The United Kingdom is going to the polls today to elect a new government. Latest polls predict that Labour is on course for a landslide win with a 212-seat majority.[1] Thus, it is inevitable that the UK will have a new Prime Minister tomorrow, as Keir Starmer takes office and residency in number 10 when Labour wins the election. Nevertheless, why did PM Sunik call an election when he did?

Andrew Bridgen MP has repeatedly stated that Rishi Sunak called an early election as he did not want to lead during a war[2] or deal with the failing economy which will soon collapse.[3] Now, considering that under UK law, a general election would have had to take place by January 2025, Sunak could have waited to bolster the conservative votes and gain greater support, but he did not. Therefore, one must question whether Andrew Bridgen is correct. Will the economy collapse soon, and will we be at war before January 2025?

The German defence minister, Boris Pistorius, stated in January that NATO has five to eight years before Russia attacks a NATO country. The Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas believes that the war between NATO and Russia is three to five years away.[4] However, George Galloway stated recently that the UK would be at war with Russia within six months.[5] Could Gallaway be right? Is this why the Swedish civil defence minister, while not stating when told Swedish citizens to prepare for conflict with Russia as he, urged citizens to join voluntary defence organisations in preparation for conflict?[6]

 However, Bridgen stated that we are already at war with Russia and that we have troops on the ground.[7] The reality is that the UK having troops in Ukraine has not been a secret. In his speech at the RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2022, Sir Patrick Sanders stated that “Future Soldier’s new Ranger Regiment – have been on the ground in Ukraine before the invasion – and the new Security Force Assistance Brigade are well set for this.”[8] While most believe this to be a training role, it is more likely that the Ranger Forces were and are carrying out the role they were designed to do, that of special operations.[9] Since their inception in 2021, the Ranger Force has conducted 691[10] deployments with a limited manpower of 1,040,[11]  which seems a lot. However, special operations teams often conduct tactical missions in small-man units. Nonetheless, regardless of their small size, these units can exert force multipliers and significantly impact the battle.

The reality that war between NATO and Russia and its allies is inevitable is no longer theoretical or a conspiracy theory. Instead, it is an alarming reality that will transpire. It is only a matter of when. However, as Nigel Farage has stated, NATO, the West, is poking the bear. Therefore, we must expect the bear to retaliate and attack.

NATO is preparing for war as NATO nations seek to increase military levels. Many implement conscription, while others contemplate it.[12] The Conservative government has even discussed this as part of its election mandate.[13]

Russia is taking this existential threat seriously, and as Russia does not seek a protracted war like WW2, it has stated that it will use all weapons at its disposal.

Furthermore, Russia, Iran, North Korea, India, Pakistan and China have all changed their nuclear weapons use doctrine statements from previously being “nuclear weapons would only be used in the event of being attacked by nuclear weapons” to “Nuclear weapons are like any other weapon, and we will use them in the event that we are threatened or pressed with a silent existential threat to our existence as a nation, and we will strike without warning”.

Furthermore, Russia has stated that it considers large groups of soldiers along its borders an existential threat to its national sovereignty and safety. Likewise, Russia considers nuclear-enabled rockets or lanes along its border as existential threats to the country and its citizens.  

Consequently, since NATO continuously ignores Russia’s warnings and repeatedly provokes and seeks war, Russia is preparing for a full-scale nuclear war with the West. However, while we will experience some nuclear weapon exchanges, I believe they will be limited in scope and focused on strategic targets. What we will see is EMPS that will cripple Western nations’ infrastructure, incapacitating them from responding.

In late April, Ukraine released footage of an SU-27 Flanker aircraft firing missiles into Russia. The debris retrieved by Russia and forensic examinations revealed that the missiles were AASM-250 Hammer missiles from France and AGM-88 missiles from the USA.

Additionally, other missiles have been fired into Russia, which have been found to be French SCALP-EG cruise missiles and British STORM SHADOW cruise missiles. Russia has repeatedly warned the US, France and the UK that such weapons cannot be used to attack inside Russia. Nonetheless, Lord Cameron recently informed Ukrainian Prime Minister Zelensky that UK-supplied weapons can be used inside Russia.[14]

However, while the UK and the US only recently publicly stated that supplied weapons can be used inside Russia, they have done so already. However, the fact that UK, US and French supplied weapons are being used inside Russian territory is not the primary concern. What is of grave concern is that in a media interview, Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council, perceptively stated that, “Storm shadow/SCALP-EG missiles are not controlled by the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but by the British and French who arrived in Ukraine.”[15] What Medvedev highlights is that such weapons are not only being supplied by NATO nations but are being controlled by them as well, thus highlighting that NATO is already engaged in war with Russia. A reality Andrew Bridgen MP has previously stated. Medvedev further stated, “That is why the response to such actions will not be long coming, and the target will not only be Kiev, but also London and Paris.” [16]

Currently, Russia has its nuclear missiles on T-30 seconds, whereas most of NATO has them on T-5mins.

Remember, Russia has warned the UK and France what will transpire if they do not desist. On the morning of 6th May, the French and British Ambassadors to Russia were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry; both men left pale and without anything to say. The UK Ambassador was warned that the Russian response to Ukrainian strikes using British weapons on Russian territory could be any British military facilities and equipment on the territory of Ukraine and beyond.

