for those familiar with the passage, it outlines how the devil – the dragon is thrown out of heaven and no longer able to come before God’s throne to accuse believers. The devil then goes to make war against the Jewish people. However, while we are not told how long the persecution lasts, the LORD preserves the Jewish people for 3 ½ years. Then, because the devil cannot attack the Jewish people, he goes and makes war against those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus – this is the church. The question is, when does this happen?

To be brief, the devil is thrown out of heaven after the heavenly court has sat and God has passed judgment. For those in the church, this might be a revelation that a court sits in heaven. However, for Jewish believers, this is nothing new. The heavenly court sits during the feast of Trumpets until the Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur. During this period, the devil, as we read in the book of Job, can come before the throne of God and accuse the brethren. However, Revelation 12 informs us that in the future, the devil will be judged and prevented from coming before the throne of God. This is different to the devil losing his position in heaven, what Jesus refers to when he states I saw Lucifer fall from heaven.

The event in Revelation 12 transpires before the Great Tribulation. So, I always tell people that we must wait and see. If it is this year, the devil will be thrown out of heaven, we will witness Israel being persecuted after Sukkot. Well, the day after Sukkot in 2023 was October 7th. The day Hamas attacked and slaughtered Jewish people. Since then, we have witnessed an epidemic of antisemitism around the world, as the antichrist spirit rises around the world against the Jewish people.

Now, please note that I am not saying I agree with everything the Jewish people do or say. On the contrary, what I am saying is that we are witnessing the hatred of the Jewish people, as they are persecuted globally. Thus, was the devil thrown out of heaven after the heavenly court sat in 2023? It looks like he was!

If the heavenly court decreed that the devil could no longer come before the throne of God when the heavenly court sat in 2023, then we will witness the intensification of the persecution of the Jewish people. Subsequently, we will see Jerusalem surrounded and the abomination that causes desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel. The Jewish people in Jerusalem will flee to the mountains,[9] to the place the LORD has preserved for them to keep them safe in Jordan. Following this event, the antichrist will wage war against the church – the 5th Seal – Martyrdom.[10]

Thus, things are going to worsen globally. Remember, the opening of the fourth seal brings about the death of two billion people.[11]

We are witnessing the birth pains and the opening of the seals, which ultimately lead to the Great Tribulation. Consequently, it is critical that the men gather and repent as they stand united in repentance. Remember, Joel – recording events during the Tribulation informs us that the people are to gather to repent. It also tells us that the Holy Spirit is poured out on all flesh at this time. I do not know about you, but I believe we need the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these days.

Judgment is here and will continue as the prophecies in the scriptures are fulfilled. However, while the scriptures MUST be fulfilled, we can seek God in repentance to save people. Repentance saves people from being judged.

Furthermore, scripture informs us that judgment intensifies if people do not repent and turn from sin.[12] Remember Jesus, in the Olivet discourse, admonishes the people to pray that they do not flee on a sabbath or in winter.[13] Messiah did not say, pray that you will not need to flee, instead, He instructed them to pray that what they go through will not be as harsh as it would be if they had to flee in winter. Messiah here was showing the people that while prophecy will take place, we can pray for aspects of it to be less severe.

Scripture informs us that if the people of God would humble themselves, seek the LORD, and turn from sin, then the LORD would hear and come and heal the land.[14] This passage will be fulfilled during the tribulation when the people of God repent and turn from sin. Then Messiah will come and heal the world as He establishes His Kingdom on earth. This is what it means when we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We are asking the Lord – the Prince of Peace – Jesus to return.

Thus, I urge you to seek the LORD in prayer and repentance. Remember, the LORD will not answer our prayers if we are in sin. Not until we confess them.[15]

If the people of God do nothing, how will we give account when we stand before God?

Our only hope is to cry out to the LORD in prayer and repentance. The only way we can survive what is coming is to draw near to the LORD and make Him our refuge.

May the LORD bless and keep you!


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