Furthermore, while little has been released about the meetings, what is clear is that both ambassadors were left severely perplexed.

Regardless of Russia repeatedly warning that it would hold to account any nation that supplies weapons used inside Russian territory. The British government and the US continue to provide weapons and permit them to be used inside Russian territory.[17] Consequently, Russia has responded by stating that it would supply weapons to countries for them to strike the West, similarly to how NATO supplies weapons to Ukraine.[18] Accordingly, since Russia noted this, it had made a military alliance with North Korea,[19] strengthened ties with China and docked nuclear-armed vessels in Cuba.

Not surprisingly, America is greatly concerned about the strengthened alliance between Russia and North Korea, especially as Putin threatens to supply weapons to North Korea which could reach the US.[20] NATO nations should be concerned. However, sadly, the ordinary person does not grasp our perilous situation and the reality that our leaders are seeking war. War will soon be upon us.

I do not believe we have years to wait. I think we will soon experience the harsh realities of war. Hence, why the British government instructed its citizens to commence preparing for some type of disaster. Warning of an imminent war would cause panic. Thus, drip feeding.

So, how will things transpire?

I believe that before the imminent war, we will shortly experience a global economic collapse. We are already witnessing the birth pains of a worldwide depression in the cost-of-living crises. This reality is compounded by Saudi’s recent move when it broke from its deal with the US to supply oil in US dollars. An act by Saudi that will have a significant global impact on the petrol dollar and the US and Western economies. Furthermore, Saudi and many other countries have joined the BRICS,[21] an economic group that will ultimately topple the US economy.

To ascertain how fragile the global economy is, one only needs to look at the number of bankrupt businesses. In the UK, local authorities are even going broke. Likewise, in the US entire states are being declared insolvent.

However, if the prospect of a global depression and world war is not enough to expect. We are also going to witness terror attacks similar to the one in Israel on October 7th 2023. A reality that most cannot comprehend. But one we will soon witness. Retired colonel and military analyst Col. Black outlined it as follows. Imagine several thousand ten men terror units being unleashed in a coordinated attack at the same time on the same day at thousands of predetermined locations.[22] That is what the West is going to experience. Such a reality is unstoppable. It is only a matter of time as the terror cells are already embedded in countries and waiting to be triggered. We might be lucky and stop a few, but thousands of other attacks will transpire. Can you imagine thousands of coordinated attacks? This is what happened on a focused scale in Israel.

Many will ignore what Col. Black stated because they cannot comprehend such a possibility. However, I believe his assessment to be more accurate than most, but time will tell. What is clear is that we must prepare for terror attacks as they are inevitable.

So, why will we soon witness economic collapse, famine, disease, terror and war? How has this been able to happen?

The reality is that we are living in a period of tribulation. A period the Bible warned would come when society rejected God’s instructions and became lawless. Consequently, God would remove His hand of protection, resulting in global insecurity and calamity. Then, when things spiral out of control and war erupts, a world leader would emerge who would bring peace. However, the Bible refers to this man as a lawless man, the antichrist who, while promising to establish peace, will enslave humanity and unleash great persecution upon Jews and Christians who will not follow or worship him.

The antichrist will enslave humanity in a digital prison similar to the Chinese social credit system. But, while many are waking up to the global elite’s agenda – agenda 20230, the Great Reset, Digital ID, 15-minute cities etc. they fail to understand the complete truth: such people cannot evade capture. The system will eventually overcome them.

So, how can we win?

Well, the answer is simple. It requires faith. The reality is that while many people are waking up and preparing for the harsh future, they fail to comprehend the real truth and thus fail to prepare adequately. You see, truthers and preppers understand and prepare, but they fail to understand the spiritual dynamics playing out. Likewise, sadly, many Christians fail to comprehend what is transpiring because they fail to discern the perilous situation we face.

What we are witnessing is a spiritual battle between God and the devil. A reality God has already outlined in scripture. Therefore, to endure. To win, one needs to know what the Bible says, but more than that, a person needs to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. They need to surrender their life to God and follow Jesus. Only through doing so can a person ensure they will be prepared and can endure.

The Bible tells us that these events will take place. Therefore, while people in the UK are getting ready to vote for a new government, what is of greater importance is who is ruling your life. Which kingdom do you belong to?

Those who follow Jesus belong to His eternal Kingdom and will triumph. Those who do not will not survive the spiritual war taking place for their very soul.

So, did Sunak call an early election because he did not want to lead during the war? Personally, I believe that to be true. You see, it was inevitable that Labour would win. Therefore, calling an early election allows them to lead during the economic collapse and WW3. Thus, the Conservative Party can remove itself from any blame by calling an early election, as Labour would win and, therefore, be held accountable for the war and collapse.

Nonetheless, while it is important how you vote in the UK election what is critical is your decision to follow God and preparing for the coming troubles. A choice that has eternal consequences. I have already laid out what I believe will take place. The question is, what will you do now?

Personally, I have surrendered my life to God. I have committed to following Jesus. Yes, I prepare for dark days, but I know that in the end, Jesus wins.

I pray you make the right decision!

The choice is yours.

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